June 29, 2005

Let's set a date and leave:

The President and the rest of the establishment, such as John F. Kerry during his campaign last year, have been lying to us about what is wrong in Iraq. The reason the Iraqi forces have done such a pathetic job fighting the insurgents is not a lack of military training -- an extremely high proportion of the Iraqi male population served in Saddam's military, most have experience with guns, and they don't need extensive high tech training to patrol neighborhoods -- it's a lack of motivation. Some of the Iraqis hate us; and the ones who hate the ones who hate us don't see much reason to risk their necks fighting them ... when we'll do it for them.

If you were an Iraqi, would you get yourself killed when the President of the United States is willing to order American boys to their deaths in your place?

The only way to get any significant number of Iraqis to fight fiercely for their government is for the U.S. to leave. Then, if they want their government to survive, they'll have to fight. We can provide air support and weapons, but let's get American forces out of Iraq and back to Kuwait.

Many warn that our leaving will precipitate Iraq into a civil war. But, Bush's publicly-stated strategy is to make Iraq into a civil war by getting the Iraqis to do the fighting instead of us. But, they won't fight as long as we'll fight for them.

Therefore, at this point our choices are not between peace and civil war but between a civil war within Iraq and a foreign war within Iraq. Since we are the foreigners who are dying, it seems like a no-brainer for us that we'd prefer the Iraqis settle their differences without us dying on the ground. We'll just drop bombs on the side we don't like, which should keep them from winning.

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