November 2, 2005

The demographics of Scooter Libby's upcoming jury in Washington D.C.

The odds are that, like the grand jury that indicted him, it will be dominated by black women. According to the 2004 exit poll, only 5% of black women in DC voted for Bush.

So, since he is highly likely to be convicted, Libby has a choice to make:

- Does he try to run out the clock by going to trial and then appealing his conviction over and over in the hopes that he won't have to serve any prison time before Pardon Day, December 24, 2008, or

- Does he make a deal now and avoid prison by rolling over on a big enchilada like Dick Cheney?

If I were Libby, I would be building a very detailed calendar to estimate just how long it would take Patrick Fitzgerald to put me in prison.

Any readers with knowledge of the courts have any estimates on how likely it would be that Fitzgerald could hustle Libby into prison in less than 37 months?

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