March 19, 2013

Latest Breaking KKK Menace News

The 2013 news media KKKraziness kontinues. From the NYT:
Olen Burrage Dies at 82; Linked to Killings in 1964 
Olen Burrage, a Ku Klux Klan member who owned the Mississippi farm where the bodies of three slain civil rights workers were found in 1964, died on Friday in Meridian, Miss. He was 82.

And it goes on for around 1000 words about a farmer.

Who controls the past ...


Conatus said...

Yeah a few years ago when my daughter did an internship in Birmingham, Alabama, I did a Nexis search about the place.
I came to the conclusion that the New York papers celebrated the 23rd and a half anniversary of the civil rights marches and then the 24th and a third and the 26th and a fifth anniversary of the civil rights marches.
I am surprised they aren't writing about anniversaries of anniversaries.

Anonymous said...

...then you consider that version of the
KKK was infiltrated and controlled
By gaywad J. Edgar Hoover and the "progressive" establishmena
and it becomes even funnier.

What about old Woodie Wilson? His klegal get a write up in his obit?

Anonymous said...

The KKK. The boogyman that never gets old. How many blacks have been shot so far this year alone on the south side of Chicago?

Anonymous said...

"Time-Traveling KKK Klansmen Hack New York Times; Say Any News is Good News as Long as They Spell Our Name Right"

Anonymous said...

If they have to resurrect imaginary threats then their fragile coalition must be in trouble.

Paul Mendez said...

The KKK is to liberals what boy bands are to tween-age girls. A safe outlet for passions they don't otherwise know how to handle.

Anonymous said...

NYT: The KKK were demons.

Sailer: The KKK were clowns.

NYT: Sailer is a demon.

Sailer: No, no, you're wrong, I'm just a clown.


Black Death said...

Nice job by the NYT to remind us that the KKK peril is Always Present. It only seems to have gone away, but that only makes it more dangerous.

We are informed in the headline that Burrage was "linked" to the murders of the civil rights workers. How was he linked?. Why, he owned the rural land on which the bodies were buried. What stronger evidence of his guilt could inquiring minds desire? Of course, he was thoroughly investigated by state authorities but never brought to trial for the murders. No one was. In 2005, one man, Edgar Ray Killen was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to a long stretch in prison. Burrage was, in fact, one of eighteen tried by the feds for violating the civil rights of the victims, but he was among the eight who were acquitted.
He always steadfastly denied any involvement. Of course, the FBI quotes some of the men who were convicted as implicating Burrage, but their credibility is dubious. I don't know if the jury that acquitted Burrage got to hear their testimony, but if they did, they obviously didn't buy it.

None of this matters when the NYT wishes to advance The Narrative. As the Oberlin incident proves, the KKK and its fellow-travelers are still out there, just waiting for their next opportunity to pounce.

By the way, here's a better account of this sad sorry from the Jackson Clarion Ledger.

fnn said...

As I'm sure someone pointed out on some previous thread, this is done for the same reason that Stalin was always blaming failures on "Trotskyite wreckers." Not a conspiracy, more like an instinctive response by what the late Joe Sobran called "The Hive."

Anonymous said...

I think Nicole Simpson was killed by the KKK too. When will the justice department find the killers?
We mustn't allow the killers to escape justice. Not in this day and age.

And were all the killers during the LA riots caught and tried? We must find them. Prolly all KKK's.