April 25, 2013

Spring iSteve panhandling drive rattles onward

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I am grateful for your readership and tangible support. I'm running a Spring panhandling drive soliciting your contributions.

My goal is to time these request posts so that you read them with a drink in your hand. But, whether the drink ought to be energizing coffee or bemusing booze has yet to be determined. As they say at the end of scientific papers: more research is necessary.

First, you can make a tax deductible contribution to me via VDARE by clicking clicking here.

Second, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution to me by credit card via WePay by clicking here

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer
P.O Box 4142
Valley Village, CA 91607-4142



Anonymous said...

I´m betting boozed up people are more generous.

Anonymous said...

There is something to your theory, I have just had a mood enhancer and about to have an amber restorative. As they say, it is past six somewhere in the world.
Some New Cheeseland zeals on their way from downunder...well done Steve.

Anonymous said...

Steve, do you wear a hat and sunglasses a lot when you go out? Or when you golf maybe? Your tan sort of suggests it.

Just curious.

x said...

"handsome bloke" ~ theres your caption

nick said...

I bet you'd get more donations with a better picture.

Anonymous said...

We're serious about setting up a bitcoin wallet, Steve... you will get extra donations!

Anonymous said...

What are the pros and cons of contributing directly, vs via vdare? Do you owe income tax either way? Assume my marginal tax rate (irs + state) is 40%.

Pat Boyle said...

You are in a difficult position. You are trying to be the "poster boy" on your own fund raising poster. But you are in serious danger of being unsympathetic. Poster boys are classically pathetic looking. See the ubiquitous "Wounded Warrior" TV ads.

You used to look ever so slightly counter-culture when you had a beard but now you look quite establishment - sort of like an investment banker. These are not the kind I people we normally give money to.

When I was in voluntary health I spent nearly a year seeking just the right poster boy. I wanted just the right face to be the face of epilepsy in the Bay Area. I would have rejected you. You look like a giver not a givee.

Maybe this would work as a gimmick. Tell your readership you need the funds to build your "bug out" shelter. In a serious social meltdown a controversial public figure like you may be the target of retribution. You should be a special kind of "preper". When the police disappear you will need to get your family underground at an undisclosed location.

A lot of people would contribute to such a dig.


Anonymous said...

Steve, anyone ever tell you that you resemble actor William Hurt? I saw a posted video of you on YouTube recently, and that's definitely who you reminded me of.

Anonymous said...

You know that beer commercial with the "most interesting man in the world" schtick. Well, the caption can be something like that....

Anonymous said...

Some money coming your way, Steve via good old snail mail. Finally got around to it.

I wonder what the mean and median donation amounts are. Publishing those could be a pro or con. I would like to feel generous with a donation, so if I were a little below the mean or median, I would raise it. And if it were already above that, I would feel good about it.

I tend to doubt this blog is a real moneymaker, so just the "continue to live indoors thing" is that sort of suggestion. I would hope that the quality of person who reads your blog is above needing a pleading child's face to contribute money. But perhaps people need to be shamed? It works a lot better when someone else does the shaming than Steve himself. To other readers:

Think about what you are getting. Is there another writer that writes about the most important issue of our time in a way that is as or more effective and readable as Steve? Who has pioneered as much? Who is as influential? Who has the balls to allow the sort of comments Steve does? If so, name the writer. I will start reading him.

As far as I know, it is very difficult to earn a crust from blogging. If Steve packs it in, how will you feel? Think of how the ADL and SPLC function, on millions of dollars in donations. Think of how much money Jews give to promoting ideology that supports themselves. And we barely support one lonely blogger? No wonder we are so screwed.

Until an iSteve reader comes into enough money to fund Steve as his own personal think tank, we will need to continue to fund Steve. If someone does have that much money, they should consider doing just that.

In the mean time, I am donating, you should too.

Anonymous said...

Steve, do you wear a hat and sunglasses a lot when you go out? Or when you golf maybe? Your tan sort of suggests it.

I just noticed that in his picture. The bottom half of his face is noticeably more tanned than his forehead and area under his eyes.

Maybe he wears a hat and sunglasses to avoid being noticed in public by readers? It's a common LA celeb thing.

Anonymous said...

How many unique regular readers do you estimate you have?

Steve Sailer said...

Here at 33.5 degrees N., I try to protect my eyes from the sun. I need them to read with.

Anonymous said...

You have a really big brain.

Chief Seattle said...

I gave via WePay. Best website out there.