January 30, 2012

Young engineers and the allure of gravity, cont.

A reader points out that MIT students traditionally celebrate "Drop Day" -- the last day for dropping classes in the Spring semester -- by pushing a piano off a six story building.


Anonymous said...

That crowd.

Yep, that's an MIT crowd.

Gene Berman said...

When I was in HS--early '50's--there was an already-established "urban legend" that had enterprising HS or college students (choose and insert as necessary) dismantling someone's automobile and re-assembling on the roof of a multi-story building.

Rainforest Giant said...


So these kids are not that different than those kids that join the military.

One of the rewards my son would allow his Marines was to drop material from the heights of a crane when time came to destroy equipment.

They derived great joy from seeing things hit the ground from great heights. More so than being blown up or shot with high caliber weapons.

Anonymous said...

They didn't drop it from the roof, but these engineering students hit the headlines back in 1958.