December 13, 2012

iSteve readers: Swedes v. Finns v. Indians v. Not Sures

Here are unique visits by top 50 country to my Blogspot blog (i.e., not including my archive) over the last or month or so. Not surprisingly, the top 4 countries are English-speaking, but then  we get to Germany, Sweden, Finland, and India. I make a lot of jokes about all my loyal Finnish readers, but the Swedes are always neck and neck with the Finns in terms of per capita readership. My real weakness is Denmark. 

Unique Visits
1 United States 231737
2 Canada 17942
3 United Kingdom 9521
4 Australia 6259
5 Germany 3389
6 (not set) 3374
7 Sweden 2774
8 Finland 2033
9 India 1905
10 Ireland 1762
11 New Zealand 1577
12 Norway 1374
13 Brazil 1271
14 Netherlands 1203
15 Poland 1028
16 France 984
17 Czech Republic 926
18 Israel 910
19 Japan 903
20 Switzerland 899
21 South Korea 880
22 Hong Kong 810
23 South Africa 708
24 Spain 701
25 Singapore 592
26 Italy 570
27 Denmark 547
28 Thailand 516
29 Portugal 515
30 Philippines 484
31 Turkey 464
32 Mexico 451
33 Greece 394
34 Hungary 390
35 Belgium 349
36 Austria 315
37 Costa Rica 315
38 Malaysia 312
39 Romania 281
40 Russia 267
41 Vietnam 257
42 Taiwan 254
43 Croatia 251
44 Chile 222
45 Bulgaria 191
46 United Arab Emirates 188
47 Argentina 186
48 Colombia 170
49 Serbia 170
50 Lithuania 155

By the way, Google now offers a Fusion Table feature to combine your data on a spreadsheet with public data. I told it to fuse my data on site visits with population by country figures from the CIA World Factbook, so I could get per capita figures. Instead, it just pasted in data in rank order so that the row with my U.S. visits now has China's population next to it, my Canada visits are now next to India's population, and so forth.

Is there something I don't get about this feature?


Anonymous said...

Poland's relatively high ranking is interesting.

The other high-ranking countries are either English-speaking, or very big countries, or countries where a lot of people are online (Brazil), or a combination.

Perhaps Scandinavians spend more time online during the winter, boosting totals for this month.

With Poland, who knows. Are there any Polish people here who could speculate on why this blog is particularly popular in Poland?


Anonymous said...

I take that back. Poland has a lot more people than I thought it did. For some reason, I thought it would only have about 20 million people. I should have checked before I posted.


Matra said...

Denmark's media is supposedly less PC than in Sweden, Norway, and Finland so perhaps the curious people there have less of a need to find alternative sources of information.

Do you get regional breakdowns - New England v The South, NYC v Chicago, Northern Ireland v Scotland?

MC said...

Considering Australia is one-third the UK's population, and comparatively isolated from the problems discussed on this blog, that's some major punching above weight.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps Scandinavians spend more time online during the winter, boosting totals for this month."

A very large percentage of Scandinavians, Dutch and a fairly large percentage of Germans have really good English. I bet that explains most of it. Italy and Spain are way down the list, probably to some extent because English isn't as widely known there as in Germanic Europe. I'm surprised that Brazil (1271) beat Mexico (451) and Argentina (186) by so much. I don't have an explanation for that one.

Steve, a lot of your readers are nerds who like statistics and graphs. I'm sure you have more insights about your readership trends and demographics. We'll eat it all up.

josh said...

And 3 guys from Freedonia!Hail Hail Freedonia /Land of the Free and Free!

Michal said...

Great blog, Steve, the first site I visit every day.

Btw. I found it via Ross Douthat's old The Atlantic blog, some of his readers were denouncing him in the comments for mentioning that horrible racist Steve Sailer so I had to check that guy out. I am really glad I did.

I must say I am quite proud of my country (only 10 million people) for such a respectable showing in the iSteve-readership-by-country ranking (suck it, Spain and Italy!).

- a long time Czech reader

Anonymous said...

Poll: Majority support race-blind faculty hires

Marlowe said...

All those entries about how much better life becomes the nearer one lives to the Canadian border have paid off.

Whereas Evelyn Waugh means nothing to the contemporary British.

Anonymous said...

On a per capita basis, Ireland is beating out the UK pretty easily.

MC said...

"I'm sure you have more insights about your readership trends and demographics. We'll eat it all up."

So true; this post combines your readers' passion for data with a universal narcissistic desire to talk about ourselves. A potent brew.

josh said...

On the comparison tip(do they still say that anymore?)interesting that the UK is about 60,000,000 souls, and Ireland is about 4,500,000.About a 12:1 ratio.Yet the isteve ratio is closer to 5:1. Cool.

Anonymous said...

One of those 880 unique views from South Korea was mine---I visited iSteve last week from a computer I've never used before.


Anonymous said...

Greetings from South Korea!

880 visits... so it's not just me. Any fellow Seoul Sailerites want to get together a few beers in Itaewon?

I'll round up some heavies to keep out Antifa and direct you to the secret location.

Anonymous said...

I'm too lazy to do it, but somebody should calculate the country order after adjusting for population and see what the order is then.

Anonymous said...

That's pretty good traffic for a thoughtcriminal site. If you could get a dollar a month from even a quarter of just the US visitors...

I promise I'll donate when I have a full time job.

Ex Submarine Officer said...

I find it pretty interesting how many hits are coming from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Japan. I'd guess that these are mostly white expats, so Steve seems to be doing pretty well on a per capita basis in those populations.

DaveinHackensack said...

Speaking of Indians and Swedes, an Indian tweeted this post yesterday about Swedish migrant workers doing menial jobs in oil-rich Norway. If you hit the "connect" button on Twitter next time your signed in, Steve, you'll see I copied you on it when I retweeted it.

In general, Twitter can be a good source of material you wouldn't have seen elsewhere. You ought to consider using it for that, in addition to tweeting links to your blog posts.

MC said...

Any state-level data?

Hacienda said...

Don't know much about Finns but they strike as the kind that would enjoy shows like "Pinky and the Brain".

ISteve has a lot of that kind of humour to it. Delivered in complete earnestness, apparently.

Reality is much more fun than a cartoon, of course.

kaganovitch said...

Steve you need to ask yourself "what can I do to attract greater interest from our new Mexican overlords ?". Perhaps a sabado gigante edition of isteve?

Luke Lea said...

Over a quarter of a million readers in one month. That's a lot of readers. Considering that no one else covers your beat, it stands to reason that you are one of the most influential voices in America.

Anonymous said...

Actually WASPs hate talking about themselves. Part of the reason Steve's Obama's a wasp routine is silly. Please don't project your nerd narcissism on the world.

Noah172 said...

I won't do the whole list, but here is Steve page views per 100,000 population for selected countries:

US: 74

Canada: 51

Finland: 38

Ireland: 38

Sweden: 29

Norway: 27

Australia: 27

UK: 15

Israel: 11

Switzerland: 11

Denmark: 10

Germany: 4

Austria: 4

Mexico: 0.4

India: 0.2

Steve is as popular, or much more popular, in Israel as in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Make of that what you will.

Jokah Macpherson said...

(not set)? Is that like President Not Sure?

2Degrees said...

There is a simple reason why so many hits come from East Asia. Westerners living there (I lived in Japan for five years) can see with their own eyes that PC is rubbish. The locals neither know nor care what PCers have to say. If you explain PC to them, they look incredulous. To them, the preservation of their culture and racial identity is a self-evidently worthy goal. The Japanese and Koreans won't stop going on about how great it is to be homogeneous.

We Are Watching You said...

More interesting would be a breakdown of the SES background of iSteve readers.

I first found out about this blog from a theoretical physicist professor.

Anonymous said...

"I won't do the whole list, but here is Steve page views per 100,000 population for selected countries"

It's important to understand that we're not dealing with the number of people who visited this site per month. Sitemeter displays, among other things, the number of unique visitors per day. That number times 30 is NOT the number of unique visitors per month because some visitors visit almost every day. Worldwide iSteve is read by about 10,000 people per day. The number of unique US visitors per day per 100,000 population is more like 2.5.

Randall Van Der Sterren said...

Some of those non-US, especially European, visits could be from professional site monitors and government types trying to keep an eye on so-called "hate" sites.

Dennis Mangan said...

I first discovered iSteve through National Review. Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

Look at Finland -- 38
Good English, more time indoors during cold months for Internet, has a strong anti-communist streak due to winter war, civil war, etc . . . Like to read about how smart they are


Anonymous said...

The Not Sures are all easily identified. They talk like fags.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of your readers based in South Africa (708 views), though I am an Englishman, who was born in India of English expat parents.

I use FeedDemon RSS reader to pick up on your posts, depending on how the algorithm works, I may generate 2 page views for each article.

You post, I would guess, about 90 posts a month. So, as an avid reader of all your posts, I may generate perhaps 180 views. I alone could be generating a quarter of your South African page-views.

It's a pity it's difficult for you to monetarise more gainfully, that your subject matter and handling of it is seen as too toxic for the MSM.


Anonymous said...

I think this blog is of much interest to people who live outside their home country ( ie expats ) who invariably have ample opportunity to cogitate over human similarities and differences in terms of various human groupings

I'm an Australian who resides in Thailand - I doubt many Thais have much interest in the themes covered in this blog

FF said...

NZ is 6th at 28.
Just saying.
Population is now 4,444,444 as of last week.
Goodly proportion of realist Elves and Shire Hobbits.

Brazilian said...


Jerry said...

Many of the Asian visits could be from expats, those kinds of people tend to have independent views more often, per capita. I am from Poland but I visit this site from Hong Kong (previously from Korea).

Silver said...

Worldwide iSteve is read by about 10,000 people per day.

How did you calculate that? puts at about 10,000 (sometimes lower, sometimes higher) unique visitors per month, but its notorious for undercounting less-visited sites.

According to his own stats, Sailer gets over 250,000 unique visits per month. For all you know it could be the same 250,000 people reading each day. If 10,000 people read it per day they would have to be a different 10,000 each day. That doesn't seem likely.

Anonymous said...



Comments are hilarious though.

Jefferson said...

I see Steve is not popular in Sub Saharian Africa.

Tom Regan said...

I'm another of those expat readers. Living in a non-white country makes you realize that the problems of the world are not caused by evil white heterosexual gentile men, and ergo the dominant socio-cultural narrative in our home countries is complete nonsense. Its also human nature to notice differences rather than similarities, and hence realize there are real differences between population groups. Its nice to find a site with other readers and commentators who also realize that.

Anonymous said...

x said...

here at isteve, we're a multicultural community! diversity rulz!!

Anonymous said...

Seoul Sailerite here... where is the clubhouse in Itaewon?

2Degrees said...

Your British readership is likely to grow. Ed West, the DT opinion piece writer, has just posted another link to you blog. More free advertising.

Anonymous said...

Makes me think we should be having meet-ups, no doubt monitored by the forces of state oppression.

Im in the UK btw.

Anonymous said...

"According to his own stats, Sailer gets over 250,000 unique visits per month. For all you know it could be the same 250,000 people reading each day. If 10,000 people read it per day they would have to be a different 10,000 each day. That doesn't seem likely."

The 250k per month stat is misleading. Sitemeter just multiplies its unique-visitors-per-day number by 30 to get it. That's the wrong way to do it. How do I know this? I have a blog of my own with Sitemeter on it. The unique-visitors-per-day stat seems meaningful to me. iSteve gets about 10k of those. How many truly unique visitors does Steve get per month? It must be above 10k, it could even be 20k. Anything much above that wouldn't make sense.

Anonymous said...

Over 10% of the visits from Argentina are by me, I doubt more than 10 people followe you here.

Anonymous said...

Hi Steve, one of your Irish readers here.

What I find most interesting is the large over representation of Irish visits to UK visits on a per capita basis. Frankly, I would have imagined it would have been the other way around (the UK is further down the PC road). Does anybody have any theories to why this disparity exists?

Could it be due to Ireland's younger population?
Higher third level participation rate?
Possibly there is less Irish specific web content so Irish users are more inclined to search out international sources?
Maybe a factor is the higher % of Irish residents being white 95% v about 87~88% for the UK as a whole?

Anonymous said...

What?! An iSteve meetup in Seoul, South Korea? Unfortunately I don't live near the capitol.

Here's a little homegrown talent I found blogging from Korea:

He's a definite iSteve-style thoughtcrimer the way he notices stuff.

SD said...

I'm one of those 'unique' visitors from India. I guess Steve is popular among Indians because a lot of Indians are interested in HBD issues, and also tend to be conservative. Although most of the stuff that Steve writes about may not affect them directly, Steve has often written about Indians, especially regarding caste and intelligence.

SD said...

I'm not surprised that the UAE is the only Middle-Eastern country in that list (not counting Israel), as Steve's blog is probably banned in all the others. UAE is a more liberal version of the Middle-East, but when I went to Dubai about five years ago, I found that I could not access quite a few of my favorite blogs due to their 'Unislamic' content, and I wasn't surfing for porn.

Anonymous said...

"With Poland, who knows. Are there any Polish people here who could speculate on why this blog is particularly popular in Poland?"

I'm a Pole living in the US, and though 1028 unique visits is a small number relative to the total unique visits, it is quite surprising that many Poles read Isteve.

It would be interesting to see where in Poland these visits are coming from but, my best guess would be from the urban/city centers and academic institutions.

Steve doesn't do much "internet marketing" of his blog, I am not aware of any SEM, and at best his topics may attract some SEO traffic but, other than word of mouth, links through complementary blog comments, reposting of Steve's topics on other blogs, VDare, and Takimag. Its not easy to find this blog, its literally hidden on the internet. If he even did a miniscule marketing campaign, as a single writer he could probably rival some of the top newspaper columns and magazines.

I only discovered Steve's blog after listening to a lecture he gave at a conference a few years ago, it shows how much readership potential this blog has. Probably would have never found it otherwise.

I guess reading ISteve is a Polish Past time.

AuvoT said...

Cought my Finnish eye, the Finns & Swedes etc in the title.

Surprising popularity on behalf the Finns. It can be due to the rising awareness of problems of multiculturalism in Finland during last few years. In April 2011 the Perussuomalaiset ("True Finns") political party got a landslide victory in parlamentary election, rising their vote from 2% to 18%, in 4 years.

That´s one sign of the same thing here in Finland.

Not only the cold winter.

RD said...

"here at isteve, we're a multicultural community! diversity rulz!!"

Yeah! Diversity is strength! Diversity is strength!

Boethius said...

Do you have an estimate of the average age of your readers?Female readership?

Dahinda said...

Still no readers in Burkina Faso?

Anonymous said...

Seoul Sailerites:

Probably rude to negotiate too much on a public forum, so I'll just put this out there.

Meet you on Korean Election Day, early evening 'til late, at Three Alley Pub in Itaewon. I'm a youngish fellow -- think we'll eventually figure out who we are.

Be there or be square!

Dahinda said...

The 910 readers in Israel must think that iSteve is good for the Jews!

The Wobbly Guy said...

Hmmm... Singapore's got quite a number of unique visitors.

I try to post links to Steve's articles on local alternative media like The Online Citizen and Temasek Review Emeritus in order to expose more locals to the arguments used here, which are all too applicable to our own circumstances.

Dunno how successful it has been though.

Roger said...

I like to come here because I want to learn more about the latest lunacy that your elites are foisting upon your people so that I can be better prepared when it inevitably arrives in my country.

And I also find Steve very witty. That makes digesting the bad news much easier.

Best wishes from Brazil

theo the kraut said...

@Korean commenter above

do Korean righties really get harassed by antifa, as they do over here in Germany, or were you joking?

Anonymous said...

“Noah172 said…

Steve is as popular, or much more popular, in Israel as in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. Make of that what you will.”

I can’t really speak for Israelis, but as a half-Jew let me offer a semi-insider’s perspective of Sailer’s appeal to a subset of my tribe. Steve’s work is attractive to anyone with an appreciation for the truth, but beyond the standard informational reasons for reading Isteve, here are some psychological reasons for readership that are unrelated to the value of the knowledge available on the site.

Reason 1 - Humor: Udolpho once mentioned in an old thread that Jews seem to get along well with other ethnocentric groups like the blacks and the Irish. I have a simpler explanation. Despite being an HBD aware conservative, I like them socially for the same reason I read Steve: WE LIKE FUNNY SHIT TALKERS. I initially came to this site to read up on the man who unmasked Asia Times’ Spengler, but Steve’s cutting humor and good natured cynicism has kept me visiting daily ever since. Steve is like a calmer, more erudite version of the black guy who blurts out what everyone else thinks but doesn’t want to say. He’s like Katt Williams with a spreadsheet.

Reason 2 - Elitism: We like to fancy ourselves sophisticates who know how the world really works, unlike the great unwashed. Being an Isteve reader does wonders for one’s self-perception as a member of the intellectual elect.

Reason 3 - Contrarianism: In an old Clint Eastwood flick, he asks a refusenik “ Why is it that you Jews are always fighting city hall?” The short answer, as Steve knows, is that dissatisfaction seems to be part of our national(ethnic) character. Steve’s snarky defiance resonates with some of us.

Reason 4 - Shiksappeal

Perspective said...

Your above average interest in Canada attracts a lot of Canadians - including myself. It would be interesting to see a Provincial breakdown.

FWG said...

HBD is alive and well in Finland. I've turned on a buddy to this site back in the Motherland.

Kevin Foy said...

Hello from Ireland. Considering that there's 70 million in the UK compared with 4.5 million in Ire yet the ratio of hits is only 8:1 in comparison your quite popular with us.

irishman said...

I discovered Steve years ago when as an unsophisticated teenager I was drawn to American conservatism out of a reaction to our domestic leftists insufferable loathing of Bush. Out of a desire to learn more about the American national review style right I typed something like american conservative into Google. The first thing that came up was "The American Conservative" magazine and I discovered Steve and the rest of the dissident right from there.

I really am surprised by how popular Steve is in Ireland. I am politically active both intellectually and in a political party, and to be frank, the only type of resistance I have encountered to liberalism is of the uncouth Alf Garnett type. I have never encountered alt-right opinions or attitudes among the intelligentsia in Ireland, we've pretty much accepted it as de rigour, liberal attitudes towards HBD, myself, atleast publicly included. There isn't even a BNP type fringe, head-banger element. I haven't been so pleasantly surprised in a while.