October 31, 2005

How along until the first Freakonomics argument against Alito?

It's only a matter of time until we start hearing that putting Samuel Alito on the Supreme Court would unleash a vast crime wave in 20 years by making abortion illegal.

By the way, if Samuel Alito of Trenton, NJ had been a lawyer for a notorious organized crime figure off-and-on during 1985-2000, do you think he would have been nominated for the Supreme Court? So, why didn't anybody object to Scooter Libby, longtime lawyer for notorious traitor and sanctions-buster Marc Rich, filling three positions simultaneously in the White House?

ABC News reported:

Dec. 1, 2004 — Former American fugitive Marc Rich was a middleman for several of Iraq's suspect oil deals in February 2001, just one month after his pardon from President Clinton, according to oil industry shipping records obtained by ABC News.

And a U.S. criminal investigation is looking into whether Rich, as well as several other prominent oil traders, made illegal payments to Iraq in order to obtain the lucrative oil contracts.

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