April 23, 2002

Vijay Singh and race

Race is not Color: There's a general assumption among Americans that skin color determines race. Consider, though, golfer Vijay Singh, the 2000 Masters Champion and second round leader this year. Singh is of Asian Indian descent (and born in Fiji.) Yet, Singh is very dark (a lot darker than Tiger Woods, as you can see below), but he's obviously not sub-Saharan African. As you can see, Singh has Caucasian features. Further, the media doesn't treat him as if he is "black" ((i.e., having a significant number of fairly recent ancestors from sub-Saharan Africa). Nobody cared when he won his two major championships. If he was African, there would have been no end of whoop-tee-do. The point is that when you wonder what race somebody is, you are in fact asking not what his skin color is, but who is in his family tree. Skin color can be one clue to genealogy, but it's a very crude one.


Anonymous said...

Steve you apparently have a problem with the media celebrating african american achivements in sports. Get over it!!!!!

Anonymous said...

dont listen to that fella, Steve. At least you can spell. And I agree with your analysis too.

Anonymous said...

Vijay Singh is Fijian-Indian.