August 11, 2013

Schumer: House GOP bumbling into my hands

Via The Z Man, a story from Breitbart:
Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), a member of the Senate's Gang of Eight, told CNN on Wednesday that he thinks the House GOP’s plan to approach immigration reform through piecemeal legislation is acceptable since the bills will simply be combined in conference. 
“We would much prefer a big comprehensive bill but any way that the House can get there is okay by us,” Schumer said. “I actually am optimistic that we will get this done. I’ve had a lot of discussions with members of both parties in the House. Things are moving in the right direction.” 
Schumer said House Republicans now appear more open than ever to granting amnesty to illegal aliens, and are going to use the strategy of passing a large group of bills addressing specific immigration issues to get to a conference with the Senate bill. “My initial reaction was the House wasn’t going to take up any bill,” Schumer said. “That would have been very bad, no bill. Now they’re doing it in pieces.”

The problem with conspiracy theorists is that they don't notice the giant conspiracies that really exist, the ones where the brains behind the operation go on CNN to explain the mistakes the opposition (such as it is) are making.


Anonymous said...

Snowden. More like Ellsberg or Rosenberg?

Funny that Obama who was okay with Jeremiah Wright and admiring of Alinsky would be hot on the tails of 'traitor' Snowden.

Anonymous said...

Politicians generally don't do what is right and don't even much think about what is right and what is wrong. They do what is realistic, and real power in politics is money and media.
The so-called 'left' is much richer and has lots more cash than the 'right'--and we thought the 'right' was about rich capitalists--, and the 'left' is also controllers of most of corporate mass media.

If you wanna stay in politics, you need the backing of big money. The only way big money can be defeated is by massive show of force by middle america without big cash, but Tea Party has been taken over by globalist neocons.

American conservative politicians are now totally slavish to Jews, afraid to criticize homos, and now fear losing financial support if they don't go with amnesty. It's just the nature of politics in America. It is fueled by money.
Just as Hollywood doesn't try to make good movies but movies that are likely to be hits, white conservative politicians go with what will boost campaign contributions than with what is right for the nation, what is good for white people.
Since white masses are quiet and browbeaten--in a nation that throws fits over Paula Deen but weeps over Oprah having trouble with a 30,000 dollar purse--, they don't put on a show of force, and so, politicians go with who funnels more money into the coffers.

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing for sure. Things are developing so that people will realize that it's time to put GOP to rest. It is utterly useless. Much better to have a one party system. That way, conservative white middle class and liberal white middle class can unite on economic issues to take on the rich elites.

That will defacto turn into a conflict between white masses and Jewish/homo elites.

Anonymous said...

They are making it difficult for the opposition to muster the resources to attack each of the pieces. Big business, unions, churches, restaurants, hotels and corporate farms all together make quite a formidable confederation of special interest groups lined up against anybody with a job.

Opponents should get a $10 minimum wage passed. If an immigrant can't provide over $10/hr value to an employer, que mala suerte!

Anonymous said...

So what does replace the Republicans? Two wings of the Democrats that conflict in the primaries? I always vote Libertarian but that seems pretty pointless.

Harry Baldwin said...

House Republicans are bursting with pride after being patted on the head by Schumer.

Paroxetine Blues said...

And with that, the party of Nixon and Reagan, who won with massive landslide victories across the US in living memory, dies. The Republicans of the House and Senate have signed their walking papers. They're so foolishly fixated on their short term 30 pieces of silver from the lords of industry, that they miss the fact that they are doing every damn thing possible to screw over and diminish the one group that is giving them support.

Luke Lea said...

I hear Schumer is supposed to be real smart but he just looks smarmy dumb to me. How did he rise to the top of New York politics? Doing favors for rich people?

eah said...

Uhh, it's pretty clear the Republican establishment, including the House leadership, supports amnesty generally. The previous RINO (ie establishment Republican) President did as well, lest anyone forget. What's not clear is how many of the rank and file Republicans in the House can be towed along. At the moment it seems like some form of it will eventually pass. One can sense opposition kind of thinning out as time passes. Which I suppose can be seen as a kind of strategy itself.

BBC: UK wages decline among worst in Europe

Telegraph: Britain's population growing at twice EU average

Anonymous said...

"Conspiracy theory" is a useful term because you can define it with one hand ("UFO CIA aliens!") so you can take the other hand and wave away anything that you don't like.

"Noam Chomsky: There's nothing more remote from what we have been discussing than a conspiracy theory. If I give an analysis of, say the economic system, and I point out that GM tries to maximize profit and market share - that's not a conspiracy theory; that's an institutional analysis. It has nothing to do with conspiracies. That's precisely the sense in which we've been talking about the media. The phrase "conspiracy theory" is one of those that's constantly brought up, and I think it's effect simply is to discourage institutional analysis"

'Oh. it's a conspiracy theory? So it's like UFOs? Yeah, that must be insane rant of a madman.'

Like labeling something 'racist' or 'populist' or any other wink-wink term; you win the debate by refusing to address the argument.

Anonymous said...

WE can't blame the prostituticians.
It's like if a prostitute won't sleep with you, you can't blame her for snubbing you for your lack of cash and instead going off with richer clients who gots the moolah. That is the nature of politics.

Pay to play, if you can't play, go away.

Anonymous said...

"I always vote Libertarian but that seems pretty pointless."

Pretty soon people will be saying "I always vote Republican but that seems pretty pointless." You're getting a one party state whether you like it or not. Hell, we don't have more than a one-and-a-half party state now. I personally quit voting when the Republicans ran Bob "The Mummy" Dole in '96. It made perfectly clear what had been obvious for decades: the Republican Party and establishment Conservatism are nothing more than a telemarketing scheme, nothing more than shills for the country club set. The tragedy of Western Civilization was that these shysters were its main defense during the final debacle.

"And with that, the party of Nixon and Reagan, who won with massive landslide victories"

They may have won victories but they were the same sort of con men and back stabbers as those who run the party today. 'Twas Nixon who shoehorned in all sorts of "affirmative action" policies and it was Reagan that signed the first amnesty and set off the flood that guaranteed the death of the nation. They were basically selling their white constituents to the Liberal slavers even then. These people aren't stupid, they could read the trends as well or better than anybody here, they really don't care about the vast majority of their voters, the nation, or those alleged principles that don't put money in their pockets.

Anonymous said...

GOP 1860-2013


Harry Baldwin said...

From Thomas Sowell's column of 6/25/13:

"Given the shortage of articulate Republican leaders, it will be a real loss -- to the country, not just to the Republicans -- if Senator Marco Rubio discredits himself, early in his career, by supporting 'comprehensive' immigration reform that amounts to just another amnesty, with false promises to secure the border."

God bless old Thomas Sowell--he considers Rubio "articulate."

Whiskey said...

Yes its always the Jews despite being only 3 percent of the population and massive outmarrying and low TFR. Crutch.

Look at your neighbors, family, coworkers. Their tacit support is what enabled this. Suicide not murder.

The Tea Party is dead not bc of neocons but because the IRS killed and harasses any organization of it. The great mass of Whites support Israel anyway against the Arab rabble.

NOTA said...

The difference between conspiracy theory conspiracies and real world conspiracies is that conspiracy theory conspiracies are run by ultracompetent people with highly effective supersecret organizations. Real world conspiracies (at least the ones that come out) are often run by overpromoted fools who don't really quite know what they're doing, and whose employees are no more competent.

The late unpleasantness in Iraq was caused by Machiavellian thinkers who were largely confused about whether Saddam was Sunni or Shia, whose understanding of Iraqi politics and culture came entirely out of propaganda from their own side, and who generally had liftle idea what the hell they were doing. Their minions were mostly corrupt, inept, or both. To the extent they had any great competence at anything, it was at convincig massively ignorant journalists of a bullshit story that those journalists then passed on to even more massively ignorant Americans. This is much more the rule than the exception. An entire ruling class hierarchy populated via the Peter principle is capable of some astonishing fuckups.

Anonymous said...

It's a real shame when you let your native institutions become the "global commons". And here I mean the institutions of the founding white US population. And among such institutions in near "global commons" state I include the US political system and government, post-65 civil rights act.

While enabling, of course, all those global-types, including all too many members of the powers that have the money that drive the politicians, to maintain and hone their own institutions.

But I guess some judge reading half-baked socialist pseudo-science based on little real experiment or data thought he had it all figured out, so easy. The Tragedy of the Commons, indeed.

Anonymous said...