April 23, 2002

Diversity Nook

An Alert Reader writes:

Here's something you might have missed...because it's away up in Maine.

"Professor Accused of Racist Remarks" His crime? Saying, "Do you know that on average blacks have a lower IQ than whites?" [Of course, that's the one thing in the Bell Curve Debates that all informed controversialists agree upon.]

It has been picked up by the Boston papers, which of course want this guy hung from his thumbs for uttering something every liberal knows can't be true, there are differences among races. The truly amusing bit is that the prof doesn't really seem to believe it particularly... he was just provoking the students (successfully, I guess). A committee of diversicrats is on the case, so in due course "justice" will ensue. Hope he's working on his thumb exercises.

And here's something predictable: the complaining student is a worker from the university's Diversity Nook or whatever they call it there. She is stumbling through a lightweight course ("majoring in communications") at age 36. What a pity and a loss to society, that discrimination has held her so far back. Why, she might have been a towering giant in education policy or something.

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