August 15, 2013

An oppressed Hispanic of America's Bad Old Days: Bebe Rebozo

Bebe gets a hand from Dick
This 1970 Life Magazine cover story "Bebe Rebozo: President Nixon's best friend" demonstrates the hatred and discrimination suffered by any and all Hispanics back in the bad old days before the Nixon Administration created the Hispanic category of affirmative action beneficiaries.

We must pass the Schumer-Rubio bill and then elect Marco Rubio President as apology and reparation for what his people, the Rebozos of the world, suffered at the hands of American racism.


Anonymous said...

THe premise of elisium doesn't make sense from an economic perspective. The super wealthy in the space colony need resources like food, building materials, etc. Some of that will have to come from earth. Without resouces the inhabitants on elisium will be in worse shape than the earthlings. Second, without commerce there is no wealth and severing off ties with the earth will preclude this.

Anonymous said...

Bebe Rebozo looks Mediterranean.

In addition, I think the white Americans in the USA on the West Coast and in the South who are mixing with mestizos (most of them Central American, a couple of times South America) are doing so because their castizo babies (essentially, another word for 3/4 white), will be eligible for affirmative action benefits and the world will be their oyster.

The LGBTQPPIs are too small and hostile, despite being quite influential and powerful thanks to corruptible Jewish influence. So that's out of the question.

The blacks seem to hate them. And despite centuries being here, not much miscegenation has happened as a whole (not counting exceptions and outliers).

That leaves having children with mestizos, so the little resulting castizo cuties will bring in the cash and the benefits.

Quite smart I'd say.

Anonymous said...

Is Marco Rubio a castizo Hispanic or a white person? That's a serious question.

Anonymous said...

Off topic, but this gay man is curious about the omission of a description of the attackers in this article:

And could the regularity of these kinds of events go towards explaining the silent support of NYC's local liberals for stop-and-frisk?

Anonymous said...

Neocons... Paleocons...

How about trucons?

Auntie Analogue said...

Johnny Carson had a field day with Bebe Rebozo and Robert Ablanalp jokes, and so did quite a few other comics.

I have no idea how Rebozo made his fortune, but Ablanalp's innovative Precision Valve Corporation dominated the aerosol (can) valve/cup/actuator* market - maybe it still does, but I don't know as I retired nearly two decades ago.

*The actuator is the little button, or other gizmo, that you press to dispense product from an aerosol can; the valve stem is what you see of the valve when you remove the acuator; the cup is the dished steel part of the valve assembly - cup is crimped into the can mouth by collets which expand to compress the cup, and its gasket material, under the inside diameter of the can mouth.

Anonymous said...

but ..but..but Zuck needs more money
it will make america less competitive is wages aren't low enough, says Forbes, Wall St. journal etc al

Dahinda said...

"Bebe Rebozo," wasn't that one of Kramers friends on Seinfeld?

Otis McWrong said...

There is a shoaly/sandbar area in Biscayne Bay, a few hundred yards west of Key Biscayne commonly known as "Nixon's Beach". On any weekend afternoon there will be a dozen to several dozen boats anchored with people laying around in the 1-3' deep water.

I don't think you'll find "Nixon's Beach" on any charts - its called that because Bebe Rebozo had a house on Key Biscayne that overlooked the "beach" and Nixon often visited.

This doesn't really have anything to do with anything. I just felt like posting it. Also, Matt Damon recently sold his house on Key Biscayne that also overlooks Nixon's Beach.