October 5, 2005


iSteve.com's SiteMeter says the daily average of unique visits is now up over 5,000, with page views daily at 8,295. (Most observers believe SiteMeter misses a lot of traffic, perhaps half, but it's the industry standard measure).

Back on January 6th, 2004, after more than two years of my ranting that we were being led by knaves and informed by fools (and, sometimes for the sake of variety, vice-versa), the iSteve.com average stood at only 600 visits daily. But the next day, George W. Bush announced his Open Borders immigration plan, and soon, one quasi-anticipated idiocy by the politicians and press followed another, and it's been mostly up ever since, as an ever larger slice of the public has come to agree I must be onto something. (Or, on something, whichever you find most entertaining.)

My thanks to all the thousands of you out there.

My published articles are archived at iSteve.com -- Steve Sailer

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