October 31, 2005

Menopausal spinster Maureen Dowd's long essay on the failure of feminism,

"What's a Modern Girl to Do?," is getting a lot of attention. I've collected my comments from over the years on MoDo and her continuing series "I Hate Men! (Why, Oh, Why Didn't Any Man Ever Marry Me?)" here.

It appears to be finally dawning on poor, loveless, childless Maureen that feminism wasn't designed for heterosexuals like herself.

One thing I would like to point out is how desperate Maureen is to conform. She wants society to tell her, the Modern Girl, what to do, and is angry that it has given her mixed messages over the years. The notion that she should have figured out for herself how to live her life is not one that naturally occurs to her. But that hasn't stopped her from giving enormous amounts of advice, most of it bad, to other women on how they should live their lives. That's because she wants to lessen the discomfort she feels when she notices that other women have made other choices.

Something we don't hear much these days is how conformist women are. Maureen wants to do what all the other women do and she wants all the other women to do what she wants to to do. (No doubt this inculcated by natural selection: the reproductive upside to women of thinking for themselves is small compared to the downside of doing the wrong thing. It is more important for women than it is for men to play it safe.)

But combined with their insistence on taking everything personally, this conformism keeps women like MoDo from being very interesting pundits at anything requiring more general brainpower than personal snarkiness. (Not that male pundits are distinguishing themselves these days, either.)

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