August 3, 2010


The Freudian concept of projection is pretty useful. For example, the Southern Poverty Law Center is constantly enraged about "hate" among white people. Yet the highest paid hate-stokers of the SPLC (whose initials, probably not coincidentally for purposes of fundraising, are easily confused with Martin Luther King's SCLC, the Southern Christian Leadership Conference) are about as white as their counterparts in the Ku Klux Klan, just much more lucratively compensated.

For pictures of the SPLC's highest paid employees, see Watching the Watchdogs.


Anonymous said...

I see this all the time. Recently there was an article on Free Republic about "There is no West without Israel". Talk about your projection and reversal ! And yet they won't lift a finger to restrain their radical contingent in America. If we go, they go.

Anonymous said...

One thing all these people can truly say:

"Poverty been berrry, berrry good to me..."

asdfadfasdf said...

What I don't understand is why 'hate' is bad. Hate can be good or bad. Love can also be good or bad. A woman who loves an abusive lout is an idiot. A woman who hates a rapist is a smart woman.

adfadfasdf said...

Maybe we should start a SPWC--southern poor white center. It would be an organization blaming all our problems on the machinations of rich elites composed disproportionately of you-know-who.

Of course SPLC itself isn't much. What gives it power and leverage is that the people in MSM and academia treat it with respect, and promote and never challenge any of its assertions.

So, our main focus should not SPLC but the rich liberal Jews who fund it and the rich liberal Jews who run the media and academia.

Anonymous said...

Do the Jews at the SPLC define themselves as white? I mean consistently.

anony-mouse said...

The one thing most Jews and most anti-Semites agree on vehenemently is that most Jews aren't White.


Anonymous said...

Do the Jews at the SPLC define themselves as white? I mean consistently.

Duh, of course they consider themselves white. How else are they to be eligible for a disproportionate share of the ~70% white quota? If Jews were categorized as a separate race suddenly a lot more people would start noticing that they get a helluva lot more than their roughly 2% share.

Chief Seattle said...

Of course they consider themselves white.

Only when quotas come into play. When it's about victimization they're just good old Irish and Italians.

The SPLC looks about as diverse as the Federal Reserve.

Anonymous said...

Back when I was a student at San Francisco State we had the so called Experimental College. It was said that normal schooling was too stodgy or something (I can't quite remember but whatever it was, it was real important).

I took a course called "A Study in Lyricism" which consisted of watching old cowboy movies.

But the most wonderfully outrageous scam was the weekly column in the SF Sunday Chronicle by one of our liberated new professors. This guy was paid a professor's salary to teach a class and write this column.

He went to Europe rather than teach his class and later defended his actions by saying that that was his experiment.

One week he apparently didn't feel like writing his column so he published a large blank space with instructions for the reader to "project" something into it.

I always think of this story when I hear the term projection.


Anonymous said...

It is not unlikely that under the
$PLC roof are several persons disenchanted with the outfit and bearing good awareness of how the gears turn there. Dee$ in his life has not fared too well too long with everyone he has been upclose with. My own quite conjectural notion of how most of the money is raised is that it comes from local law office to the SPLC law office and thus the process enjoys the confidentiality and protection that such a means of communication permits. Moreover, a lot of the contributions come from a few local people gathered together maybe over a speaker phone in a local secure law office and the tax deductible contributions come as "gestures of appreciation" for THIS or THAT person in the area who has been "dealt with" by $PLC (?). This makes the organization tantamount to a "hit man". Witchfinding. No witches, no money. If the "Intelligence Project" mainly serves to facilitate such contributions by way of "hit man" tactics--then $PLC would seem almost perfectly tailored for RICO actions. But don't hold your breath waiting for the various U.S. attorneys offices to "move foward" on the matter. There appears to be often massive exchange of "intelligence" between $PLC and local law enforcement agencies. Hunting local witches for private lawyers to "deal with" can be lots less taxing of energy than directing traffic or serving summons or responding to domestic disturbance calls. Blue Utopia.

Anonymous said...

As regards "It is not unlikely that under the $PLC roof..."
clearly high salaries are quite in order for a "hit man" entity and
the moreso for $ucce$$ful "intelligence" gathering and utilization.

Anonymous said...

The SPLC performs a function that the government can't openly perform. They make it socially and economically difficult for white people to pursue their own interests.

Anonymous said...

SPLC performs a function the government can't
Actually, there is a discernable
line of descent from the actions of the Church Committee ( lefty
Sen. Frank Church ) back in the 70's vis a vis cointelpro like activities
the evolution of SPLC into an intelligence management agency free from Congressional oversight and from citizen requests under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.
This rasises an abiding question of to what extent federal law enforcement agencies, espcially ATF but also FBI and IRS, have used $PLC to get out of reach of Congress or of FOIA and PA rights??? THAT is a topic Congress could look into by way of calling upon testimony from the federal agencies.