June 27, 2011

The Hot White Defendant beats the rap

It's always fun to look at the LAPD's Most Wanted list, in part because very few people on it look like the Great White Defendants on TV crime shows. Most of the real life Most Wanteds look like this guy on the left: i.e., Extremely Bad TV.

However, five years ago, I pointed out in a post entitled "The Hot White Defendant" that it did have one eminently televisable Most Wanted on it, 
Vannessa X, 5'9" and 125 pounds: 
The suspect is articulate and claims to work in fashion design. The suspect dresses in very expensive looking clothes and speaks with a French accent. The suspect speaks five languages fluently: English, French, Italian, Thai and Spanish. The suspect can also speak some Arabic. The suspect is known to frequent the following areas: The Fairfax District in Wilshire and Hollywood Areas; Hollywood; Ocean Front Walk in Pacific Area; and West Hollywood.

A reader pointed out that she's probably about 1/4 Thai.

Today, I received an email from a law office
My office represents Vanessa X. Ms. X was the subject of your blog entry on May 7, 2006, entitled “The White Hot Defendant.”  
Actually, my post was called "The Hot White Defendant" (a reference to Bonfire of the Vanities), but I kinda like your version better.
In your blog entry you discuss Ms. X's fugitive status.  In August, 2007, Ms. X appeared before the Los Angeles Superior Court. The grand theft charges against Ms. X were dropped due to lack of evidence linking her to any of the crimes committed.  
Unfortunately, she is still being affected by the unsubstantiated charges as whenever her name is entered into the Google search engine, your blog entry comes up in the first five hits.   This has greatly limited Ms. X's ability to gain employment as all potential employers that search her name think she is a wanted fugitive.

I am writing this email to request that you remove your entry regarding Ms. X's fugitive status so that she can move past that unfortunate period in her life.

Always happy to be of service. In fact, let me offer some career advice: Miss X should contact Cameron Diaz's people about selling the rights to her life story in case the star of Bad Teacher wants to follow up her momentum with more sociopath roles. Alternatively, I'd probably rather watch Miss X in Bad Teacher 2 than Cameron Diaz.

Update: A couple of things about the LAPD's Most Wanted list: It's not totally demographically representative of of who commits crimes in L.A.. Instead, it's representative of who doesn't get caught, which is dominated by immigrants in part because they are a lot more likely to flee the country and stay Wanted. In contrast, African-American homeboys aren't all that common on the Most Wanted list because, having nowhere to go, they tend to get caught.

Also, these aren't necessarily recent crimes. I recognize a lot of these people from when I wrote my post a half decade ago. For example, there's a blonde guy on there named Torvald wanted for a kidnapping at gunpoint from 18 years ago. Presumably, he's disappeared back to Norway or wherever.


Mark Furman said...

That link to the LAPD's most wanted list is not very diverse.

I counted only 3 authentic Anglos and 3 Germanic among among the 200 or so wanted individuals. There were even one or two more Koreans on the list.

Native-born whites are literally getting away with murder and the LAPD is not even bothering to seek these criminals out.

Mark Fuhrman said...

Here's an interesting, non-trivial and primetime-worthy crime by the first criminal listed (an Armenian woman):

Aghajanyan, Ana - Pacific Division posted 11/12/2004


Suspect Anna Aghajanyan facilitated the opening of three dummy corporations that specialized in computer and electronic parts distribution. The businesses where: Global Enterprises 7103 Hayvenhurst Ave, Van Nuys, CA Perrigo Inc 8055 Lankershim Blvd., North Hollywood, CA Micro-Planet 10768 Glenoaks Blvd, Pacoima, CA Fictitious credit profiles were created to lend an air of legitimacy to the corporations. The suspect obtained credit lines from numerous wholesalers across the United States. Suspect Aghajanyan acquired hundreds of computers, plasma televisions, computer components, printers, copiers and electronic equipment pieces from the unsuspecting wholesalers. After receiving millions of dollars worth of merchandise, the suspect abandoned all the corporations without paying outstanding invoices and left the area. Aghajanyan is of Armenian descent and has ties in the Glendale area of California

josh said...

I just keep staring at that picture. Whoa. Nice. Really. (Not the mexican guy,lol!!!)BTW it was Gay pride day here in Chicago and it turns out somebody snuck into the garage where all the floats were kept and slashed a whole bunch of tires,like for 50 + floats. The media/gays/decent people all are hoping for a Great White Defendant,( a dropped Michelle Bachmann button would be very heaven!) but I dont think theyll get one.Unlikely whitey would bother. Hundreds of fat tires slashed;thats too much methodical work for blacks or mexican gangbangers. It could be religous nuts,tho of the Westboro Church ilk.I bet Police Commisioner "Charlie" McCarthy will leave no stone unturned to get to the,er, bottom of this!

not a hacker said...

To me, she looks like the average Van Nuys streetwalker circa 1985, except a bit less weathered. I was there at the time, so I know.

Anonymous said...

That picture is from 1997. She's 39 now and too old to be considered attractive anymore.

Mel Torme said...

Hey, Steve, a page view is a page view, even if it comes from a shyster lawyer.

I also like the white hot long-haired chick over the one with the thin mustache any day. Mustaches have been out for quite a while, for girls that is, ever since ancient and modern Greece.

Oh, it's a man! I thought that was our current Motherland Security chief. My bad.

Anonymous said...

That's as hot as criminals get, huh?

Criminality and beauty are negatively correlated - someone write the thesis!

Anonymous said...

like the average Van Nuys streetwalker
Average? Come on.

AllanF said...


Anonymous said...

feminine guile lends itself to non-violent financial crime, which selects for middling rather than low IQ and a higher percentage of white criminals. "Check writing, designer brand hotties" are a subgroup of financial criminals, a journalistically-identified social phenomenon. Always shifting the look, the CWDBH blends in to the larger society better than drug gang youth but is invariably blonde with an Olsen twins aspect (thin legs, eye circles), just no fountain of legal funds.

Anonymous said...

Looks like if LA got rid of Hispanic males, the LA police would be twiddling their thumbs.

Harry Baldwin said...

Mugshots of DUI girls often have that enticing tipsy look. Paris Hilton has taken some lovely mugshots. Hard living is catching up with Lindsey Lohan, though.

Of course there's a hot mugshots site, but barely one out of five could be generously described as hot.

Here are some mugshot tips from Wikihow:

1. Lighten up. If you are worried about the situation it will show in the picture.

2. Make sure your hair isn't super scary. Run your fingers through it, pull it up, whatever...just make sure it does not take over the picture.

3. Slap your face a little or splash some water on it, whatever you can to make sure you don't look half asleep or drugged up.

4. Be sure to smile a little. Wide, cheesy grins look nearly as bad as scowls.

agnostic said...

That's definitely not a recent picture -- the hair still has some volume and length.

Lewis M said...

Actually, the way these law offices do things, they probably want you not to comply with their request, then they can state in court that they tried to resolve things politely with you, and you didn't comply, so they had to sue you to get you to comply. Even if it seems that nothing is wrong with what you did, rest assured, they'll find something- harassment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, attempted career sabotage, etc. May want to be careful about this one.

Andrew Baby Daddy Young said...

It looks like The Silky Pony read those tips on taking a great mug shot.

jody said...

to quote sargeant lincoln osiris of tropic thunder fame, this is why it was moronical for that guy in vancouver to get caught trying to blow up the police car. from now on that image of him trying to light the wick is what comes up first on the internet whenever anybody googles his name.

he'll have trouble getting a job for the rest of his life, unless his doctor father gets him the job.

jody said...

"I counted only 3 authentic Anglos and 3 Germanic among among the 200 or so wanted individuals. There were even one or two more Koreans on the list."

me and steve noticed this a couple years ago. euro americans have the lowest violent crime rate in LA, lower than east asians. i'm not clear on what factors are driving this phenomenon, but it's something happening in other places too, not only in the US.

steven pinker talks about this frequently, framing it as a general human principle, but, it's mostly only something happening in majority european nations. the small scale conflict rate and violent crime rate among other human groups seems to be somewhat higher now than it was 40 years ago. there are so many more of them today and the third world is getting crowded, bringing them into contact with, and conflict with, each other more often. over land, over politics, over religion, et cetera.

Anonymous said...

Steve, Vanessa X is obviously very concerned about people googling her and getting to your page (obviously she wouldn't have gone to a lawyer otherwise), by removing her last name you solved that problem at least. But given the lady's concerns, she'd probably be much happier if you just deleted the blog entry completely (this and the original). She's been found innocent, it's an old short entry no longer of much value to you or to anyone else -- deleting it completely to give her full peace of mind would be a very nice gesture on your part.

I realize you were trying to make her happy by highlighting her attractiveness--but if making her happy is your goal, just deleting the blog entry and the lawyer's letter would probably accomplish that goal much more completely. (Lots of people read your site and VDARE, where it's cross-posted--she doesn't need somebody recognizing her and then embarrassing her at work over it, for example.) Besides, being found innocent, she's probably no longer a public figure and you might be getting into invasion of privacy concerns by needlessly broadcasting her photo and arrest record around.

(No need to publish this letter--just read it and take it as food for thought!)

Anonymous said...

"She's been found innocent"


Harry Baldwin said...

Andrew Baby Daddy Young said... It looks like The Silky Pony read those tips on taking a great mug shot.

Except for the one about not having a wide, cheesy grin.

beowulf said...

"To me, she looks like the average Van Nuys streetwalker circa 1985, except a bit less weathered."

And without the testicles.

beowulf said...

"It looks like The Silky Pony read those tips on taking a great mug shot."

Gotta hand it to John Edwards, that's a first-rate mug shot. After the jury finds him not guilty, he can recycle it for his match.com dating profile.

Whiskey said...

Jody that "low crime rate" does not track with the hell-holes of Council Estate housing in the UK. There Whites are totally dysfunctional, as feral as the other criminal classes from other races. No fathers, single motherhood, and hypergamy run amok (the most brutal thug gets the best girls) is likely to blame.

The Daily Mail and Express UK and Sun have your daily Chav horror story.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice that the ages listed are the age they first appeared on the wanted list, instead of their current age? What is the point of that?

James Kabala said...

"'She's been found innocent'


We all know "not guilty" doesn't always mean "innocent," but for a person we have never met and where we know nothing about the case, it's not really our place to claim otherwise.

It would be pretty funny if that were the real Mark Fuhrman above. (However, he'd be probably bat higher than .500 on spelling his own name.)

Anonymous said...

"We all know 'not guilty' doesn't always mean 'innocent,' but for a person we have never met and where we know nothing about the case, it's not really our place to claim otherwise."

I wanted a cite to the case where she was adjudicated innocent by a court.

Being innocent != being found innocent, which latter expression was explicitly used. Hence my request for information.

Anonymous said...

If you google her real name, it still links to Steve's blog and several other sites. Mainly because of google archives. I suppose this is one of those things that live with you.

jody said...

"Jody that "low crime rate" does not track with the hell-holes of Council Estate housing in the UK."

if you go back and look at my other posts on the topic, you'll see i've posted frequently about the rising violent crime rate among europeans in england. i tentatively attribute this to dysgenic trends, though i could not say for sure what the most important factors are. the UK has made handguns illegal and put cameras everywhere and while that deters the muslims from blowing shit up at the rate they would prefer to, it doesn't seem to stop the chavs from stabbing people. it also doesn't seem to deter the africans from shooting people with handguns, but that's another topic.

there's been a concurrent decline in violent crime in ireland during this same time period, so it would seem to not be a situation easily explained. most of the irish are practicing catholics, so the usual birth control/reduced birth rate explanation does not work well here.

Londoner said...

Whiskey, incorrect. Bad though the white working class/underclass areas of urban Britain are, they are still not as bad as the black areas. Not even close. Besides, we're still the majority here, and our rougher elements haven't yet been squeezed out of casual and organized violence by vibrant savages the way they have in SoCal. It us still 'their manor', for now at least. Violence must lose its appeal fast when you're surrounded by larger numbers of people who really do know no limits and aren't deterred by the prospect of future punishments/difficulties flowing from their actions because they simply don't think that far ahead. As bad as whites get, they rarely sink to those depths, and when faced with the brutality of diversity they regress fast towards non-violence (often to their detriment).

Anonymous said...

Something tells me that the real reason you've omitted Ms. X's name is because you fear the legal hassle it may entail. You'd win if you fought it but why bother right?

Anthony said...

Now we've got Ms Kowalsky who probably isn't that hot anymore (she was 26, but is now 39), but is probably living comfortably in Germany or Poland with the money she stole.

Kiwiguy said...

OT. Flyers for distribution.



6/28/2011 4:39 PM

neil craig said...

"Presumably, he's disappeared back to Norway or wherever."

Or the American midwest where there are about as many Norwegian descendents as the 4 million in Norway.

Actually my guess is, since it has been so long, some business partner offed him and neglected to inform the police.