October 16, 2012

Obama: "I am a Golden God!"

A reader points out
Watching the first presidential debate reminded me of Cameron Crowe's movie "Amost Famous" about Stillwater - a fictious rock band purportedly based on Lynard Skynard (?) - and its lead guitarist played by Billy Crudup.  
Crudup, in a moment of LSD induced rapture climbs to a roof overlooking a swimming pool, screams "I am a golden god" and leaps into the pool.  

I'd love to see a sketch with Obama up on the roof, ego rampant: "I am a Transformative Leader!"

But, we won't. The Comedy Gap in American life ... growing ever more dismal since that evening in February 2007 when Obama finally realized it wouldn't be prudent to have Rev. Wright give the invocation at his campaign kickoff the next day like they'd planned.
Enter Barack Obama, our rockstar president. In an attempt to reprise his 2008 convention performance in Denver, the One strode out onstage, bombed before a live audience and then let his posse know that he thought that he done a great job.  
Heck, even A-Rod shows greater self-awareness. ... 
In Almost Famous, the band is flying over Mississippi,  hits rough turbulence and thinks its gonna crash and die. After Crudup tells his bandmates that he loves them, the lead vocalist says that no one in the band loves Crudup because Crudup acts like he's above them. 
My prediction for Debate 2: media consensus is "Solid Obama victory."


Anonymous said...

The movie was based on Cameron Crowe's experience touring with the Allman Brothers.

Christopher said...

"I am a Golden God" is from Robert Plant as quoted in _Hammer of the Gods_ by Stephen Davis.

Anonymous said...

'My prediction for Debate 2: media consensus is "Obama victory."'

It hardly matters. The dynamics of the election have irreversibly changed. I still suspect AIPAC insiders are sabotaging Obama's campaign, and even a massive get out the fraud effort can't save Obama now.

It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Marlowe said...

Obama is above them. He is, after all, The President.

I prefer The Doors movie and Val Kilmer shouting "I am the Lizard King. I can do anything!". Quite a few of the other lines work too such as "I'm a fake hero" and "I'm gonna get my kicks before the whole shithouse goes up in flames".

Anonymous said...

'My prediction for Debate 2: media consensus is "Solid Obama victory."' Steve, your prediction has already begun to prove true. I was listening to NPR this morning (7:00 H. EST) and one of their pundits had already explained to his enthralled liberal audience how Obama was going to make toast of romney tonight.

Dahlia said...

There has been a lot of talk about alpha and beta males since the last debate with the Left doing it as well. Help me out older guys, does anyone recall this talk before 2000?
For example here is the Guardian saying Joe Biden overwhelmed Paul Ryan with his alpha-male display:

Anyway, this talk makes me fondly remember feminist Naomi Wolf putting Al Gore through "Alpha Male training" with hilarious results. The press's words, not mine.

You younger ones may not remember, but she had him wearing more rugged clothes, lumberjack plaid shirts, etc. for photo-ops. That wasn't so bad, but the training went to hell during the debates. Liberals were so angry at Naomi after that first debate which resulted in super-nice and genial Al in the second.

Al Gore's most aggressive attempt to dominate Bush in first debate:

Per Steve's analysis, the press said Gore was a disaster with all that sighing and eye-rolling, but when Obama can't afford another misstep, much more obnoxious Biden was "passionate" and helpful.

Toddy Cat said...

Yes, the media will spin this as an Obama victory no matter what happens. We'll se if the American people fall for it.

Anonymous said...

jeez, you are one smart dude Steve, to have picked the most witty and apropos metaphor! You just earned yourself another contribution so you can keep it up!

Whiskey said...

Women love that stuff, of course. As long as the Golden Gods bring the sexy A hole dominant male, nothing else really matters.

For men, power-patronage, providing a share of the spoils and women, is key. Golden Gods don't do so well in male environments, more like patronage builders such as Ike.

The election will be decided by White women who will choose either sexy Golden Godness, or ... eating and keeping a few spare pennies in their pocketbooks.

Anonymous said...

Here's a recurring iSteve theme which is slowly making its way into the mainstream press:

Former Aide on Obama: 'Stunning that He’s in Politics, Because He Really Doesn’t Like People'
Really Doesn’t Like People'
10:25 AM, Oct 16, 2012

Neera Tanden, a former aide to both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, had this to say about the relationship of the two presidents: 'Clinton, being Clinton, had plenty of advice in mind and was desperate to impart it. But for the first two years of Obama’s term, the phone calls Clinton kept expecting rarely came. “People say the reason Obama wouldn’t call Clinton is because he doesn’t like him,” observes Tanden. "The truth is, Obama doesn’t call anyone, and he’s not close to almost anyone. It’s stunning that he’s in politics, because he really doesn’t like people. My analogy is that it’s like becoming Bill Gates without liking computers."'

Powerful former Obama aide says president ‘doesn’t really like people,’ apologizes after Drudge flags
1:03 PM 10/16/2012
Vince Coglianese

...After the quote went viral, Tanden tweeted out her regret for the way she expressed the thought.

Enoch Powell said...

A lack of humor is a time-honored hallmark of leftist tyranny. We must all be deadly earnest and innocently enthusiastic as we are led into a new and rigidly ignorant dark age; otherwise known as a leftist utopia.

Anonymous said...

There actually was a band called "Stillwater."


Gerry said...


DCThrowback said...

“The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone when you’re uncool."

Steve, we got your new motto through Crowe writing for Lester Bangs. What a quote.

The movie appeared in just about everyone's (Ebert, Pajiba, etc.) top 10 from the 2000s movie list.

One of the best deleted scenes ever is from "AF" when the Patrick Fugit (and her sis' bf) make Frances McDormand listen to the entirety of "Stairway to Heaven."

Auntie Analogue said...

A golden god with feet of clay that he seemed to have had scooped up for him over there in Benghazi.

Anonymous said...

The election will be decided by White women who will choose either sexy Golden Godness, or ... eating and keeping a few spare pennies in their pocketbooks.

Or, it will be decided by white men. Why is it people always reference the gender gap to mean women trending democrat? Isn't a similar gender gap present among men trending republican? And given women are a larger share of the electorate, the gender gap among men must be larger because most elections are roughly 50-50. If the female gender gap were large enough, republicans would never win.

Also, as has been pointed out here before, married women and single women don't vote alike.

For a guy who routinely polices comments that pigeon hole the Scots-Irish, I am surprised he routinely treats white women in a similar way.

Anonymous said...

Very funny impending airplane crash video. You're implying Obama is the one who shouts, "I'm gay!". Am I getting that right?

BrokenSymmetry said...

" 'I am a Golden God' is from Robert Plant"

Truer words were never spoken

Anonymous said...

"I am a democratic people's republic!"

Anonymous said...

Billy Crudup was a fine actor and a good-looking, likable leading man who chose quality roles. Too bad his career never really took off.

Anonymous said...

"A lack of humor is a time-honored hallmark of leftist tyranny."

Rightist tyranny, on the other hand, is a laff riot.

helene edwards said...

AIPAC insiders are sabotaging

I'd like to hear this. What are the mechanics?

smead jolley said...

Lester Bangs, now there's an alpha.


played early this morning said...

You guys have it all wrong. It's not about the guy on the roof, it's about the stupid and easily impressed crowd, below. I'm surprised Truth hasn't chimed in here. Maybe he's busy laughing at millenial white youth.

Anonymous said...

I think Bibi's got his agents rigging the election for his buddy Mitt right now...

unix said...

Anonymous said...

'I think Bibi's got his agents rigging the election for his buddy Mitt right now'

And to combat this, the Obots are marshalling their own rigging experts (active during the 2008 election, though I doubt they'll be enough this time), and also must be sending out those Black Panthers (who harrased and threatened white voters in Philadelphia in 2008) and who Hoelder refused to prosecute. Really. The way the MSM has covered up for this "president" is a phenomenon that can only be fully explored once the dolt is well out of office. The MSM deserves to die off. While I can understand black peoples' attachment to him--only natural, although I think it's wearing thin-- white peoples' willful goofiness can only be due to willful ignorance. Otherwise it is insanity.

Anonymous said...

Rightist tyranny, on the other hand, is a laff riot.

And libertarian tyranny does not and cannot exist.

Kylie said...

"You younger ones may not remember, but she[Naomi Wolf] had him[Al Gore] wearing more rugged clothes, lumberjack plaid shirts, etc. for photo-ops."

IIRC, Naomi had Al wearing not just manly plaid but also earth tones that signaled he was sensitive to the environmental concerns of liberal white women.

I think this pic captures the real Al:

The real Al Gore

NOTA said...

Dahlia 827:

Paying a woman to put you through "alpha male training" seems more Albertosaurus" area of expertise, somehow....

NOTA said...

Barack: "I am an ebony god!!!!!"

Michelle: "You ain't all that, honey."