October 7, 2013

Fall Panhandlemania

I want to thank readers who have recently donated, and alert others that it's time for the Fall 2013 iSteve Panhandling Drive. There's nothing that encourages me more to keep up the fight than my readers' appreciation, especially in monetary form.

First, you can make a tax deductible contribution via VDARE by clicking here. You can use credit card or check (please put my name on the memo line of any checks).

Second, you can make a non-tax deductible contribution by credit card via WePay by clicking here. 

Third: You can mail a non-tax deductible donation to:

Steve Sailer
P.O Box 4142
Valley Village, CA 91607-4142


1 comment:

Dahlia said...

Quarterly giving is a great idea. I find myself giving twice as much, but it doesn't *feel* anymore painful!