May 22, 2005

Invasion of the Pod People:

Earlier this week, after longtime National Review Corner stalwart John Derbyshire mentioned a Pat Buchanan column, he was thuggishly warned by newcomer/hack/neocon enforcer John Podhoretz:

OH, DERB, DERB, DERB... [John Podhoretz]
...Beware praising those who have placed themselves outside the bounds of civil discourse. Really.
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11:53 AM

Today, the Derb responded:

HE MUCH BETTER NOW [John Derbyshire]
A lot of readers want to know how I'm getting on at the re-education camp. It's great! The food is terrific! We have games and stuff, and the nurses are really kind. I've learned a lot from the group sessions, too. You can be sure I shall never again give an approving mention to... Ow! Where do these electric shocks come from?

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