December 13, 2012

iSteve visits by state per capita rates

Here are per capita rate of visits to my blog over the last month by state, adjusted for each state's population, on a scale where if the percentage of total America page views coming from state equals that state's percentage of total population, then that state will get a 100. Not surprisingly, D.C. is way, way out ahead with a per capita rate of viewership 13.82 times the national average. Among real states, the differences aren't as vast. The traditionally most highbrow state, Massachusetts, is first among actual states, with 2.25 times as many page views per capita as the national average.

Last is North Dakota at 0.27 times the national average rate of visits per person.

As commenter Anony-Mouse points out, people in North Dakota are busy at real jobs digging holes in the ground looking for oil and gas, while people in Washington are sitting at desks with Internet access.

Not all that much of a Canadian Border Effect here, more of an Atlantic Seaboard Metropolis Effect.

The median states are Rhode Island and North Carolina.

The list appears to be dominated by a handful of metro areas: D.C., NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Seattle, Minneapolis, and some California metros (I'd guess Silicon Valley in the lead in California, with entertainment industry parts of L.A. in second). Then maybe Denver, Philadelphia/Pittsburgh?, Portland, Phoenix, St. Louis, Atlanta, SLC, and the big Texas cities.

States at the bottom tend to not not have big urban areas (also, sample sizes may be small and unstable toward the bottom). But I do reasonably well in many states and I'm glad to be of service to my readers in those states.

The 49th and 50th states do surprisingly well.

Among states with fairly big cities, I don't do well in Florida, Louisiana, or Nevada. As I wrote about eight years ago, would Edmund Burke have preferred 21st century Las Vegas or 21st century Boston?

Average = 100
District of Columbia  1,382
Massachusetts  225
New York  190
Virginia  181
Alaska  151
New Hampshire  151
Washington  146
Illinois  141
Maryland  140
California  126
New Jersey  122
Connecticut  115
Minnesota  113
Hawaii  108
Colorado  99
Pennsylvania  98
Oregon  87
Arizona  79
Missouri  78
Georgia  77
Utah  76
Texas  75
New Mexico  75
Michigan  75
Rhode Island  74
North Carolina  74
Oklahoma  73
Delaware  72
Montana  68
Nebraska  67
Maine  65
Kansas  64
Tennessee  60
Idaho  60
Ohio  57
South Dakota  56
Wisconsin  54
Alabama  53
Vermont  52
Florida  52
Indiana  48
Louisiana  47
South Carolina  45
Kentucky  44
Nevada  43
Wyoming  43
West Virginia  41
Iowa  41
Arkansas  38
Mississippi  28
North Dakota  27


Orestes Brownson said...

"..Traditionally most highbrow state, MA"? It's early in the morning and my sense of irony may still be asleep, but please, please tell me you are being ironic.

The states with the highest viewership are the ones where the Ruling Class project to destroy the civil society has progressed the furthest. Of the top 12, all but AK and WA have a large, massively dysfunctional city (NH is a suburb of Boston) where overcrowding, economic transience and Ruling Class projects like racial preferences and diversity have combined to greatly reduce societal cohesion.

These are the places where the very thin veneer of civilization has worn even thinner, being completely effaced in many places. In these places, man's animal nature is on daily display, unmoderated by religion, a sense of community, courtesy or civility.

In these places, this American axis of evil, Boston, the Tri-state (NYC) area, the ironically named Philadelphia, America's Mordor and Baltimore, man's animal nature is on more continuous display than the rest of the country where the Ruling Class project has not progressed as far. HBD is more relevant to life in these cesspools.

Anonymous said...

disappointed yet not surprised about PA's poor showing.

Anonymous said...

What's the ratio of visits from beta to alpha males? 50 million to 1?

Anonymous said...

...and Finland? :)

x said...

i think i'll make a graph with IQ using audaciousepigone's state IQ data set with this info.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here is looking at these figures in in all sorts of ways but surely we need to see them with respect to a states population size too?

Harry Baldwin said...

If that's a month's total hits, then I'm the only guy in Connecticut reading iSteve. And I must be one of those beta males since I'm getting it on with my wife regularly instead of cruising bars for drunk women, which seems to be the defining criteria for alpha status.

Steve Sailer said...

"disappointed yet not surprised about PA's poor showing."

The median states are Rhode Island and North Carolina at 74, so Pennsylvania at 98 isn't bad.

The list appears to be dominated by D.C., NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, and some combination of California metros (Is Silicon Valley part of SF?).

Anonymous said...

I expected more from NY, between the NYT, FOX, CNN, Time, etc. I'd have thought Madison Ave. might visit from time to time. The whole white component of the FDNY should be reading you every day - you've been their greatest advocate. I do my best to spread the word, but even in this brash state, people are wary of issues of race, evolution and behavior.

Anonymous said...

Why so high in lib dc?

Steve Sailer said...

"Why so high in lib dc?"

Lots of smart people in DC interested in what I have to say.

Anonymous said...

Your not being "read" in DC; your being watched from DC.

Kinda funny, profiling your own readers might be your biggest challenge.

Anonymous said...

Why so high in DC? Politicos who want to know how the world works.

SFG said...

There are lower pits in hell than Boston, Orestes. Much lower. Apart from a few underclass areas, the place is actually doing pretty well off the tech industry, and its schools are actually competitive on a global level.

I furthermore suspect the audience for this site is less white nationalists and more intellectual conservatives in blue states hankering for a little crimethink.

Anonymous said...

So how many actual people read iSteve in DC?

If readership was distributed evenly across the country, DC would generate 618,000/314,936,000*10,000 = 19.62 visits per day. As per Steve's table it actually generates 13.82 times more visits than that. This implies that iSteve is read by about 19.62*13.82 = 271.19 DC residents per day.

The Anti-Gnostic said...

D.C. and Alaska? WTF?

IHTG said...

Steve: Okay, visitors. What about the demographics of commenters?

Anonymous said...

Ed West cites you in his new article today:

Anonymous said...

My state of Vermont is doing pretty poorly, but not to worry, they're bringing in Somalis so I'm sure that will change.

Anonymous said...

Orestes is correct; we in the People's Republic of Massachusetts have been afflicted by the Brown Horde by our moral betters. Like anyone constantly being accused of DoublePlusUnGood ThoughCrime, we find comfort in the assurance that we aren't evil for wanting to defend the Shining City on the Hill from the invading unwashed.

The lead story in today's Boston Globe is instructive. A 16-year old mulatto with the schizophrenic name of Javon Walczak had his murder conviction vacated by the Supreme Judicial Court on self- defense grounds. He stabbed two other teens, Rene Valdez and Darren Colucci during a marijuana deal gone awry, killing Valdez by inflicting 11 stab wounds.

The interesting part is that the killer and his victim are residents of Lynn, a coastal suburb where English is spoken by the minority of residents, but Colucci is from Swampscott, a tony neighboring town with a substantial Scots-Irish (I-Steve Scots-Irish, not the Celtic sort) population. I'm left wondering if his parents encouraged his multi-culti friendships.

Anonymous said...

Seems like the people in flyover country whose destruction we constantly worry about and whose honor we seek to defend, don't much care. Hmm...

Anonymous said...

About DC, I have always thought (well, always since discovering this 'sphere) that the DC metro had the greatest concentration of alt-right/reactionaries in the country.

1. Game/PUA essentially started here, Roosh and Roissy both from here.

2. The defense industry employs a ton of clever, cynical conservative white men. The industry is doing all it can to stop doing this of course.

Rob said...

"Why so high in lib dc?"

Lots of smart people in DC interested in what I have to say.

I used to think you were deluded in thinking so many of the big hitters read your blog, but now I can see you were right. It would be interesting to see how your proportion of DC hits compares with those of MSM blogs.

Anonymous said...

Wow, the DC number is huge, I think people fail to realize how huge that ratio it. Remember DC, is very densely populated in very small area.

In DC, ISteve is like Fightclub, everyone reads and knows about it but, no one dares to talk about it.

Or it could just be government computers pinging the Isteve blog.

The SWPL hypocrites of DC strike again.

slumber_j said...

I'd be interested in donations by state: number and size.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, if the number shown is, say, 80, are those total number of hits (regardless of IP) from a state in a given month, or are they the number of unique IPs from that state in a month. I ask because if the total number is 80, and they're not unique IPs, it's probably not more than 10 people in that state reading the blog. I must check your blog at least every other day, so theres 15 hits right there.

Anonymous said...

Your audience is blue states.

a Newsreader said...

"Why so high in lib dc?"

A high proportion of people in DC are into politics and public policy. This drives up the readership of every blog touching on political issues, including those on the quasi-respectable (by popular standards) fringe.

I would imagine that this effect is present in those big cities (and state capitals) out in the states as well, but the state average is diluted by the states' non-urban population.

Because so many of Steve's readers are in politics, he seems to have outsized influence. As Steve points out occasionally, you can see evidence of this influence in David Brooks and Ross Douthat columns in sanitized form.

Peter the Shark said...

Oresetes says, "Of the top 12, all but AK and WA have a large, massively dysfunctional city (NH is a suburb of Boston) where overcrowding, economic transience and Ruling Class projects like racial preferences and diversity have combined to greatly reduce societal cohesion."

Are you talking about Springfield? Because you sure as hell aren't talking about Boston. Boston is the one major East Coast city that doesn't have a large black population, and so is actually a pretty harmonious, safe, pleasant place to live. Manhattan isn't that bad either if you can afford it - better than most European cities.

Peter the Shark said...

Where are the foreign results? Is Finland still the leader?

Anonymous said...

"The list appears to be dominated by D.C., NYC, Boston, Chicago, Seattle, Minneapolis, and some combination of California metros (Is Silicon Valley part of SF?)."

Which goes to show that metropolitan areas truly are more civilized. Not only do people in these areas read more, but they read more of every kind of view/opinion.

Anonymous said...

How do you explain Alaska?

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I heard Anaheim was ahead of La and San Fran because of Disneyland for visits but usually you go to Disenyland you go down to seaworld and up to Universal studios.

Captain Tripps said...

Steve said,

"Lots of smart people in DC..."

Isn't that an oxymoron?

I couldn't resist...:-)

anony-mouse said...

I hate to say this but one reason Steve gets more views in DC than ND is that people in ND are in real jobs that don't have the same access to the net as folks in DC during 'working' hours.

(So what am I doing right now, hmmm)

Otis McWrong said...

I check your blog at work, from my iphone, and at home. So unfortunately 3 of your unique Florida hits are actually just one Otis

chucho said...

Steve, your numbers are really impressive when you compare them to the subscription numbers of mags like National Review, New Republic, etc. Most of those 20th century political/intellectual magazines never topped 100k subscribers.

Anonymous said...

Apparently there's a huge Palecon/Libertarian/Race-Realist presence in tiny New Hampshire and even tinier Alaska.

I guess that Virginia's showing would be a little more predictable, owning to both the DOD megalopolis up in Alexandria, and also the hardcore CSA nostalgia out in the hinterlands [and of course there's a massive naval installation down in Norfolk].

But relative to population, California's showing is just shockingly abysmal.

It looks like you might be the last Palecon left in California, Steve, so when you leave for Idaho or Texas or Alaska [or whereever you end up when TSHTF], you might want to pause and sing that old Dandy Don Meredith song.

Maybe the Derb can come out and sing harmony with you.

PS: Does anyone know how Chateau Derb faired during Hurricane Sandy?

I hope they're all okay.

Anonymous said...

"Why so high in lib dc?"

High African American population. Natural iSteve demographic.

Anonymous said...

Honestly nothing unexpected about the distribution which I can infer here, when thinking about where intelligent people would go for content -- I bet NY Times, Slate, Atlantic, Weekly Standard, NRO, Salon, readers all have similar geographic dispersion for their online readers.

Anonymous said...

Are there really that many other Minneapolitans here or are those 113 hits primarily mine?

JayMan said...

I'm probably 50% of your Maine traffic...

Just kidding...

MC said...

These are unique visits? There are really 150 of us in Alaska?

Anonymous said...

Don't be afraid to say "Merry Christmas"

peterike said...

Why is Alaska fifth highest? Is that the Palin family checking in?

Jefferson said...

The reason why Washington D.C is at the top of the list is because Big Brother a.k.a The Obama Administration keeps a very close eye monitoring websites run by racially aware White men.

agnostic said...

We need per capita rates to tell where people are more or less likely to tune in.

agnostic said...

Ah, scratch that, just saw the title.

The Orestes commenter is right. The link to a region's IQ is indirect -- smarter people flock to those places where they can most parasitize the local or, better, the national population.

If IQ were directly involved, you'd expect this to be a math puzzle website or something. But clearly we're coming here because we sense from daily life how rotten the country has gotten.

I'd expect a good number of your Plains and Mountain states readers are somewhat recent transplants from more corrupted areas, like me moving out here from Maryland.

DougRisk said...

I would be curious to know what difference there was in the percentage of Hawaiians that read your blog before Barry Obama was elected and after he was elected.

Anonymous said...

It seems that your Arkansas readership consists of myself and one other person.

Anonymous said...

Surprised Hawaii is so high.

Anonymous said...

"Why so high in lib dc?"

every single white person in DC is a political blogger. thats right. every single one.

Anonymous said...

I'm with H. Baldwin. 57 visits from readers in Ohio? I represent at least 20 of those hits.

Seriously, only 2-3 people in Ohio following you Steve?

Anonymous said...

What goes with Alaska? Good for them.

Anonymous said...

Why so high in lib dc?

Very high beta to alpha male ratio.

Truth said...

"Lots of smart people in DC interested in what I have to say."

Tell the truth Sailer, D.C. is high-majority black and you are as HUGE as Eric Braeden in the black community.

Anonymous said...

DC ...those are govt. monitors bro. They're archiving your blog for future hate speech prosecution.

dsgntd_plyr said...

The DC influence could be Roissy related. That's how a lot of younger guys find HBD/Race Realism. They start looking for ways to bang chicks, learn how the sexual market really works via a pua blog, then start asking questions about what else society failed to tell them.

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Could you explain what you mean by per capita here, and what does a U.S mean of 100 signify in relation to the state figures. Thanks.

ATBOTL said...

What I would imagine to be the big Fox News watcher states didn't do too well.

ConantheContrarian said...

1. Why doesn't Steve have advertising on the site. Surely there are compatible advertisers.
2. Why isn't Steve more famous? I love his writing.

High Maintenace said...

Maybe Steve could be more famous if he just switched out of blogger. Please Steve, you deserve it. Use a nice simple, visually pleasing template. This template is circa 1995. Take a cue from Takimag.

Anonymous said...

"Seems like the people in flyover country whose destruction we constantly worry about and whose honor we seek to defend, don't much care. Hmm..."

They already know the truths revealed here!

The DC crowd? I suspect anyone in that crowd who reads Steve (and any of his links) doesn't any longer believe that empirical data supports the blank slate silliness of the Sixites and thereafter. However, as many of them are heavily invested in the idea...their jobs depend on maintaining the fiction...they read Steve to see what new things they have to be worried about.

The other DC-ers consider Steve an ally and wish he'd magically come up with something that would make their beliefs more palatable to others and make their lives easier.

There's no way to know the ratio of the one to the other, but wouldn't it be interesting?

Anonymous said...

"In DC, ISteve is like Fightclub, everyone reads and knows about it but, no one dares to talk about it."

Humphrey Bogart is alleged to have said about Confidential Magazine of the Fifties, known for outing scandals, "Everybody reads it but they say the cook brought it into the house."

Not being a DC insider, I often proudly claim I'm an iSteve reader, and I've done my best to get fellow educators to give the blog a read; I do believe I've been successful.

However, little old educators are not the heavy hitters of the Corridor who probably do have to claim some weird explanation for how they discovered the blog and why it is they keep checking in on it.

Anonymous said...

"Which goes to show that metropolitan areas truly are more civilized. Not only do people in these areas read more, but they read more of every kind of view/opinion.'

I guess you mean that people in flyover country, you know, the ones who work for a living, are married, spend time with the spouse and the children, are simply too brutish to read this blog? How about their time is filled with, well, work and family. You know, FAMILY?

Anonymous said...

"California's showing is just shockingly abysmal.'

Have you visited CA lately? You'll not find people interested in empirical data or analyses that contradict pc. Those who can read won't touch the stuff. The rest can't read.

Anonymous said...

Stop the calls for a more "visually pleasing" format, pleast.

We've been through this before. I love the look of this blog. It's unadulterated.

Anonymous said...

I guess them Christian Right peckerwoods in Mississippi have no use for HBD.

Sasquatch said...

What about by Canadian province?

ATBOTL said...

Steve should be writing books instead of so many blog posts if he wants to reach a wider audience.

Anonymous said...

High Maintenace said...

Maybe Steve could be more famous if he just switched out of blogger. Please Steve, you deserve it. Use a nice simple, visually pleasing template. This template is circa 1995. Take a cue from Takimag"


Saint Louis said...

You're not alone in Connecticut, Harry Baldwin.

FWG said...

Darn, I was doing my best to raise the Kentucky average. Looks like I need to better my average of a dozen visits a day.

Anonymous said...

For my part, living in Chicago, it is a small act of revolution against the madness that surrounds me.

David Davenport said...

Take a cue from Takimag.

Please don't take art direction cues from Taskimag's retro-1950's Playboy Magazine style, or from Vdare's a-
-four-year-old-chose-it color -scheme.

Steve does need to change to a magazine style of layout, wherein stories and comments are presented in parallel rather than in Blogspot temporal series.

Problem is, Steve is probably fearful of directly competing with his customers, Takimag and Vdare.

International Jew said...

The DC numbers must be some kind of statistical artifact. I'd believe 2x the national average but not 13. California is a surprise because you have alot of California-specific content. I'd like it if you'd answer that commenter's question about unique IP addresses.

Anyway, congrats on the quantity. As for the average quality of your readers (the commenters anyway) that's stunningly high. I do feel sorry for the editors of National Review and the WSJ, great guys most of them, that they rarely draw ann intelligent letter.

Unknown said...

The reason for Hawaii being high is pretty simple. We haven't really bought into the whole "all races are the same" thing here until fairly recently.

Anonymous said...

Boston lives off of its colleges and universities. Boston schools suck up the high-IQ blacks from around the world, and a certain percentage stay. Our Hispanics are more violent than our blacks. Chelsea, the coastal rathole (49% Latino) across the Mystic River from Charlestown, has the highest official murder rate in the state, and a firefighter friend says the real rate is triple the official one.

JayMan, WTF is up in Portland? I was up for a long weekend in October, and the girlfriend and I couldn't believe the explosion of burkhas! How do the people "up in the county" feel about it?

FYI for the iSteve foodies, Portland, ME is one of the best eating and drinking towns in America. Per capita, far superior to Boston.

Pitt said...

" Anonymous Anonymous said...

disappointed yet not surprised about PA's poor showing."

It's because the vast pop of Philly skews the numbers

Cookie said...

"Why so high in DC?"

All the Big Brother trolls keeping tabs on that which must not be said, and who says it.

ben tillman said...

But relative to population, California's showing is just shockingly abysmal.

The figures are already adjusted for population.

Anonymous said...

Why would Steve want to moved to the neo-con capital of Texas? Texas already has there future Lt governor pushing for a guestworker program Jerry Patterson and he called white people illegal immirgants because they entered Texas land in 1830 against the Mexican government for real. Texas is just like California they only have about two guys really against anti-immirgation Poe and Smith in Texas and Ronabracher and Royce in California. Also, a lot of ex- republicans that left Calif for Texas can afford to get away from the hispanics in Texas, the Woodlands is only 5 percent hispanic but the state is 38 percent and the politicans like Mr Jerry Patterson don't want to change things. Granted, he isn't as worst as Jerry Brown in Cal but he is not great.

Woil said...

I'd be interested to see that teased out by demographic. Assuming the vast majority of your return readership is white, it would be interesting to see what percentage of the white population you carry per capita. For instance, CA is at the high end of minority population, so your per capita white reader claim there should be adjusted upward. A state like Nebraska is below the national minority population and so the per capita white would be adjusted down. A large minority population helps explain some of your Florida problem

Anonymous said...

Here's a reason for some of the shift from low skilled immirgants to higher skilled or at least investors. In the past Mexicans and Latin Americans were the people that wanted to get a job but now according to this article Texas and Florida has a lot of well to do Mexicans and South Americans that want to live or invest in real estate. Also, the asians of course in California and other places are doing the same. Luxury home agent Rex McKown invested $650 this year in a set of Rosetta Stone discs to learn Chinese.

Irvine broker Alisha Chen opened an office in Taiwan three years ago to capitalize on the growing interest there in Southern California properties.

Foreign buyers spent an estimated $82.4 billion on U.S. homes in the 12 months ending in March, according to a National Association of Realtors' survey of U.S. agents. That's up 24 percent from $66.4 billion the year before.




Kim Chang of Bellflower and other agents say they regularly meet foreign clients jetting into Southern California for three- to seven-day homebuying sprees.

Both U.S. Realtors and local agents report a marked increase this year in foreign homebuyers shopping for bargains as the housing market bottomed out.

In Orange County and Southern California as a whole, Chinese and other Asian buyers – many paying all cash -- have snatched up properties as investments, as vacation or retirement homes or as a residence for children studying at local schools or universities, local agents say.

Canadians have been buying winter homes in Arizona and Florida, according to a report by the National Association of Realtors. Wealthy Mexicans and South Americans have been investing in South Florida and Texas.

Foreign buyers spent an estimated $82.4 billion on U.S. homes in the 12 months ending in March, NAR's most recent survey of U.S. agents shows. That's up 24 percent from $66.4 billion the year before.

According to the survey, foreign buyers accounted for nearly 5 percent of all U.S. home sales and almost 8 percent of the amount spent.

The National Association of Realtors estimated that foreign buyers accounted for 11 percent of California home sales.

The California Association of Realtors, however, pegged foreign sales at 5.8 percent of the state's transactions. Of those, 39 percent of the buyers come from China, followed by buyers from Canada (13 percent), and from India and Mexico (8.7 percent each), CAR reported.

The state group doesn't break down statistics for Orange County. But local agents estimated that the proportion of Orange County and Southern California sales to overseas buyers is higher than the statewide average.

About 20 percent of the buyers at Irvine's Lambert Ranch development -- which caters to Asian buyers with wok kitchens and floor plans for extended families – are from abroad, said Joan Marcus-Colvin, senior vice president at the New Home Company.

Anonymous said...

Any readers from Evanston?

Sword said...

Steve - could you break down international visits by nation in the same way?