May 3, 2014

"Report Cites Bias Against Women in Drug Rackets"

"Aspiring Female Traffickers Lack Role Models," Notes Expert

HANOVER, NH -- A new study reveals that while women have made gains in the controlled substances industry, they still comprise only 14.6% of all drug dealers. Even more disturbing, a "glass ceiling" shuts women out of the top rungs of the profession. "You always hear about 'Drug Lords' and 'Cocaine Kingpins,' but where are the 'Drug Ladies,' and 'Cocaine Queenpins?'" demands Clarissa Spode, Professor of Sociology at Dartmouth, and author of the groundbreaking report, "Cracking Through: Diversity, Dignity and Drugs."  
Dr. Spode faulted the media for purveying stereotypes that discourage women from entering this fast growing and lucrative occupation. For example, "Miami Vice" depicted in total only 127 female "drug industry workers" compared to 1,711 men. "Even worse, 103 of the women (81.1%) were portrayed as forsaking their careers after sleeping with Sonny and/or Rico."  
Other experts concur. "Gangster films in general have always been virulently phallocentric," observes Reed College Film Professor Charles Womyndaughter. His screenplay for a non-sexist mob movie -- "The Godparent" -- was treated with callous disregard by Hollywood. "They said some quite insensitive things about it," he recalls.  
Another authority, Dr. Arthur Cruttwell-Clamp, finds that American women are socialized away from traits valuable in this demanding occupation. "Too few women in our society have been taught how to laugh while zapping a deadbeat customer with an electric cattle prod." He calls on toymakers to introduce young females to a wider range of career options. "Instead of 'My Little Pony,' your toddler should be playing with 'My Little Uzi.'" Dr. Cruttwell-Clamp recommends that parents combat traditional gender-typing by having their daughters pull the wings off butterflies and burn ants with magnifying glasses for 30 minutes each day, then advance to tying stray dogs to the bumpers of cars idling at stop lights.  
All the experts indignantly dismiss biological conjectures purporting to explain why males seem more violent than females. "Then why are the Nuzwangdees of Guyana -- or is it the Wangduzees of New Guinea? Well, anyway, I heard there's some tribe somewhere where more women than men are into GrecoRoman wrestling, or is it Australian football?" retorts Dr. Womyndaughter.  
Media stereotypes victimize men as well. "Tragically, male dealers internalize the media's image of them," muses Dr. Spode. "The one man I talked to while preparing our report was hyper-masculine: aggressive, dominating, reckless, ruthless, muscular ... and, yet, strangely intriguing."  
The researchers found chauvinism widespread within the drug industry. "We originally expected gender equality in such a nontraditional, multicultural business," recalls Dr. Spode. "As the evidence of male domination mounted, however, we began searching for the Old Boys Network that locked women out. But with a median life expectancy of 24, we couldn't find many Old Boys. Fortunately, we came up with a crucial conceptual breakthrough: the Young Boys Network." Dr. Spode adds that females are seldom invited along on important male-bonding rites of passage, like drive-by shootings.  
Linda M., a spunky New Yorker, recounts how sexual harassment cut short her promising career: "I started out in retail, on a corner in the Lower East Side, but the other vendors were very crude, very 'macho.' Whenever I walked by they made these weird sucking noises. So, I went into wholesale to find a higher class of professional peer, maybe even a mentor who could show me the 'ropes.' But my fellow distributors claimed I was on their 'turf' and kept disrespecting me by dangling me out windows by my ankles. So, I went home to Bensonhurst and opened a 'crack house.' But my family and neighbors were not at all supportive of my 'un-ladylike' ambitions, so they formed a 'vigilante' mob and 'torched' my house. I think they were trying to undermine my self-esteem."  
Activists denounce the lack of government programs to meet the special needs of mothers who are also drug dealers. "The very term 'Day Care' reflects institutional insensitivity to those who work mostly between midnight and dawn," points out Dr. Spode. "One mother told me she would never deal drugs because she couldn't bear to think what would happen to her children if she were killed or imprisoned." Dr. Spode blames this inequity on Reagan administration cutbacks.  
A spokesperson for the Drug Entrepreneurs of America League denies charges of discrimination, noting, for example, that Miami billionaire Francisco Fajita alone employs 57 young women as personal assistants. The spokesperson admits, though, that older Drug Lords may not always fully grasp the career aspirations of female dealers, but she claims the rising generation is committed to equality in drug dealing. "Frankly, the industry's elder statespersons were not as receptive to our sensitivity training seminars as we had hoped, so now we're relying more on our rather high rate of attrition." She stresses DEAL's new affirmative action campaign, which aims to increase female employment to 40% of "mules" and 25% of "goons." She concedes, though, that "Our goal of a 50-50 male-female split among "molls" is running into resistance."  
But to critics, DEAL's steps are "too little, too late." They call for "really enormous" government grants to study such problems further. Dr. Spode wants to next focus on gender apartheid within the mugging, streetwalking and pornography industries. She predicts, "I expect to be shocked by the discrimination I'll find." 

By Steve Sailer

The American Spectator, October 1992

I published this 22 years ago during a previous Year of the Woman, when Bill Clinton won the White House as the sworn foe of sexual harassers like Clarence Thomas. The funny thing is that this kind of aggressively braindead feminism went into partial remission for some time, until Obama revived it in 2012 to get reelected.


David said...

Reads like it could be written today, but in Slate and for real.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a little real now. Scary.

Anonymous said...

Change Reagan to Bush and update the Miami Vice reference to Breaking Bad or something, and no one would have the slightest idea this wasn't written recently.

Anonymous said...

I didn't expect the 1992 date at the end. The tone and the issues haven't changed much though, so why am I surprised? I think that political satire from 1972 would have been less likely to pass for current political satire in 1992. 1952 passing for 1972 - very unlikely. 1932 for 1952 - same thing. 1912 for 1932 - absolutely impossible. Eugenics, race realism and the rest of it were still mainstream in 1912. 1892 for 1912 - no one would have noticed the difference. 1872 for 1892 - same thing.

Handle said...

Speaking of brain-dead feminism: Here's Facebook's Sheryl Sandberg'd latest self-promoting PR stunt (to go along with her Lean In book). Ban Bossy.

Talk about PC making us stupid by removing words from our vocabulary that accurately describe a real personality type and management style.

She got the Girl Scouts to go along with it too. The job of the modern CEO is, apparently, to leverage her immutable characteristics in giant marketing campaigns to make the parent company immune to certain accusations of disparity. Like, I dunno, gender ratios.

"By middle school, girls are less interested in leading than boys — a trend that continues into adulthood. Together we can encourage girls to lead."

The graphics on the site are identical to those at Obama's "The Life of Julia".

The videos are an interesting form of predictable baiting. A woman with a megaphone aggressively and shrilly screaming at you to "Ban! Bossy!" of course comes across as bossy.

Some bubba is going to notice this without his crimestop circuits working quickly enough and say, "Ha, ha! She's being bossy when she says 'ban bossy' - that's so hilarious and ironic!"

And then the Sandberg clique is going to have their pre-planned canned response ready, "You see, that's the problem right there. That's exactly what we're talking about. We can't even try to lift up these poor, helpless girls without someone demeaning and degrading us by calling us bossy. That's exactly why it needs t go."

Sheesh. The actual ironic thing is that they use all these prominent female celebrities who apparently were immune to the pre-ban name-calling and made it to the top anyway. Funny how that works.

Anonymous said...

The times, they aren't a-changing as fast as they used to.

MC said...

OK, "Charles Womyndaughter" was worth the price of admission.

countenance said...

I used to be able to write good parodies like this. Note to self: Avoid soul-sucking pursuits.

Anonymous said...

Your satire failed to mention the icon and role model Griselda Blanco the star of Cocaine Cowboys I & II. Tony Montana was a piker compared to her. Griselda truly was a pioneer of Cocaine trafficing in the US. She was a key figure in the Disco era coke boom in Manhattan in the Seventies. Later she was a Queenpin in Miami, LA and Oakland.

Man if this country could only produce more "dreamers" like that babe.

bend the curve said...

Whenever you see drug queenpins they're always legacy admits, like in that "Savages" movie... So affirmative action is needed until reality changes

Rob said...

Did you pinch the Spode name from P G Wodehouse? It was the name of an ardent Fascist whose dark secret is that he makes his living as a lingerie designer.

Portlander said...

And Hillary is running in 2016, so things look to get worse before they get better.

Anonymous said...

Females are dominating the far more lucrative trade in selling sex. I mean the a la carte / by the hour type.

They are especially dominant, essentially owning the market for street level Crack Ho.

Also on the high end.

Not that I have any personal experience.

Just saying.

stari_momak said...


Orthodox said...

Come up with a slightly more innocuous name for your group and you could fool some media outlets with these type of press releases.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Clinton hated doing the self-deprecating joke shtick. Other than riffs on inhaling I can't remember any from his presidency. There was a lot of finger-wagging though.

McGillicuddy said...

Since a court ruling in 2009 that Chicago's top high schools could not discriminate based on race, the white share at these top schools has soared to over 1/3. This, of course, is a scandalous injustice.

Anonymous said...

Smart White and Asian Criminals are probably the last group in the USA who aren't intoxicated with feminism.

peppermint said...

Obama didn't thaw it out, the Internet did. Off the Internet, cooler heads can discuss strategy off the record and then freeze out other ideas.

Activists then write for communist newspapers, live and work in anarchist bookstores, and do valuable volunteer work for the Movement or whatever. They don't push #cancelcolbert in front of everyone.

Additionally, the Internet means the media can't forget things as much. Obama should have learned from the Skip Gates arrest that mindlessly joining in the chorus of denunciations makes him vulnerable; in that case he had to invite the parties to a beer summit. He should have learned from when he opened his mouth concerning the Trayvon Martin shooting. Last week he said what would have been expected of him and would have been good for progressivism in 1998 or 1988 about the sordid Donald Tokowitz affair.

Anonymous said...

--Griselda Blanco--

Hats of to that businesswoman!

Steve Sailer said...

He did have a good reason to change his name.

Anonymous said...

This is great, I particularly love the logo at the top.

Sean said...

Re. Griselda Blanco

I would take the idea she led a major gang with a very big pinch of salt as she got caught through being in the US, which suggests she was a line manager or semi independent operator, not a real cartel boss. The police have a way of exaggerating the stature of people they arrest. And they like to apparently clear up a huge backlog of unsolved murder by claiming that one person was responsible.

Silver said...

1992, I didn't see that coming. It hasn't dated a bit.

Anonymous said...

Some bubba is going to notice this without his crimestop circuits working quickly enough and say, "Ha, ha! She's being bossy when she says 'ban bossy' - that's so hillaryious and ironic!"

Yo! Arkansas rulez!

little dynamo said...

Very advanced understanding of feminism by 1992, that's for sure. But by no means did feminism go into any remission during the Bush dynasty. It was promoted globally, by Laura and others, tho doubtless not with the zealotry of Roslyn Carter and Hillary.

Indeed, the Bush presidencies provided the final opportunity for feminism, ID politics, racialism, AA etc to be undercut or crushed entirely. That didn't happen of course bc the Repubs, like most righties, were and are too invested in the current fempire to do what they were supposed to do. And too cowardly. So feminism and PC continued to rule media, education, law, NGOs, and generally government without significant challenge during the "non-leftist" years... indeed, with the tacit and often overt approval of those administrations.

I don't recall any speeches or even statements from either Bush that feminism was bad for the U.S. or world, pointing out its obvious correlation with divorce, broken families, fatherlessness, male suicide and homelessness, crime, destroyed little boys, drug use, birth defects, and so on.

Feminism (really, womanism) is not a fringe phenomenon appealing only to campus feminist groups. It's an extremely broad-based, and thus successful, political and psychological strategy. The beneficiaries are wide-net: girls, women, wives, daughters, mothers, most parents-with-daughters, leftist/compliant men, and the elite, both new and old money, the transgenerational interests. Corporations love female empowerment, it = easy cash. Same for governments. Think you're gonna overcome that with politics and law? Dream on.

Feminism appeals to the worst in human beings, but it appeals to a lot of them, and it appeals constantly and attractively.



DR said...

"Smart White and Asian Criminals are probably the last group in the USA who aren't intoxicated with feminism."

I remember seeing on Slate a survey showing at least 25% of female Yale Law School grads want to get married and become a stay at home mom within ten years of graduation.

As Charles Murray noted, many people in the elite socioeconomic classes pay lip-service and political support to feminism and other forms of political correctness, but actually structure their lives with the sensibilities of the 1950s.

Anonymous said...

Real life caught up with Steve:

Steve Sailer said...

Thanks. I'll post that.

Steve Sailer said...

Other things that are out of date:

There aren't any young women named "Linda" anymore.

The Lower East Side is heavily gentrified up through maybe Avenue C?

Anonymous said...

center for the study of problems in the public interest

Anonymous said...

Diversity is to die for.

Jean Cocteausten said...

"Center For The Study Of Problems"

That is absolute gold, my friend.

Unknown said...

A sort of gentrification, I guess: this morning I saw a weird ad on the back of a SF Muni bus. It showed three pretty, gentle, decidedly unfeminist women in flowing dresses, like something from The New Yorker in 1977, under the banner "Tatyana".
The address? Haight at Ashbury.

DR said...

"The Lower East Side is heavily gentrified up through maybe Avenue C?"

I'm pretty sure LES is gentrified all the way to East River.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Griselda did such a great job for the Colombian bosses that they brought her back to Colombia and shot her.

As a commenter says, she was a convenient place to put a lot of bullet-riddled bodies.