May 16, 2014

Liberalism's ultimate tendency: freedom for aggression

As I mentioned below, in today's New York Times (off to a great start, Dean Baquet!), actor Harvey Fierstein trumpets the very latest cause celebre: a 16-year-old youth legally called "Jane Doe" who has been put into a cottage at a detention center in Connecticut. He writes in "What Is This Child Doing in Prison?"
You see, Jane can be violent. She has fought with other children and with staff members wherever she’s been placed. But given her history, how could she survive by being anything but violent? Where, in her entire life, would this child have ever learned anything except to fight back? ... 
It’s not enough to recount the torment she has endured. If we want to stop the cycle of brutality, we have to ask why the heavens rained down on this child. I believe it is because Jane is transgender. 
Jane was born a boy. She began exhibiting feminine characteristics from age 5, and by the time she was 9 she knew that she was, in fact, a girl. Born into a society where blending gender lines was unacceptable, where God and preachers condemn, Jane didn’t have a chance. ...
And yet, against all odds and reason, she has not destroyed herself. And her strength has brought her allies; protesters have marched in the state capital, Hartford, demanding her release. 

What Harvey doesn't get around to mentioning in this call for "Jane Doe's" release is that "Jane" broke a woman's jaw. As Stalin might say if he were waging World War T today, "You can't make an omelet without breaking a few jaws."

World War T represents two fundamental extremist tendencies of contemporary liberalism: minoritarianism and what a blogger named J.S. Bolton called "freedom for aggression."

Note that the opening salvo of WWT in the NYT was a year ago in as story about some ex-man who is being oppressed by not being allowed to beat up women for money: "For Transgender Fighter Fallon Fox There Is Solace in the Cage."


Buddeny's Last Cavalry Charge said...

How many serial killers and such were cross dressing inter sexual freaks?

David said...

>How many serial killers and such were cross dressing inter sexual freaks?<

Gacy was a misunderstood transgender person. That is the ultimate implication of the liberal line taken in the Fierstein piece.

"Freedom for aggression" is related to anarcho-totalitarianism, the misology of "Ragnar Redbeard," et al. There seems to be a persistent tendency to want to return to the Stone Age, to bash people's skulls with no law, no order, no morality, no rationality to get in the way.

Fierstein puts me in mind of a Jewish female psychologist I used to know. She was friends with a judge, her exact counterpart. Their working relationship consisted in the judge's soliciting the shrink's testimony in cases involving violent crimes committed by black youths. (This was in a large southern city.) They discussed such cases on the phone, frankly colluding to get each youth off with a psyche defense; the judge coached the shrink. They had the air of conspirators. (Don't ask me how I heard their conversations. At least I didn't have a recorder running.) They were elated whenever they kept another violent black perp out of prison, to be loosed on society sooner than was warranted. "Freedom for aggression" definitely nails it, as does Lenin's "Who-whom."

(The city has been reduced by white flight in recent years.)

Eric Jacobus said...

Might make a good cage fighter when he gets out. Hell this sounds like a great career opportunity for any guy who wants to walk around in a dress and beat up women. Talk about men's lib!

Anonymous said...

Male children are taught in schools that violence against women is the ultimate taboo.
...unless you put on a dress first?

Daniel Williams said...

"Born into a society where blending gender lines was unacceptable, where God and preachers condemn, Jane didn’t have a chance. ..."

What society was she born into? Surely this author doesn't think this describes the contemporary United States.

Whiskey said...

Again, an Arrow pointing to the cause: female empowerment or more accurately a society run to the tastes of women if not exactly BY women. Who likes serial killers? Paging Mrs. Charles Manson, Mrs. Charles Manson. Or heck, as Steve noted, "Chicks dig Chechens."

Men tend to tamp down on violence not directed by the big Cheese. Stalin's USSR had little room for Checheny Chechens, much less transgender freaks breaking the jaws of women and blinding them. Nope. None at all. THOSE freaks were exiled to Siberia to work to death, or simply shot. The whole point of the Big Cheese is he MAKES the trains run on time.

Meanwhile Matriarchies are anarchical and violent. Women LOVE LOVE LOVE violence in men, and cannot get enough of them. If all those violent vampire fantasies and bondage best sellers didn't hammer that home, "Chicks dig Chechens." Even wives of famous fantasy writers.

Men don't like anarchical violence, too much risk THEY or their own will be at risk. But women LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff, because the violent dominance is just what they crave. And women love freaks. They do. The more deviancy, the better, because women wield power through sex and men through violence (generally, most effectively controlled and organized violence not anarchical violence).

All this anarcho-tyranny is really just a way for women to get the violent a-holes they crave. Nothing more or less.

Harry Baldwin said...

"Freedom for aggression" certainly seemed to be the left's takeaway from the George Zimmerman trial. I might have thought the unrefuted evidence that Trayvon Martin was busily pounding Zimmerman's head into the pavement would have given second thoughts to those who felt Trayvon shouldn't have been shot. But no--apparently, as far as they're concerned, following a black male or asking him any sort of question is sufficient justification for a beating, even a fatal one.

Sabryna Fulton, Trayvon's mother, has become a spokeswoman against racial profiling, stop-and-frisk , and stand your ground laws, none of which have anything to do with her son's assault on George Zimmerman. "I think, at the end of the day, it's not about Trayvon. It's about the person who thought he was suspicious," Fulton said in a lecture at UConn.

Rachel Jeantelle seems to agree that assault is no big thing in her nearly incomprehensible Piers Morgan interview:

JEANTEL: When somebody bashes like blood people, trust me, the area I live, that's not bashing. That's just called whoop ass. You do that (INAUDIBLE). That's what it is.

MORGAN: Would Trayvon, if he had been attacked or had been confronted, and he was scared, would he have whooped ass, as you put it?

JEANTEL: Whoop ass.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't this prove once and for all that impulsive aggression and out-of-control ghetto behavior is womanly and like PMS on steroids?

I mean look at Black America. It's a matriarchal society, full of single mothers, violent crime, rape, stabbings, beatings, robberies, low human capital and whatnot, yet people in the Political Correctness Churches cannot link the two.

Link them please. Out of control transgender = High on female hormones

Anonymous said...

Minoritarianism and freedom-for-aggression. No wonder blacks are in such good spirits lately. If it wasn't for the fact that aggressors tend to be aggressive toward who ever happens to be around them (including other aggressive people), they would be in veritable heaven.

I was thinking the other day about what is the most unique attribute to African American personalities and culture and I think it is their over-the-top aggressiveness.

Pair that with the ever-present message in the broad culture that they were and are horribly mistreated (which is only reinforced by the fact that to a certain degree they have been mistreated) and voila you have very large numbers of a group with higher-than-average testosterone with non-pacifiable assertive personalities.

Anonymous said...

"What society was she born into? Surely this author doesn't think this describes the contemporary United States." - don't be absurd, why just yesterday the KKK counted 70% of the population as its members, and staged daily demonstrations against whatever the hell it is that we're for right now.

Oswald Spengler said...

A couple of years ago, Whiskey had a good line about ghetto black culture.

“Black culture’s fatal flaw: toxic levels of self-esteem combined with manifest incompetence.”

notsaying said...

This story was awful to read about. I felt heartsick to think someone was blinded by an attack -- and so would never see again.

I decided to look this up to find more. It seems nobody is blind:

"The youth has an extensive history of violence, including targeting female staff at several programs as well as other girls in the programs,” DCF said.

According to DCF, this included: stabbing a female peer with a fork; four assaults or threats on female staffers as well as an assault on a female peer resident at the Bridgeport Detention Center; and 10 assaults and several attempted assaults on staffers at the Solnit Psychiatric Center.

The most recent violent episode, DCF stated, came at a Massachusetts residential program where the youth assaulted a female staffer, “breaking her jaw and temporarily blinding her in one eye.”

DCF described her as “uniquely dangerous, in that no other youth at the Connecticut Juvenile Training School has exhibited such a long-established pattern of assaults.”

Strauss Mendel said...

This stuff is about real estate scams. Same thing happened in certain attractive areas in the Grand Center area of St. Louis. The conspiracy between Jewish speculators judges and legislators to ouster whites is quite obvious.

Strauss Mendel said...

Is Jane Doe also coal black, 6ft tall and 180 pounds? My Spider Senses are tingling in this one. If the kid has an angel face and flaxen hair I'd guess that the mug shot would have leaked already and she'd be released and given a shopping spree at Bergdorf Goodman.

Anonymous said...

Funny. We've been treating Jews ever so nice and have gone out of our way to understand and accommodate them...

yet in America, Middle East, and Russia, Jews just get nastier and more aggressive.

Trannies are naturally nasty and bitchy. Just like Jews are generally pushier and nastier than most ethnic groups.

Treating them nicer is like handing gypsies the key to your house.

While trannies should not be victimized, they should not be indulged either.

Anonymous said...

"Liberalism's ultimate tendency: freedom for aggression"

Only for certain groups.

So, Jewish Americans and homos can be as nasty, aggressive, and vile as they want.
It's like pussy riot is hailed even when it defiles a church in Russia.

But not all groups are encouraged to be similarly aggressive.

Mormons aggressively demanding polygamy will not be supported. Neither will incestsexual 'rights'.

If Palestinian-Americans call for a day of rage, MSM will bury it.

If Asians loudly complain about Colbert or Kimmel, they won't be heeded.

If Iranian-Americans complain about the double-standard in using the term 'terrorist' and forcing sanctions, they will be ignored.

If tea party groups get all angry about IRS malfeasance, they will be told to shut up.

It's a rigged game where only Jews and their proxies and allies are allowed to be nastily vile.

Anonymous said...

Guy in Blackface evil

Guy in Womandress good.

Anonymous said...

Don't stop and frisk.

Just smile and ask.

Anonymous said...

gaygaygay the new kkk

pat said...

Obviously someone should check her for rs6323 MAOA - The Warrior Gene. She should also have the gross morphology of her cerebrum examined.

I have a proposal which most people will think is a joke - but it isn't.

I think we should have at least a few cage matches to the death. I'm sure that there would be no difficulty in securing volunteers. I'm also sure that the Pay-for-View audience would be huge.

Movie kung-fuists like Jean Claude Van Damme have long made movies in which they are forced to fight to the death in some underground league of no holds barred fights. There should be rules and limits to keep it a sport but the to-the-death aspect is a separate consideration.

Most gladiatorial matches were not to the death, but a few were. This was not just the residual barbarism of the Roman populace. The Roman state had evolved many humane practices by the late Republic. For example, unwanted children were no longer exposed. Female slaves could not be compelled to be prostitutes. Male slave also could not be compelled to be a gladiator.

This last point wasn't a problem because young men always were volunteering to become gladiators. The Roman system of accounting and finance was always done by slaves and for these jobs too, young men sold themselves into slavery. In the early Republic being a field slave in a latifundia or a mine was an extremely horrible fate. But for many urban slaves it was an attractive career. It was a form of investment and apprenticeship.

Romans had mollified the institution of slavery as well as most of its other harsher customs. But they retained gladiatorial matches to the death. It wasn't an oversight. It was a conscious policy.

Rome feared losing its martial edge. They wanted to keep the urban dwellers tough. They were afraid of the mob becoming effeminate. They didn't want their citizenry developing delicate sensibilities.

This is the same sort of policy that some scoutmasters adopt when they take their troop into the wood to shoot and slaughter a cow. Too many kids only know about meat in supermarket cellophane.

A couple decades ago the San Francisco Bay Area public was outraged when the Forest Service wanted to control the exploding deer population on Angel Island by siting a coyote pair. These same epicene and out-of-touch- with-nature urbanites cause a lot of mischief today with their 'environmental' concerns. They also potentiate a host of foreign policy nonsense. They are the people who want antiseptic warfare. They want the military to 'build' rather than 'destroy'. They like 'nice' invasions.

We need to toughen up. We should - like the Swiss - require every man and boy to own and practice with an assault weapon. We should encourage all forms of 'blood sport'. We should have an occasional fight to the death.

Pat Boyle

Mr. Anon said...

"Daniel Williams said...

What society was she born into? Surely this author doesn't think this describes the contemporary United States."

For the cultural left, it is always 1955, and the dark reign of sexual puritanism is ascendent. They seem to be oblivious to the thorough-going sexualization of our culture. And this in a country that invented 24/7 internet-porn, that had a President who solicited BJs in the oval office, and where even in rural Wisconsin, one can find "adult stores" selling lingerie and dildos.

No matter - we're all still just horribly up-tight blue-noses.

If only.

Albert Weinshank said...

The actual quote is:

"You can't make an omelet without breaking a few LEGS."
Alphonse Capone;
Italo-American Subversive Appropriation Artist, Chicago School;

Anonymous said...

We should encourage all forms of 'blood sport'.

High school boxing teams were common in the US until the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

"For the cultural left, it is always 1955, and the dark reign of sexual puritanism is ascendent."

It's like Chris Nolan's film MEMENTO.

Call it KKK∞

Chairperson Mao See-No Dong said...

With h[is] father incarcerated and h[is] mother addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol, the [boy]l — who is referred to simply as J[ohn] Doe, to protect h[is] identity as a minor — had been passed among family members since [_]he was 5 years old. They repeatedly raped, tortured and even prostituted h[im].

At last rescued by Connecticut’s Department of Children and Families, [_]he was placed in a foster care facility, where [_]he was raped by a fellow resident and forced to have sex with a staff member. When [_]he fought back, [_]he was punished. When caught involuntarily performing sex acts, [_]he was punished. J[ohn] was then placed at a residential facility [for women] in Massachusetts, but the sexual assaults continued at the hand of a worker entrusted with h[is] care.

Maybe these things happened to Mr. Doe, (sounds suspiciously - and conveniently - like over-the-top "justification" to a cynical reader) and if we correctly assume they did, you might hastily and recklessly conclude that these events would be the primary environmental agents which contributed to Mr. Doe's current mental state ... but you would be wrong, you see it's really Pat Robertson's fault - [b]orn into a society where blending gender lines was unacceptable, where God and preachers condemn, J[ohn] didn’t have a chance. Think about the last 16 years, has a day gone by without us reading another editorial by Rev. Such-and-Such in the New York Times telling us that homosexuals, transexuals, and transgenders are going to hell. Thank you Harvey Fierstein and Attorney Aaron Romano for speaking truth to power. said...

Blacks have freedom for aggression towards Whites, like Trayvon Martin, black rage and political correctness.

So do women: How to Kill your Husband! A Tutorial. (Susan Falls' Licence to Kill)

Compare that to Whites like Sterling, who can not voice an opinion in the privacy of their home.

Black South Africans and Peace Nobel Prize winners are also allowed to sing: "Kill the Boer" iin their justified indignation.

Anonymous said...

"With h[is] father incarcerated and h[is] mother addicted to heroin, crack cocaine and alcohol, the [boy]l — who is referred to simply as J[ohn] Doe, to protect h[is] identity as a minor — had been passed among family members since [_]he was 5 years old. They repeatedly raped, tortured and even prostituted h[im]."

So they're basically using someone damaged by extreme child abuse both outside and inside the child care system to promote their anti-normalcy agenda.

ogunsiron said...

pat said...
Obviously someone should check her for rs6323 MAOA - The Warrior Gene. She should also have the gross morphology of her cerebrum examined.

Why are you agreeing with the MSM in calling that transfreak a she ?

Anonymous said...

TS is not the problem. Loser boy thinks... If only I could be a girl. Changes are wrought. Resulting loser girl lashes out.

We will see more of this. Infantilism is the problem.

Gilbert P

Anonymous said...

Heshe could fighht Fallon Fox and Selena Roberts could write about it!