May 20, 2011

Panhandling 2

There were some very generous donations during the first day of my spring fundraising drive. I thank all the donors.  If you haven't donated yet during this drive, please consider it.

You can send me an email and I'll send you my P.O. Box address.

Or, you can use Paypal to send me money directly. Use any credit card or your Paypal account. To get started, just click on the orange Paypal "Donate" button on the top of the column to the right.

When that takes you to Paypal, if you want to use your Paypal account, fill in your Paypal ID and password on the lower right of the screen.

Or, if you want to use your credit card, fill in your credit card info on the lower left part of the screen by clicking on the word "Continue" in the lower center/left.



wmhde said...

under-employed graduate:

I sold my old Blackberry on to finance my contribution.

Anonymous said...

Steve: I just sent $50 via PayPal. Now the guilt is gone. I read your blog at least once a day. The truth needs to get out and I'm glad you're working to do that.

I've got to say that I also listen to NPR every day and your fundraising methods are far less annoying than theirs: the 5-10 minute acknowledgments of corporate and foundation support -- These, of course, are not really advertising! -- before every major segment; the quarterly, week-long begging sessions, and of course the endless sucking at the government teat.

munch said...

Now, I sent you $50, well worth it, to support pluralistic viewpoints. Psypall put me through lots of crap. The only paypall account I have is through a child so I hope when the jack booted enforcres come and download everythign from your site they get this disclaimer ans spare my children. Keep up the good work.