April 24, 2009

Updated: Mancow listeners

I'll probably be on the Mancow national radio show talking about the Ricci Supreme Court case from about 9:35 am to 9:40 am or so on Friday morning. That's Eastern Time, or 6:35 am Pacific Time.

You can read my article on the Supreme Court's firemen case at VDARE.com here.

UPDATED: Well, it didn't happen today. So, the new plan is for me to be on Monday morning at 7:10 am EDT.

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Anonymous said...

Steve - you owe me, I don't know what, but something. I don't listen to talk radio but hung in there for about twenty minutes while these folks free associated. Do they get paid for that, or are they doing it from their parents' basement?

Ken Kraska said...

Jeez Steve. Have you ever listened to Mancow before? I guess any publicity is better than none, but...

josh said...

Mancow is the ultimate example of ADHD. His show goes off on multiple tangents and then comes back and then goes off again. Its amazing that people who on other programs will get a (relatively)lengthy segemnt to pontificate on their chosen subject,will hang around on the line for 2 hours for the chance to chime in for a minute or two between Drew Peterson, some comedian coming in to play Zanies,and various radio bits.He is extremely good once u get used to his style.His national show is NOT heard in Chicago,his base. So Steve,you should do the nat'l show and stick around for his Chicago-based show on WLS AM,that come son from 9 to 11 central time.Prob a much better venue for ya to showcase your brilliance!

Matra said...

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...Still, David Axelrod, a senior White House adviser, said the president may not be able to make good on his promise to sign legislation within his first year in office.

‘Committed’ to It

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