May 11, 2014

Luke Ford interviews retired (not fired) Nicholas Wade

From Luke Ford:
I just spoke by phone with the famous genetics reporter. He retired from the New York Times two years ago but still contributes occasional articles.

Listen to the interview here. Update: Ford has transcribed the whole interview so you can now read it.


Rifleman said...

Off topic - For your next article on Portland/Vermont/Austin/Madison/Marin County -

Norm MacDonald -

I love Portland. Yes, yes, it’s one of my favorite cities. I love how everything’s big and wide. No, I’m not talking about the women. The streets and the sidewalks and the buildings. There’s so much space.

One time a cabbie was driving me. He was talking about how liberal the city was, and I said, "Well, there’s no black people here at all. Kind of easy to be liberal when there’s no black people." He said, "We got our share!"

Anonymous said...

Via Luke Ford, Wade talks about some of the difficulties that he faced writing the book:

“Luke: “What were the biggest challenges in writing this book?”

Nicholas: “I think the biggest challenge was that I had so few scientific sources to guide me in interpretation because this is an area where academics cannot tread for fear of being accused of racism and careers destroyed. All of the coverage of this topic in the scientific literature has the basic facts but few people draw them together. So I found the lack of guidance difficult, even more so when I came to the second part of the book. Historians and economics just never consider human evolution as a variable. They just assume all of the populations they are dealing with are interchangeable and that natural selection never need be an explanation to even consider. So there again, there was no guidance for someone trying to figure out the possible consequences of the fact that human evolution has continued and has never come to a stop.””


Dennis Dale said...

I moved to Portland almost a year ago. They are moving pell-mell to racially diversify greater Portland thru refugee resettlement and immigration, while the downtown core, like most places, is naturally segregated due to high rents. Catholic Charities has an office here and is hard at work.
The Mexican population is exploding along with the predictable "crises" of underperforming schools. The Portlanders are so pc they call these "equity emergencies"--yes, these poor kids are being denied equality! They have no clue.

After Seattle and now here I've become convinced that the numbers regarding new immigrants and refugees/asylees are bogus--the numbers must be higher than they admit.

Jokah Macpherson said...

I always enjoyed Luke Ford's interviewing style; he is an interesting dude.

I hadn't read him in awhile and notice that (1) a major category of his journalism career is omitted from his "About" page and (2) he advertises his services in reclaiming your reputation online. So, I guess he's pretty much put that part of his life behind him.

ogunsiron said...

Luke Ford is an intriguing man.
He strikes me as some kind of counter-cultural conservative.
Also a 7th day adventist who took that faith's judeophilia to its logical conclusion and became a jew.

He also doesn't seem to have much of a problem with racism. I wonder what he thinks about the work of Michael Hoffman on the racial supremacy that infuses orthodox judaism.

capybara said...

Luke Ford is an interesting character: Australian expat living in L.A., son of a Christian minister, turned his fascination with porn into a career as a porn journalist, then after a serious illness converted to Orthodox Judaism and blogged critically about the Jewish community in L.A. and humorously about the struggles between his libido and his desire to be a proper Orthodox Jew.

Oh yeah, and he's an hdb'er and recently interviewed Kevin McDonald sympathetically! His life seems like some kind of entertaining performance art.

Anonymous said...

Rifleman, that quote confirms why norm is my fav comedian and the last funny person from SNL. He is not only hilarious, but still makes ton of anti PC jokes about gays, minorities, feminists, etc that most of the supposed "edgy" comics are too scared to touch.

His days on snl before being fired for being too edgy and making the rest of the cast look lame were priceless! His OJ jokes, his bill Clinton jokes, calling miahcel Jackson a homosexual pedofile, his worst job of the year being crackshores, rtc were just laugh out loud moments and the last time I found SNL funny. His twitter account is great too. He trolls leftists and militant atheists constantly and humiliates them. People like bill maher are scared to respond, and for good reason.

He supported Ron Paul in 2012, too so he is not exactly a hollywood liberal. Long live norm macdonald, the greatest current stand up comedian!