October 10, 2012

Amazon will deign to take your money again!

My apologies to all the readers who attempted to give me money via Amazon on Wednesday afternoon, only to find that Amazon had once again decided that their money wasn't good enough or something. As of ten minutes ago, Amazon is now deigning to pass your contributions on to me (minus their 2.9% and $0.30 transaction fee).

There are a few ways to support my work:

First: You can send me money via Amazon (not tax-deductible). Click here and then click on the button for the amount you want to pay. It's especially quick if you already have an Amazon account, but any major credit card will work fine. (I want to thank all the generous folks who helped me work out the kinks in this method, using their own real money.)

Second: You can make a tax deductible contribution to me via VDARE by clicking here. You can use PayPal for that.

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer
P.O Box 4142
Valley Village, CA 91617-4142



Anonymous said...

Due to Amazon's shady behavior, I'll use PayPal. Btw Amazon asked for my Social Security Number when I signed up for this payment deal. I found this strange and regret having given it to them.

David M. said...

If you want to pay a smaller cut to the middle man, you may want to try using PayPal and starting your donations drive at the end of a month. If you reach a certain threshold by month end, you can have PayPal review the account and give you a lower rate (2.1% or 2.5% or whatever depending on how much you've grossed by month end). I don't know, maybe it's the same way with Amazon since they all seem to have the same fee structure.

Anonymous said...

You need to offer bonus content using a small fee-based subscription model, Steve.

Anonymous said...

Steve curious what is less expensive
PayPal or amazon?

Anonymous said...

for the fourth time then. Why no bitcoin address? You won't even deign to tell us why you don't have one. Bitcoin is the state of the art of anonymous funds transfer. For you to not bother supplying a bitcoin address is insane.

Anonymous said...

That payment thing worked great, log into my Amazon account, one click and done.

I buy lots of things at Amazon when other sites might have a slightly lower cost - its just so easy.