April 23, 2002

South Asian Genetics Bloggers

The Human Biodiversity revolution in intellectual discourse is finally starting to catch on, with younger South Asian-American scientists in the vanguard: After I featured Razib's website, I received this email.

"I'm a South Asian geneticist with a new weblog and a long time reader of your site - but I'm not Razib. Just a coincidence that we started around the same time. Anyway, if you want you can check out my site at capitalist.blogspot.com. I'd appreciate any comments you have ... I'd ask you not to divulge my secret identity. I could get railed during the tenure process if anyone could connect my name to these comments.".

It's a good one. By the way, this geneticist's site provides the following list Human Biodiversity links:

La Griffe Du Lion
Fred On Everything
Chris Brand

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