September 2, 2013

World War T as the Next Great Distraction

The Washington Post editorializes:
The Manning momentThe Manning moment 
Editorial Board 
The case highlights the need for wider tolerance for transgender individuals.
IN JULY, Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, who had passed along classified information to WikiLeaks, was convicted of violating the Espionage Act. When sentenced in mid-August to 35 years in prison, the private issued a public statement that had nothing to do with the sentence or the crime but that nevertheless caught the attention of the country. 
“As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me,” that statement read. “I am Chelsea Manning. I am female.” 
With four words —“I am Chelsea Manning” — Pfc. Manning positioned the national spotlight onto the nation’s transgender community, the oft-forgotten “T” in “LGBT” (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) and what remains one of America’s most marginalized and neglected minority groups, even as the country makes significant strides in recognizing the rights of gay and lesbian citizens. 

It's really not that hard to distract Americans from thinking about serious issues of American power, is it? Let's all get worked up over World War T instead!

Panem et circenses: gay marriage and transgender campaigns are part of the circuses of the 21st American Imperium. There's really no end to the kind of hysterias that can be ginned up.


Anonymous said...

...and when we're done normalizing transgenders, pedophiles are next. See the recent Atlantic article.

What's after pedophiles?

anony-mouse said...

SSM has also become an issue in other countries as well most notably France, so its not really an American distraction.

Marlowe said...

How about the life of the Emperor
Elagabalus (Heliogabalus) [218-222] as a precursor figure?

Elagabalus' sexual orientation and gender identity are the subject of much debate. Elagabalus married and divorced five women, three of whom are known. His first wife was Julia Cornelia Paula; the second was the Vestal Virgin Julia Aquilia Severa.

Within a year, he abandoned her and married Annia Aurelia Faustina, a descendant of Marcus Aurelius and the widow of a man recently executed by Elagabalus. He had returned to his second wife Severa by the end of the year. According to Cassius Dio, his most stable relationship seems to have been with his chariot driver, a blond slave from Caria named Hierocles, whom he referred to as his husband.

The Augustan History claims that he also married a man named Zoticus, an athlete from Smyrna, in a public ceremony at Rome. Cassius Dio reported that Elagabalus would paint his eyes, epilate his hair and wear wigs before prostituting himself in taverns, brothels, and even in the imperial palace:

Finally, he set aside a room in the palace and there committed his indecencies, always standing nude at the door of the room, as the harlots do, and shaking the curtain which hung from gold rings, while in a soft and melting voice he solicited the passers-by. There were, of course, men who had been specially instructed to play their part. For, as in other matters, so in this business, too, he had numerous agents who sought out those who could best please him by their foulness. He would collect money from his patrons and give himself airs over his gains; he would also dispute with his associates in this shameful occupation, claiming that he had more lovers than they and took in more money.

Herodian commented that Elagabalus enhanced his natural good looks by the regular application of cosmetics. He was described as having been "delighted to be called the mistress, the wife, the queen of Hierocles" and was reported to have offered vast sums of money to any physician who could equip him with female genitalia. Elagabalus has been characterized by some modern writers as transgender, perhaps transsexual.

elvisd said...

...and when we're done normalizing transgenders, pedophiles are next. See the recent Atlantic article.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to Ali G.

Glossy said...

Elagabalus was from the Syrian city of Emesa, modern Homs.

The stuff cited above might have been true or it might have been politically-motivated slander.

slumber_j said...

And I am Charlotte Simmons. Or as Monty Python had it, "From now on, I want you all to call me Loretta."

By the way, what's with the lumping of transsexualism in with various modes of homosexuality, anyway? One of these things is not like the others.

countenance said...

Bradley Manning doesn't want to do 10-35 years in a men's prison. Would you if you were him?

Speaking of WWT, get a load of this about the Oberlin hoax:

The short version of this, as I read the lines and then between the lines, is that the Oberlin administration feted the hoax, feted the reaction and directed the "student" working groups into bitching about the campus's own natural science faculty having too many white men and its gyms not having tranny locker rooms.

It makes me wonder why Oberlin's admins didn't just go ahead and do these things without engineering the whole hoax/KKKrazy Glue blanket bit. Maybe there was some actual resistance to these things at one of the most left wing college campuses in America? (Aside: One of my secret squirrel sources tells me the most popular student club at Berkeley is the Campus Republicans.)

Anonymous said...

You want hysteria? Wiat 'till the guys who "identify as women"
(with a full set of wedding tackle, as the British say) start insisting on barging into the ladies' bathrooms. Per Chelsea Manning, all it takes is a blonde wig and a wish.
Kinda like Peter Pan flying.

Steve in Greensboro said...

By using the phrase "bread and circuses", you seem to say that these issues (gay marriage, transgendered "rights", decriminalizing pedophilia, plural marriage, etc.) and somehow distractions to mollify the proles, peripheral in some way.

On the contrary, these issues are central to the Progressive project, the implementation of the Total State. The Total State can only grow to the extent the Civil Society is pushed back, crushed and made irrelevant.

Step 1: legalize gay marriage. Step 2: force every church in America to perform gay marriages or be prosecuted for discrimination. Step 3: destroy the churches that resist and neuter those that comply (a la the Church of England). Step 4: the Total State expands to fill the void left by the collapsing churches.

Google "sweet cakes by Melissa gay wedding cake" for a recipe.

Daniel said...

Donald "Deirdere" McCloskey comes out and validates the point made by J. Michael Bailey and yourself. McClosekey states that he has never felt an overwhelming sense of wishing to be a girl. He forthrightly states that mutilating his genitals was just something that he wanted to do. And what compelled him to want to do this? He doesn't go into it but we can infer that Bailey is correct and McCloseky has just indulged a sexual perversion. Here is the link to the essay at the New Republic.

"....The quickie analysis of transgender identity as “a woman in a man’s body,” is silly. As a guy, I was a guy, with guy loves and passions: assertion, the Chicago Bears, English cricket. (I still have that one.) There was nothing false about my love for my wife and children.

The longing was separate, and suppressed. It’s that I wanted to be a woman, the way you might want to be a lawyer or be French......

candid_observer said...

You know one word I haven't seen in the media for ages it seems?


It used to be that there was a well established category of transvestites, in particular of men who liked to wear women's clothes, and in particular because they got sexually aroused when they did so. We were instructed by the enlightened likes of Ann Landers and Dr. Ruth to be tolerant of them, because it was so harmless.

Now I know that the existence of these types doesn't comport well with World War T.

But surely these men still exist, right, and in non-trivial numbers, right?

So how did they manage to get disappeared? Does the transgender movement have anything at all to say about them, other than perhaps that they don't really exist, or don't pay any attention to that man behind the skirt?

candid_observer said...

Speaking of precursors of transgenders, what strikes me is how very rare they appear to be historically.

We can all rattle off legions of famous geniuses who were famous men -- Plato, Socrates, Shakespeare, Francis Bacon, Tschaikovsky, Michaelangelo, Da Vinci, etc.

How many famous men in their own right seemed to be transgendered, even in the minimal sense that they apparently wished to pretend to be women? Honestly, I can't think of one. And it's a little hard to believe that, historically, wishing, say, to groom oneself as a woman is something that needed to be only more closeted than being gay.

Doesn't this suggest that the condition is -- unless culture makes it seem cool -- exceedingly rare?

PropagandistHacker said...

homo sapiens was evolved to ingest and internalize ideas transmitted from tribal leaders. Back in the day, back on the savannah 100K years ago or so, these ideas were things like how to trap the antelope herd, how to set an ambush for the rival tribe, etc.

The survival advantage for homo sapiens was that we could devise and transmit to all tribal members complex plans that would aid survival.

But the whole tribe had to be in on it. So homo sapiens evolved to be able to internalize the ideas passed down from the top of the tribe. You see somewhat the same thing with bees, another species organized along similar lines, but without the competitive hierarchical aspects. Bees do their honey dance to tell other hive members where the honey is. Homo sapiens used its big brain and language faculty to communicate complex plans to the tribal members.

Anyway, it worked fine when homo sapiens was organized into small tribes and villages, small towns. But in this large nation, modern industrial, suburban, diverse nations, the top of the hierarchy has moved into somewhat of a parasitical or even predatory relationship with the majority of the tribe/nation.

So one of the primary tools used by those at the top of the tribe in modern society in order to control the rest of us is propaganda, disseminated via the media, academia and the entertainment industry. This is part of the culture. Distractions such as gay rights, etc, move the focus of political activism away from populist economics issues such as supply and demand of labor, healthcare, and towards areas that not affect the wallets of rich investors. Gay rights is the perfect distraction.

This rubric was apparently devised by the CIA/FBI/nonprofit foundations complex after WW2. Bissell, one of the honchos in this complex at the time was quoted describing the strategy used against leftist populists in nations that were recovering after WW2. He said that the idea was to give leftists other things to work on, distractions. After being developed overseas, they used it here, too.

So propaganda is being used by the elite, exploiting our innate ability to ingest and internalize ideas transmitted from the top of the tribe.

JayMan said...

Well, we see what Greg Cochran had to say about that:

Transsexuals | West Hunter

Anonymous said...

If men have so much power, and women not - then how come there are (relatively) so many men who want to be women, and so few women who want to be men?

Includer said...

There is ring Inclusion industrial-academic-journalistic-govermentic complex and it must be fed. (This complex used to be known as Civil Rights, then as Diversity, but now is called Inclusion)
I mean, there are legions of kids whose dream is to grow up to be civil rights fighters. What are you gonna do, tell them the war is over? Hell no, throw the next thing on the fire. What's next, fatties, illegal immigrants? Fat and boring. Give them something that makes them squirm and realize they too are guilty of hatethought, aka judgment. Trannies. That's good. That will piss off the right wing sobs. It'll be great.
Trannies must be included, especially if they are off their lithium and on their meth.

ScarletNumber said...


Malcolm Gladwell used the phrase "human biological diversity" in his latest column.

candid_observer said...

Oops, I meant

We can all rattle off legions of famous geniuses who were GAY...

SFG said...

Michelangelo was probably gay (he never sculpted women's bodies?), and Newton was probably asexual. Men of genius have often been pervs; family life distracts you from your work.

Of course, being a perv does not make you a genius.

DaveH said...

All this over what - less than 4% of the US population?

Throughout my life, I have met a bunch of gay and trans-gender people and all the ones I have met are quiet, they stay at home with their partners and are not politically active -- they just want to lead their lives.

Consider then that all of this brouhaha is being prosecuted by less than one percent of the US population yet it is in the daily news.

Put a sock in it -- your fifteen minutes are way gone...

Anonymous said...

Is that list of gay men meant to be sarcastic? If not you forgot Dwight Eisenhower and frank Sinatra.

agnostic said...

You dudes are taking this thing way too literally, along with gay marriage. Obviously it's of no importance to society per se -- no gays wanting to get married, and there being too few trannies to merit attention.

These campaigns are part of a larger culture war to create a social atmosphere of NORMLESSNESS. Target what would appear to be some of the most easily defensible norms -- marriage is between 1 man and 1 woman, dudes are dudes and chicks are chicks and never the twain shall meet.

If there is any give at all, this proves how weakened the enforcement of norms has become. If they actually succeed, that is an ultimate triumph of normlessness.

No one may then judge another person (so central to all these campaigns -- "Don't judge me!"). Nor may anyone hold anyone else accountable in an informal, social method of norm enforcement.

That will leave individual behavior regulated instead by authorities according to their legal codes (whatever they happen to be).

So, normlessness and authoritarianism reinforce each other.

Sadly, many whites prefer a society regulated by explicit rules and authority, rather than informally and socially (Nordics especially), so they'll go right along with all this.

If that's not you, though, don't treat these campaigns as though they were being waged on their face-value terms. Bring up the terms normlessness and authoritarianism, and ask the listeners to the conversation or debate if that's really where they want their communities to head?

"Gee, when you put it that way -- I guess I'll vote against gay marriage and trannie rights." Bingo!

Anonymous said...

Stupid Libs bitch about minimum wage but call for more immigration. If we want Australian wages, we will need to have Australian population.

Anonymous said...

'Yuppie' used to be an insult, but it went away.

I think that maybe, initially at least, yuppies were associated with Reaganism and Thatcherism. So media and bohemian artists put them down.
Gentrification was initially driving out artistic types out of Soho and Greenwich Village.

But when the yuppies and their kids turned Clintonite and Blairite, yuppies were suddenly cool and became the 'creative' class.
Also, neo-yuppies became pro-homo and gentrification came to drive out criminal elements and make cities safe for the artistic types.
Also, if artistic folks once used to be 'starving artist' types, most of them since the 90s have been children of the elites who went to fancy art schools. Not too many struggling artists of the Chelsea Hotel 'school' anymore.

Creats? Creaties? Globies?

Anonymous said...


And why not another Olympic event?

Anonymous said...

Pretense is the name of the progressives' game.

Honor the Emperor's splendid new clothes (better yet, call him "Judy"), or else...

Anonymous said...

..and when we're done normalizing transgenders, pedophiles are next. See the recent Atlantic article.

What's after pedophiles?

I think we're going to see a push to create tolerance for non older-man/younger woman ephebophilia next, and once that's established, the age range will be pushed down.

OM/YW relationships will continue to be punished. Look at the Cherice Moralez case. It was consensual sex, but it's usually described as straight rape or sexual assault. Yeah, he shouldn't have touched her, and if I was her dad I would have punched the teacher's lights out, but it wasn't forcible rape.

Anonymous said...

> If men have so much power, and women not - then how come there are (relatively) so many men who want to be women, and so few women who want to be men?

There is an X in XY.
There is no Y in XX.

Anonymous said...

"What's after pedophiles?"

Sex in public, cannibalism (not murder, the deceased gives permission to be eaten after his death), selling aborted fetus for food, defecating in public, total nudity everywhere allowed.

All these can be defended using the principles utilised in the homosexual arguments, they are all consensual and any objection can be made out to be hatred from conservative reactionaries.

David M. said...

Apropos the recent discussion on iSteve about the verbal gymnastics journalists must put themselves through when writing about the "transgendered", here's this quote about a transgender (wo)man using the female locker room:

"But according to parents, the fact that the student has exposed her male genitalia, in one instance in the sauna, is cause for concern."

Anonymous said...

To Candid Observer:

You won't see any more mention of transvestitism because it is being subsumed into "transgender" by the media. Manning is a woman, not because he has had the operation or hormone shots, but because he says so.
Agnostic has best expressed why this is being done.

Anonymous said...

I thought this nonjudgemental stuff jumped the shark in the 00s when spain granted chimps human rights.

But i coild be wrong.

flambeaux said...

What (or who) is the origin of the "World War T" meme? It is Steve's creation, or from elsewhere? Just curious.

Cail Corishev said...

"But according to parents, the fact that the student has exposed her male genitalia, in one instance in the sauna, is cause for concern."

What's funny about that is that the same writer would insist on butchering the grammar by using "their" in the singular in any other context, because feminism. They do it now even when the person under discussion can only be male: "Each player for the Mets owns their own glove." But when the chance comes along to say "her male genitalia," suddenly they discover singular possessive pronouns again.

David M. said...

"But when the chance comes along to say "her male genitalia," suddenly they discover singular possessive pronouns again."

The end result sounds like some female student is carrying around a dick and balls in her purse, and is flashing it to the other gals in the locker room.

BB753 said...

At first I thought Steve was overplaying this WW T and WW G meme, but sadly it seems to be true.
On tv, online, anywhere, it´s all gay this, gay that, tranny here, tranny there, 2 hrs a day.

I´m even beginning to identify as cisgendered, lol, a stupid term if there ever was one!

David said...

Origin of World War T: "T" rhymes with "3" ("World War 3" means "the end of the world" or "the ultimate battle" to people of a certain age); and there is a popular teen novel about zombies titled "World War Z".

Modern Abraham said...

Michelangelo was probably gay (he never sculpted women's bodies?)

He did sculpt (and paint) women's bodies, but made them almost grotesquely musclebound. For example, the Sibyl figure on the Sistine Chapel, his sculpture of Night. Camille Paglia I think quite insightfuly called him (or maybe Leonardo) a "homosexual idealist".

Socrates was not gay, though. In Plato's dialogues it clearly says he was married and had several sons. In other dialogues, of course, he does talk about being so puppy-dog love struck with a boy as to camp out on his parents' front porch. Still not gay in the modern sense, though. As the Hon. Steven Alder says, "Anybody can make you come".

Paul Mendez said...

The US is run by one political party. That party has two competing wings. The two wings use social issues like gay marriage, guns and abortion to distract their followers from noticing that when it comes to the important issues, there's not a dime's worth of difference between them.

Modern Abraham said...

You want hysteria? Wait 'till the guys who "identify as women"
(with a full set of wedding tackle, as the British say) start insisting on barging into the ladies' bathrooms. Per Chelsea Manning, all it takes is a blonde wig and a wish.

This just shows what mouth-breathin', literalist morons most iSteve readers are, right Aaron Gross?

The whole point of liberalism is to free us from sex AND gender. If women are allowed to have sex with women and still use private women's facilities, and ditto for women who dress as manly men who have sex with women; and if it is a sacred human right to allow a man to declare himself a woman regardless of how much hormone therapy or surgery he's undergone (from full to none at all- I mean, c'mon, insisting transgendered "women" remove their male genitalia first is like saying in the 21st Century it's not a plane if it ain't got a propeller), then by the laws of perverse closure, biologically-born males who still exclusively have sex with women, still have male genitals, have never undergone reassignment therapy, and dress and act "butch" (i.e. like normal heterosexual males) must be given full access to the women's gym showers as soon as they tell us they are really women. It's all very simple.

NB: It would not be "jocks" who'd pull this stunt, but omega Brony losers. Luckily, with severely draconian anti-bullying penalties, the football player boyfriends of the offended girls would not dare correct this through "extra-judicial" means as in days of yore.

Anonymous said...

"Gee, when you put it that way -- I guess I'll vote against gay marriage and trannie rights." Bingo!

Like in the what? 35 States that VOTED against SSM?

"The Will of the People"

It is to laugh.

Anonymous said...

"What's after pedophiles?"

Depends on who has the money and cash and who is favored by Jewish media.

This business with the gay agenda didn't just happen out of the blue. Homo won through the game of power. Many homos made fancy stuff that rich people like, and if you win the hearts of the rich who control the elite institutions, you are advantaged. Also, many homos became rich themselves.
Also, as they had to remain in the closet, they became masters of conspiratorial path to power, just like Vietnamese became masters at guerilla warfare since they'd done it for so long against Chinese, French, and Americans.
Homos also attached themselves to powerful men and served them mostly loyally, indeed so loyally in fact that some of these powerful men, even if anti-gay, came to appreciate, value, and protect homo talent--a lot of this happened in the GOP and Vatican as well in liberal circles.

Homos didn't make all this stride because Americans suddenly got so interested in 'equality'. They won it by gaining unequal amounts of power in the elite institutions. They imposed it on us, but because so many Americans are idiots addicted to TV shows and celebrity culture, they came to think that they 'changed their own minds', but of course, their minds were changed through mass media and mass education brainwashing by the elites.

This trans business has become hot because homos see trans as part of the political and cultural family.
But as Jews, homos, and lib elites don't much care about polygamists and incest sexuals, those won't be hot button issues... unless incest sexuals and polygamists became a powerful bloc in elite centers of power.

Pedos are trickier. Some are allied very closely with the homo community, and NAMBLA has been allowed to march in some homo pride parades. Also, there have been lots of talented and powerful pedos throughout history.

But all-out pedophilia(involving little children) will never be accepted since it is just too gross. But I wouldn't be surprised if age of consent is lowered to 14 in the future, especially as young people are slut-ized by even Disney and as Obama is talking of sex education--more like sex indoctrination--starting in the kindergarten.

Anyway, it makes little sense to wonder 'what will happen next?'
It's more instructive to ask "which group is on the up-and-up?"

Paradoxically, if a deviant group is to demand 'equality' or 'equal recognition' for its behavior, it must gain and control unequal amount of power.
This is how homos forced 'equality' on the issue of sexuality. Anyone with sense and honesty knows that fecal penetration among men and dismembering bodily organs to become a member of the other sex cannot be of equal biological or moral value as real sexuality, but we've been forced to recognize such as 'equal' or even better! After all, it is fecal penetration among men and sex-change operations that are associated with the miracle of the rainbow. Real sex of real marriage that produces real life and real commitment between the life-givers is just treated as humdrum.

Anonymous said...

This "transgender" thing is creepy. Take "Bob". He is a forty year old, 6'3" 270 lb construction worker. One day he decides he is a "woman" and "identifies as female". Now he apparently has the right to help himself to female washrooms and change rooms. Just like the ones your daughters and wives use. Like i said, creepy stuff.

Anonymous said...

Agnostic has put it quite well.


Ian said...

When guys win a sports game that they are emotionally invested in, their testosterone spikes. When guys lose, their testosterone drops.

White trangendered men are a demoralized, feminized epiphenomenon of the conquest of the common white man and the death of the West. I doubt that there were many transgendered white men before 1914.

eckywal said...

most popular student club at Berkeley is the Campus Republicans

I don't know about that, but today on the campus I saw a white kid who by all appearances, and speech pattern, was gay, sweep up his Asian girlfriend and plant a big romantic kiss on her. Maybe that'll be the new thing, playing both sides of the street at once.
(No, that's not "bi," bi-types don't lisp).

Anonymous said...

This is why the Washington Post sold for nothing. They may truly believe this is somehow an important issue to someone, but it is not important to a paying readership.

dufus maximus said...

Mr. Sailer, it seems that you don't believe that official government recognition of hardcore man-on-man penis-in-rectum action is important. You liken it to a mere circus. How dare you! Everyone knows that official government recognition of penis-in-rectum is the Most Important Thing Ever.

How dare you.

Anonymous said...

Paul Mendez said..

"...there's not a dime's worth of difference between them".

That's because they are bought, owned and paid for by the same people.

Anonymous said...

How did all this whole gay-marriage, gay this, gay that, tranny, transsexual, transgender, transwhatever, become such a big deal? There seems to be no escape from it.

I sometimes feel like I am living in an Alice in Wonderland world.

Anonymous said...

"I am Chelsea manning. I am female."

I'll believe that when he gets his junk chopped off.

Anonymous said...

"They imposed it on us, but because so many Americans are idiots addicted to TV shows and celebrity culture, they came to think that they 'changed their own minds', but of course, their minds were changed through mass media and mass education brainwashing by the elites. "

That's not the reason I became Transgender tolerant. I believe the urge is undeniable, because it fits hand-in-glove with evolution. I said, not more than a few posts ago, that if we progress by random mutations, we should expect a few mutants. Emotionally, I don't have the heart to make life hard for them - their lives are hard enough already - I've learned to accept a certain level of weirdness from people. I have mentioned previously that "the old world" had ways of dealing with them, eunuchs in Asia and celibate clergy in the West. I have even suggested that it wouldn't be unreasonable to permit them gender reassignment at a young age (end all the drama and get it over with), or as an option, assisted suicide as adolescents, because life can be torture for a guy like Manning through middle and high schools - his Wikipedia profile shows him having a tolerable youth and then having a horrible time when he fails to develope normally. Those are options but not answers. I think most of us know that things like counseling and drugs don't seem to work for people with things (like homosexuality) that seem genetically coded. We don't harbor anything close to the same repulsion for other genetic anomalies that don't express themselves sexually. As the great Joe Sobran said "Thank God for the appetites we don't have." He would have argued that they have a cross to bear and should restrain themselves. I'm more of a materialist.

Do I think that transgenders are being used politically as a diversion and a distraction? Of course. Do I think they are used by "the enlightened" to distinguish themselves from the immoral, intolerant riff-raff? Yep. Are they being used to define deviancy down? Yep. I also believe that their lives are unbearably painful and as individuals they are just looking to alleviate the pain. I don't know how I would behave if I had such a compulsion. Is the affliction not real? It seems to have be the motivation behind his biggest life choice - joining the military.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
...and when we're done normalizing transgenders, pedophiles are next. See the recent Atlantic article.

What's after pedophiles?


Hopefully, the author of Revelation was right and that's when the New Sodom and Gomorrah get a long overdue comeuppance of the fire and brimstone variety.

a Newsreader said...

The case highlights the need for wider tolerance for transgender individuals.

Nope. If you need to draw a conclusion from this affair, it actually highlights the need for greater scrutiny over transgender individuals.

"I am Chelsea Manning"

Why Chelsea? Is there a standard procedure for transgender folks to change their names? Why not be a girl named Bradley?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Manning declare himself as transnational?

Call himself Chichi Manningez or Ekaterina Manningova.
If he's transnational, then the US cannot charge him of betraying America since he no longer has any clear national identity or loyalty.
If he remakes himself as Mexican or Russian, he didn't betray America since he's no longer American, and that means his past oath is moot.

PS. I find it funny. Globo-elites like Obama seem to have little use for citizenship laws when it comes to illegal immigration, but Manning is said to be an eeeeeeeevil guy/gal because he, as a American citizen bound by American laws, violated the laws of this country.

So, politicians allowing 11-20 million illegals to not only enter this country but be granted amnesty/citizenship is not a violation of law and national trust.
But Manning spilling the dirty secrets of the US government is a terrible crime.

But, if as globalists say, national loyalties and boundaries are moot, how can one betray one's nation when everyone should take on identities of 'global citizenship'?

If the US government not only looks the other way when millions of illegals invade this country but argue that we shouldn't even refer to the invaders as 'illegal' but instead praise them and offer them a globalized version of US citizenship, then what did Manning do wrong?

Why should he be loyal to any notion of American secrets/interests when the very people who run the government betray the people by supporting illegal immigration and 'bailing out' Wall Street globalist bankster pigs who won't serve a day in prison?

If America is now a part of the global order and if its borders should be wide open to all, why shouldn't US government files be open to the entire world? What need for 'American interests' when we are told that everyone around the world is an American who hasn't yet broken into this country?
Reward 12 million for violating the laws of this country but punish Manning for violating the laws of the secret government.

So, millions can invade this country, but the government is hands off to everyone but the elites... but then, what happens inside the US government isn't anything related to the good of most Americans but everything that is advantageous to transnational corporations, Zionists, and the homo cabal.