July 1, 2011

Asylum Fraud and DSK

Here's part of the letter from the district attorney's office to Dominique Strauss-Kahn's accuser's attorney explaining why they don't trust her anymore.
In an application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal dated I)eccmber 30, 2004, the complainant provided the United States Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service with factual information about herself, her background and her experiences in her home country of Guinea. This information was in the form of a written statement attached to her application, and was submitted as a basis for her request for asylum. In her application, she certified under penalty of perjury that her written statement was true. In substance, the complainant's statement claimed that she and her husband had been persecuted and harassed by the dictatorial regime that was then in power in Guinea. Among other things, the complainant stated that the home that she shared with her husband was destroyed by police and soldiers acting on behalf of the regime, and that she and her husband were beaten by them. When her husband attempted to return to what was left of their home the next day, she stated that he was again beaten, arrested and imprisoned by police and soldiers. She stated that she also was beaten when she attempted to come to her husband's aid. In her statement, she attributed the beatings to the couple's opposition to the regime. She stated that during her husband's incarceration, he was tortured, deprived of medical treatment and eventually died as a result of his maltreatment. FoIlowing his death, according to her, she began to denounce the regime and finally fled the country in fear of her life, entering the United States in January 2004 to seek refuge (she has told prosecutors that she used a fraudulent visa). She repeated these facts orally during the course of her asylum application process.  
In interviews in connection with the investigation of this case, the complainant admitted that the above factual information, which she provided in connection with her asylum application, was false. She stated that she fabricated the statement with the assistance of a male who provided her with a cassette recording of the facts contained in the statement that she eventually submitted. She memorized these facts by listening to the recording repeatedly. In several interviews with prosecutors, she reiterated these falsehoods when questioned about her history and background, and stated that she did so in order to remain consistent with the statement that she had submitted as part of her application. Additionally, in two separate interviews with assistant district attorneys assigned to the case, the complainant stated that she had been the victim of a gang rape in the past in her native country and provided details of the attack. During both of these interviews, the victim cried and appeared to be markedly distraught when recounting the incident. In subsequent interviews, she admitted that the gang rape had never occurred. Instead, she stated that she had lied about its occurrence and fabricated the details, and that this false incident was part of the narrative that she had been directed to memorize as part of her asylum application process. Presently, the complainant states that she would testify that she was raped in the past in her native country but in an incident different than the one that she described during initial interviews.  

The asylum process tends to attract con-artists to America.
In the weeks following the incident charged in the indictment, the complainant told detectives and assistant district attorneys on numerous occasions that, after being sexually assaulted by the defendant on May 14, 2011 in Suite 2806, she fled to an area of the main hallway of the hotel's 28" floor and waited there until she observed the defendant leave Suite 2806 and the 28" floor by entering an elevator. It was after this observation that she reported the incident to her supervisor, who arrived on the 28" floor a short time later. In the interim between the incident and her supervisor's arrival, she claimed to have remained in the same area of the main hallway on the 28" floor to which she had initially fled. The complainant testified to this version of events when questioned in the Grand Jury about her actions following the incident in Suite 2806. The complainant has since admitted that this account was false and that after the incident in Suite 2806, she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then returned to Suite 2806 and began to clean that suite before she reported the incident to her supervisor. 

Do fancy hotels have hallway video cameras? It would seem like they should for security reasons, but, on the other hand, they would give the hotel blackmail material. So I couldn't say off hand. It sounds here like they may have had hallway cameras and that's what tripped her up? But if they did have footage, why did DSK spend 6 weeks locked up? I had assumed that the hallway video camera upheld the accuser's story, doubtful as it sounded, and that's why they perp walked him.
Additionally, the complainant has stated that for the past two tax years, she declared a friend's child in addition to her own as a dependent on her tax returns for the purpose of increasing her tax refund beyond that to which she was entitled . She also admitted to misrepresenting her income in order to maintain her present housing.

She was living in an AIDS charity. Does she have AIDS? Why do we let people with AIDS into the country?
Initially, during the course of this investigation, the complainant was untruthful with assistant district attorneys about a val-iety of additional topics concerning her history, background, present circumstances and personal relationships. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

I'm not totally convinced that DSK was just a simple purchaser of a prostitution service, either. Maybe he felt entitled to more than he paid for, and the maid / part time pro felt sore about it and then decided to complain, but then realized she'd have to accuse him of being a full-blown rapist to keep her job.

So, who would you bet on to get deported first: DSK's accuser, Obama's Aunt Zeituni, or neither, ever?


Anonymous said...

Dollars to doughnuts that the "tax deduction" she is said to be claiming for someone else's child is, in fact, the Earned Income Tax Credit, which is basically welfare by another name, and in cash. EITC has been subject to massive fraud for many years, but it is politically correct, and the fraud is difficult to investigate.

Anonymous said...

Prostitution another job American's won't do! Lets import more whores!

Anonymous said...

There is a pattern here. She probably thought, "I make up lies about what bad regime did to me, and American people give me all this reward. So now I make up lies about rape by rich white man and may be they give me more goodies and freebies." She prolly thought DSK would be arrested and she could sue him for damages later. She probably had no idea that there would be all this publicity and scrutiny. After all, no one checked on her stories about victimization in Guinea.

But then, we knew nothing of Jeremiah Wright until Obama ran for president, and we knew nothing of her lies until she got greedy and decided to tell an even bigger lie about her victimization at the hand of others.

With these 'victims', I say evict em.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing about this case that doesn't stink.


eh said...

The asylum process tends to attract con-artists to America.

Can't really blame 'em, or in this case her, because the comparison between e.g. Guinea and the US -- even NYC -- probably favors the US, at least for now.

The real con is that even once uncovered the government often does not throw these people out. Female, black, Guinea, repatriation -- does not compute. Watch and see.

And if she has trouble with her housing maybe she can room with Aunt Zeituni.

Nanonymous said...

Neither will be deported, quite obviously.

eh said...

Forgot to vote:

So, who would you bet on to get deported first:...

I'll take "neither, ever", although it's kind of a half-moot question because it's clear Aunt Zeituni isn't going anywhere. Just add a few hundred grand onto the deficit for her healthcare as she gets older.

Anonymous said...

Why do we also let people in like the Nigerian who went to the Univ of Michigan and recently was a stowaway on a plane with a bunch of phony boarding passes. This country is really a joke. Aren't there plenty of Americans who want to go to Michigan?

Marlowe said...

"Was offered Swedish love and French love...but not American love. American love; like Coke in green glass bottles...they don't make it anymore."

The President should invite them both round to the Rose Garden for beers. No hard feelings, eh? We'll share a drink and step outside, an angry voice and one who cries.

Anonymous said...

Marlowe, I believe you're onto something. After the beer summit let's do an "opposites attract" high-low comedy screenplay about the wacky circumstances of globalization that brought together this late-May-early-December couple.

corvinus said...

I wonder if this case will make our gov't (and those in Europe, for that matter) scrutinize all the other Africans who have entered the country via asylum.

Kylie said...

"I wonder if this case will make our gov't (and those in Europe, for that matter) scrutinize all the other Africans who have entered the country via asylum."

I wonder what could possibly make you wonder that.

Anonymous said...

Law and order, with the races reversed.??? but wait...

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, in the black rape world...how's "I thought she was dead" for an excuse?


Anonymous said...

Of course, it probably did not hurt DSK's case that he hired Benjamin Brafman to defend him. Brafman is one of the most impressive NY criminal defense lawyers I have ever seen in action.The rumor years ago (when he successfully defended the less-than-obviously-innocent Puff Daddy (who then changed his name to P. Diddy, for reasons that elude me) from weapons charges, was that Brafman only worked on one case at a time, allowing the kind of maniacal devotion to the work that Vincent Bugliosi often boasted about.

Silver said...


From that story:

"There were witnesses that saw this happening, and they stepped up and reported it"

Bravo, they reported it. What selfless humanitarians. Lol. The crap Americans have to tell themselves to boost these people.

Mysterystoryreader said...

Great investigating. I bet the team that checked the maid's story with such care could come up with equally interesting evidence with respect to our leader's birth certificate, trip to Pakistan, and social security numbers - if given the chance.

Joseph said...

Can you not just accept that she made the accusations for MONEY? She does not have to be SORE, physically or emotionally. The acronym MICE (money-ideology-compromise-ego), with money at the head of the pack, explains the motivation for a lot of bad behavior.

AMac said...

> So, who would you bet on to get deported first: DSK's accuser, Obama's Aunt Zeituni, or neither, ever?

What odds are the bookies offering for "neither"? The payoff has to be pretty slim.

Whatever it may be, "neither" is the no-brainer. Put me down for $100.

Also, I like Marlowe's idea upthread -- President Obama should have his second "Beer Summit" on immigration fraud, now that we have the perfect two guests. What a photo op.

David said...

To answer Steve's question: Neither, ever. But it should be Both, now.

Who needs either of these sleazes?

Think of the money that's going to go down the drain prosecuting this case.

America has low or no standards. We are the real whore in this story.

Anonymous said...

Remember Amadou Diallo who in 1999 got shot 42 times in the stairwell in NYC? Cops shot him and there was a massive fuss. He was an asylum fraud from Guinea just like this woman.

"The murder of Amadou Diallo in February by New York City police ...... others fear the impact news that Diallo had lied to the INS will have on refuge-seekers.

Diallo came to the U.S. on a student visa from Guinea, a West African nation. This visa was due to expire in April 1999. Apparently in an attempt to stay longer in the U.S. he filed a false asylum application. Diallo claimed to be from Mauritania, where, he said, his parents had been killed during the ongoing civil strife in the country. The INS denied his application, but Diallo won his appeal before the Executive Office for Immigration Review. "

Anonymous said...

USCIS types are issued an APPROVED stamp but not a denied stamp.

As someone who has spen plenty of time in immigration courts, let me tell you a saying we have: its not over until the illegal wins.

Mel Torme said...

"Prostitution another job American's won't do! Lets import more whores!"


Let me rephrase that excellent thought in a form that's more suitable for a press release:

Undocumented Ladies of the Night - - turning the tricks that Americans won't turn.