February 7, 2014

NYT v. WaPo on NSA spying glass: 1/3 full or 70% empty?

It's fun to compare how the New York Times and the Washington Post headline the same story on NSA domestic spying. 

The NYT emphasizes that the NSA is spying on about a third of American calls:
N.S.A. Is Said to Gather Data on a Third of U.S. Calls 
The once-secret program that is collecting bulk records of Americans’ domestic phone calls is gathering a large amount of landline data but has struggled to take in cellphone information, according to officials.

The Washington Post is a company town newsletter, and its town has prospered munificently over the last 13 years from all the black budget spending in the Global War of Terror. So, the WaPo focuses on all the American calls left for Washingtonians to spy upon.
NSA collects less than 30 percent of phone records 
Ellen Nakashima 
The agency is unable to keep pace with the explosion in cellphone use, officials say, contradicting popular perceptions that the government is sweeping up virtually all domestic phone data.
So, get back to work, all you spooks within the Washington Post home delivery zone! If you need more taxpayer dollars to help you spy on the last 70% of American calls, just let us know and we'll put out the word.


Anonymous said...

Right just like Steve routinely shills for the most effective foil to his agenda, Hollywood, because hey Steve lives in LA.

I can't help but think that maybe just maybe this is all projection on Steve's part. Surely if he protects the local money spigot then everyone else must be doing so as well.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:13

You've had enough weed for today.

Anonymous said...

Right because Sailer isn't unique enchanted by and supportive of Hollywood for someone on the right.

David said...

A cultural commentator who ignores movies is like a dietician who ignores meat.

Whiskey said...

Breitbart said politics is downstream from culture.

eah said...

Two things are clear: the federal government is not self-regulating. Nor is the media.

Melendwyr said...

No, four things are clear:

1) The government is not self-regulating.
2) The media are not self-regulating.
3) The government is not regulated by the populace.
4) The media are not regulated by the populace.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work.

Mr. Anon said...

But I'm sure the NSA is surveiling all the important people, and that is what's really important.

Anonymous said...

Well, Sailer certainly seems to idolize the IBEW and AMPTP guys who work lighting/sound for location shoots off Lankershim. From which I deduce he's never directly observed one of them longer than 30 seconds at a stretch.

Steve was also mum about the DreamWorks VFX imagineers protesting their victimization by U.S. trade policy during the Obama/Katzenberg pow-wow (even though, for once, the news story actually overlapped with his geography and apparent political priorities); I guess it's more fun to pontificate instead about the ways psycho Chinese broads like to harass their children.