December 4, 2013

Wunderkind David "Common Core" Coleman finds fixing SAT harder than he expected

Valerie Strauss reports in the Washington Post:
The new version of the SAT college admissions exam that was due to be unveiled in 2015 is now being delayed until spring 2016.

The College Board hired David Coleman after he got done writing the Common Core to work his magic for them. He quickly announced he was going to fix the flagship SAT college admission test based on some ideas he had like Critical Thinking and why do we need all those complicated vocabulary words?

It doesn't seem to be going as smoothly as he expected.

Like I've said, if the American Establishment is going to bet the educational future of the country on one guy, Coleman's not the worst choice. But still ...


E. Rekshun said...

By "fix," I guess they mean tweak and re-jigger the test in such a way to narrow the gap between White students' scores and the lower scores of blacks'

Anonymous said...

He's blunderkind now.

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