October 9, 2013

A message to my future patrons

I am most heartened by the response to my fundraising drive. Many thanks to the generous veteran contributors who have anted up once again. 

Today, I'd like to focus my appeal on readers who haven't contributed before. Please consider taking the plunge. Sure, it may wind up on your Permanent Record in the yottabyte of information stored at the Utah Data Center. (Or not, depending upon which option you choose below.) But think about how good it would feel to take a tangible stand.

Here are some options:

First, you can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here. You can use credit card or check (please put my name on the memo line of any checks).

Second, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution via WePay by clicking here

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer
P.O Box 4142
Valley Village, CA 91607-4142


P.S., A reader wants to know if I have other sources of income than my writing.

Well, I have a very hardworking wife.

But, other than that, no.

I have been a full time professional writer throughout this century. Virtually everything I write is published under my own name and is linked to from my websites or otherwise easily accessible on the web (e.g., I comment on other websites under my own name). I don't do corporate writing -- not that I have anything against it, just that it would take a lot of time to do it well and would thus distract from my writing under my own name.

I've seen the suggestion that I probably also write under a pseudonym. If only there were 29 hours in a day. I would presume that at least the quantity (and, hopefully, quality) of my output would suggest I'm not just doing this in my spare time. I probably put in somewhere around 65 hours per week of work related to what you read. I can't imagine a more pleasant way to work 65 hours per week, but it doesn't leave much time for anything else. Hence, I'm highly dependent upon my readers.


Anonymous said...

Steve, no link for 2nd option? I'd like to pay as a non-US resident.

Anonymous said...

Steve, no link for 2nd option?

Samson J. said...

Steve, pardon me if this is an atrociously ignorant question/comment, but - is soliciting donations your only means of livelihood? Because if it is, you really should consider making this clear somewhere.

Ichabod Crane said...

Which mode of contributing do you suppose would be least discoverable? I don't so much want to take a stand as to support the stand you are taking.

Steve Sailer said...

As the quantity of my output suggests, I have been a full time professional writer throughout this century.

I would guess I put in maybe 65 hours per week at my desk either writing or reading to write. There are an awful lot of harder ways to scrape out a living, but I do put in a fair amount of time.

I can't recall writing for pay under a pseudonym. I took on one corporate writing assignment about 12 years ago, but quickly dropped it when I found it cut into my time writing under my own name.

NOTA said...

If you're not coming to iSteve via Tor, you're already in some database somewhere linked to iSteve. Though sending money probably gets you a somewhat higher crimethink rating. I cannot imagine this being a problem for anyone now, but those records aren't going away (even if the NSA director swears they are, they aren't) and who knows what the political world of 2030 will look like?

Unknown said...

Steve, I've asked this question before in a different way. Where are we going with this? I agree with your position but are we riding the boat down? I support Ron Paul's TV channel also. I think he targets a different audience but you guys have a lot of overlap. He wants open borders though. Not really open but in essence. What do you think of a debate between your best guy and theirs? Mises Institute has some bright chaps. Lets see if we can find the best answer and merge the groups. I support Ron but I don't think he can hold the field if challenged on this.

Peter Swinson
Loxley, AL USA

Anonymous said...

That's very diplomatic of you Steve but if you read this site regularly and don't donate 50$ a year, you're a thief. And 50 bucks is a hell of a deal.

Dan in DC

Anonymous said...

Sure the NSA knows, but perhaps it will cost you something on a future 'mere' security clearance or normal background check on a job application (I have no idea). So, cowardly though it is, I want to repeat that you can get very cheap ($1 - $2) money orders anonymously, at your local Hispanic market - at least that's where I find mine.

Teemu said...

I set up a small monthly donation through Flattr yesterday. Thanks for the great content.

Anonymous said...

Steve, if you had a Bitcoin address I would send some your way. I'm sure a lot of your readers would appreciate the option, since bitcoins are anonymous and difficult to trace.

flambeaux said...

Hey Steve. I just sent my first donation. I enjoy you enough to bump my official thought crimes score up a couple notches.

Anonymous said...

As a boy growing up in the city, you may not easily think of the nowadays unconventional means of support that has always had a place in the rural Heartland of America (S. Nebraska for me): namely, people give you produce etc.--like frozen beef, genuine fresh eggs, butter, etc. Hell, Steve, I can get three coolers full of stuff to you in two days from any of the major truck stops around here (with a little palm grea$e)

Captain Tripps said...

My donation will come via snailmail as before; I require plausible deniability. Kidding! I'd fall on a grenade for you Steve.

Luke Lea said...

I subscribe to Steve's writings the same way I used to subscribe to NYT, Nature, The New Republic, and a few other sources of information and opinion. He is the first thing I turn to in the morning, to which I am as addicted as I am to my first cup of coffee. And even though my wife complains when the charges show up on the credit car bill, the truth is I can't live without him. Twenty-five dollars a quarter I pledge. Take that NYT, Nature, and TNR!

David said...

>If you're not coming to iSteve via Tor, you're already in some database<

Tor was basically cracked the last time Snowden looked.

We are all "in the database" anyhow, friends, so might as well be free people and do as we like.

David said...

No one here is so poor he or she can't send $50 this year.

I will be visiting family in the US next month and will mail a good honest American money order then.

But wait; some people may be afraid to do even that much. They should fear not! They may obtain an anonymous money order in the following fashion (the last I checked, anyway).

Proceed to any gas station convenience store, where popular confections and adult refreshments are sold. Instruct the cashier to provide a money order in x amount. Pay for said order. Later, when traveling back to your bunker or other secure redoubt, fill in all the payee/payer info. The especially cautious, when in the gas station convenience store, may want to wear a cap low enough to obscure their faces. It is not recommended that they wear a ski mask. They should especially try not to behave like this guy.

Luke Lea said...

You can always send cash in an envelop with a phony return address.