April 19, 2009


Does anybody out there know a good (and cheap) source for foreclosure/delinquency data? RealtyTrac appears to be the main source cited in the media. What I'm looking for is a database that can tie foreclosure rates to census tracs or to the Census Bureau's "metropolitan statistical areas" (e.g., Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario). Realty Trac used to issue press releases of foreclosure rates in the top 100 MSAs, but I haven't seen one since Q2 2008. Lately, they've just been publicizing foreclosure rates by states.

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Tino said...

Loanperformance has zip-code level data, but it costs 15000 $ so this will likely not help you.

Anonymous said...

Might help:

Sunday, November 18, 2007
Tracking the truth on foreclosures
RealtyTrac's data is oft cited by the media, but some question its accuracy.
The Orange County Register


"Kyser said he's aware of the questions surrounding RealtyTrac's data and won't use it.
"If I want information I can rely on, I'll go to First American or DataQuick ," he said.
First American and DataQuick are both respected providers of real estate information, but neither publicizes data on foreclosures with the monthly frequency and national scope of RealtyTrac's releases.
Randy Green, a former director of data acquisition at RealtyTrac who is now with competitor ForeclosureTrackers.com, said RealtyTrac doesn't have the same data-handling standards as First American or DataQuick, which have been in business longer. RealtyTrac was formed in 1996.

Cracker John

Lucius Vorenus said...

Maybe a little off-topic, but Andrew Stuttaford, at The Corner, just posted a link to this story:

Okay, Maybe The Community Reinvestment Act Is A Problembusinessinsider.com

Lucius Vorenus said...

Oops - I'm reading the comments on that Business Insider piece, and it looks like Steve was already there yesterday morning.