July 1, 2009

Troy Patterson

I've been giving various Slate writers a hard time lately, so I want to say how much I enjoy the work of Slate's TV critic Troy Patterson.

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Richard Hoste said...

I'd just like to say I hate Christopher Hitchens.

The guy was a communist and then a neo-con. A guy so wrong in such different ways ought to be ashamed to show his face in public. Yet he's disgustingly smug. Not to mention a fat drunk.

Anonymous said...


Steve, are you going to post on the Voting Rights Act case? That was almost as important as Ricci. However, the left got their way on this one.



Dennis Dale said...

I'd just like to say how much I despise area man Pete McDonough.

Nobody you know. He was an intolerable jock a**hole in high school and a smarmy local real estate salesman later. And Marcy Thomas was always way too good for him.
I just wanted to share how much I hate him.

Anonymous said...

"I've been giving various Slate writers a hard time lately"

tell me you really feel bad about that!

Anonymous said...

What kind of commie pre-vert doesn't like fireworks? Sheesh.

Mr. Anon said...

"Slate" is a crappy publication and it always has been. I wouldn't use it to wrap digital fish. It has all the smarmy, liberal smugness of "The Economist", but without the.....the.......okay, "The Economist" doesn't have any redeeming features either (can't they even hire a decent cartoonist?).

dorkus malorkus said...

Hey, me too. He writes really well, and his critiques are usually right on the money. (Re his recent column:I don't like fireworks either; although I don't think they're aggressive or militaristic, just lame.)
I also like Emily Joffe.

testing99 said...

Steve, don't see why the guy is any good. His Fireworks column was dumb and filled with SWPL-dom.

Whiskey said...

Let me revise that, this guy is dumb, dumb, dumb, having read through a couple of his columns.

CW (which he wrote about) is not making any money, still, after merging WB and UPN (it's basically a continuation of the WB). It's only show that generates viewers is the aging Smallville. Gossip Girl gets buzz but it generates viewers in the 1.3 million range. Seriously. TVbythenumbers.com has your ratings info. Most of these print magazines are in trouble too, including Vanity Fair and so on (they're closing left and right, lack of advertisers/readers). Southland was derivative junk, the Gossip Girl version of Law and Orderen.

Though reading his piece on NY City Prep cements the view that TV is a female-gay ghetto. Geez. You could pay me to watch it, but you'd have to pay me. A lot.

steve wood said...

Though reading his piece on NY City Prep cements the view that TV is a female-gay ghetto. Geez. You could pay me to watch it, but you'd have to pay me. A lot.

Why do men hate television? It was not always thus. My father, who was certainly not female and, I'm pretty sure, not gay, used to watch cop and detective stories on TV back in the 70s. There are still detective shows on the air, some of them pretty good. Why don't men watch?

And there's science fiction, too, which is typically a male thing. For example, even after five seasons, Lost continues to be consistently entertaining, and it has strong male characters besides.

There are more entertaining programs on television now than ever, and they do not all appeal exclusively to women. If men no longer watch, then they have no one but themselves to blame if television becomes ever more feminized.

That applies to reading fiction as well, by the way, which also seems to have been largely abandoned by men. Indeed, it seems that we are doing our best to live down to the recent cultural stereotype that men are stupid. I wish I understood why.

green mamba said...

I always hated the crass overabundance of advertising on Slate. Seems to stand in ridiculous contradiction to their liberal stance and it's simply an offensive pain in the ass to wait for it all to download.