February 28, 2013

The ultimate graph for understanding the 2012 election

Click here to see the single most extraordinary chart explaining the results of the recent Presidential election.


Anonymous said...


do long-lasting marriages turn people into Republicans or do people who are conservative more likely to enter into long happy marriages?

Amy Chua and her hubby seem to be in a long happy marriage, but they seem to be solid Democrats and raising their kids as such.

I know plenty of people since school yrs who were liberal, entered into long happy marriages,and are more liberal than ever.

Anonymous said...

What is a 'happy marriage'?

Maybe there are two kinds:

One where man and woman feel as equals. This is a happy liberal marriage. The man isn't a male chauvinist and the woman isn't a feminist retard. But they are respect eachother as equals. Thus, there is emotional stability.

One where man is the 'man of the house'. This is a happy conservative marriage. The man plays the role of leader and the woman accepts it. Thus, there is emotional stability.

Glossy said...


Steve, you've written about Mexico's teacher union chief, nicknamed "La Maestra". She's been jailed a few days ago, accused of embezzling $200 million.

Average Joe said...

I know plenty of people since school yrs who were liberal, entered into long happy marriages,and are more liberal than ever.

Are they Jewish?

Anonymous said...

The problem is, Steve, that the GOP has probably brought into the crap that we need "diversity of marriage experience" as well.

Anonymous said...

Here is a better 'graph'.


Anonymous said...

I know this was not the main thrust of this post, but I just loved this paragraph. That comment about the elites wanting AZ to be CA, jr is great.

As for Arizona, I suspect that it’s culturally an exurb of Hollywood, but politically it’s an exurb of Orange County. This may help explain the virulence of the New York Times’ long-running war on Arizona: the Grand Canyon state is supposed to turn into California Jr., not into something new.

Off topic, check out this 30 second Time Warner ad featuring George Washington and his bumbling staff. Look at who comes to the rescue at the end to save the day. No way was this not a deliberate political statement.

ben tillman said...

Yes, that is an amazing chart.

What I notice is that three of the four states at the bottom are the three main loci of the apparatus of public opinion formation, and Rhode Island is nestled into the armpit of Massachusetts.

These centers create a toxic environment that effectively castrates the productive population, and that portion of the population acts and votes as if there were no future. The effect becomes more diffuse as the distance from these centers increases.