December 20, 2013

A Military-Industrial Complex Christmas

I'm not sure what I'm aiming at you in this picture -- perhaps the controller for my new wire-guided tank (the big tank, not the little tank to the left of the tree).

A few days ago, we mulled over the musical question raised by Sudden Death of Stars: What Is Winter Good For? Yet the answer is right there on the cover of their new single: me getting presents. 

So as part of my Christmas fundraiser, I'd like to focus today on readers who have donated in the past, but not yet in 2013. I appreciate your past generosity; and look forward to more!

I want to thank everybody who has contributed so far to my latest quarterly iSteve fundraiser. It's very encouraging to wake up to donations.

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Auntie Analogue said...

Old tech in aerospace? In your photo at the base of the tree sits a C-119 Flying Boxcar.

Anonymous said...

I love the old photo! Merry Christmas Steve!

slumber_j said...

Here Eric Cartman et al. explore the bleeding edge at the intersection of education and technology, integrating all that with Steve's theme in this post: "Jesus was born and so we give presents..."

I particularly enjoy the relish with which Cartman belts out the line: "Fall on your knees!"

Anonymous said...

Wow, that brings back some memories. I think that tank - the big one - was called Tiger Joe. I got one for Christmas, maybe 1963, and remember it well. Wired remote control and it fired inch-or-so long shells. Awesome gift.
Looks like you really made out that year Steve.


By the way, what's up with the comment verification entry? I had to refresh eight times before I could read the italicized word.

Dahlia said...

Lol at the still folded sweater removed from its box. Your parents really seemed to dote on you. Not just all the presents, but setting up the tent inside the house promptly. The earnestness of little boys is so precious.

Discard said...

Did you ever get a Mattel Tommy Burst? Infinite ammo, just pull back the slide and let it chatter.

Auntie Analogue: Is that C-119 purple? You must have a clearer screen than I do.

Anonymous said...

Ok, is this picture from the same Christmas as the other photo that is currently being used by a french indie group?

If it is, it appears as though you changed your shirt and the cocker spaniel has left the room.

Otherwise it must be another Christmas.

I'm digging it. West Coast Americana mid-sixties at its best.

Anonymous said...

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Rumor has it that the guy who invented bitcoin is Nick Szabo. His blog links to yours.

FirkinRidiculous said...

Crawling babies are a bit like Tonka trucks. They just inch forward until they encounter an insurmountable object, which they promptly attempt to surmount.

Pat Boyle said...

A buddy came over last night and we got drunk and watched the latest Bourne movie - the one where he is chased by killer drones. I was demonstrating my Home Theater and addressing the vexing question "Is Dolby 5.1 enough or do you really need 7.2". I played it loud enough to shake the walls and rattle the windows - anything to prove a point scientifically.

As Bourne eluded the wolves and drones I pointed out that you can now buy a real working drone just a couple blocks away at the local 7-11. They sell two models, a big one and a smaller one - presumably for those who have access to C4 versus those who must make do with heavier explosives.

In the ancient innocent days of your Christmas picture, that tank wasn't really an effective weapon of war. But today, real assassin's tools are sold next to the burritos.


Pat Boyle said...

By the way, what's up with the comment verification entry? I had to refresh eight times before I could read the italicized word.

Apparently you are well on the way to becoming a robot. Let this be a warning.


Mr. Anon said...

The tent seems strangley anachronistic. I didn't think that light-weight camping tents like that were introduced to the consumer market until the late 70s or so.

Sluggo said...

That is a pitiful Christmas tree.

Anonymous said...

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David said...

That could pass for a photo in our family album.

My cousin would destroy all his toys in a matter of an hour or two on Christmas morning. For example, he would ram a toy fire engine into a wall repeatedly (a "crash").

Once he got a Stretch Armstrong and wanted to find out what was in it. He got a knife and eviscerated it. Turns out Stretch was made of a kind of syrup. We put him in the freezer to stop him bleeding. We forgot about him, though, and it wasn't until early summer that we retrieved him from cold storage. He was as hard as a rock. We threw him away. (By contrast, my Stretch Armstrong remained protected and uninjured for years and years, no matter how much he bored me.)