July 2, 2005

iSteve.com Has Been Splendidized

One of the stranger artifacts I've found on Google is a translation of my blog from last December into the argot spoken in Evelyn Waugh's Vile Bodies by the daft debutante Lady Agatha Runcible, as played by Fenella Woolgar in Stephen Fry's terrific 2004 movie adaptation "Bright Young Things." For example,

The bloody university's main concern appears to be to make students feel "comfortable," a shriekworthy word that reappears constantly in Claremont publications despite the frightfully divine obvious hopelessness of the simply bogus project. Ugh, how uncouth! Darling, the beastly only way to make 19-year-olds feel comfortable is fabulously to wait 30 years while they sag into their well-padded maturities, darling! Dash me twice, right now, they are, and I don't want to be frightfully mean, teenagers and their surging hormones have far more important emotions for them to feel than comfort, which is terribly just too bogus! I say, adults, however, who make careers out of encouraging kids to mold permanently self-pitying identities around their transient social discomforts have much to answer for, my dear fellow! [More]

Apparently, the Splendidizer was a program available through the film's website, which is no longer on line.

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