October 6, 2005

Slate.com implies blacks are morons

"Hey, Moron, Uncle Sam Wants You!" is the charming teaser link Slate.com has on its front page today to get you to read its article "The Dumbing-Down of the U.S. Army" about how the Army's plan to increase the number of low IQ and GED-only enlistees it inducts will make the Army "disproportionately black."

Hey, Slate, are you saying that blacks are morons, disproportionately?

Meanwhile, Slate is still listing its demagogic article from Monday, "Natural Unborn Killers: The bigotry of Bill Bennett's low expectations" about how it's not "morally acceptable to predict the criminal propensity of unborn children based on the color of their skin." (By the way, this ringing denunciation of prejudice was written by Slate staffer, Will Saletan, who chose to move in 2000 to a suburb of Washington D.C. that is only 2.7% black!)

Further, the article implies that I, not saintly superstar and Slate contributor Steven D. Levitt, was the first to come up with idea that Levitt's abortion-cut-crime element had a racial component. On Tuesday, I pointed out to Slate employees by email that the racial aspect of Levitt's theory was widely covered before I debated Levitt on Slate. As Ross Douthat notes:

I could go on, but I hope the point is made. Saletan dismisses "the probability that Bennett ever read" Levitt's original articles, which mentioned the intersection of race, crime, and abortion. Well, okay - but isn't it possible that Bennett reads, at least on occasion, the New York Times and the Washington Post? Just asking . . .

I asked them to correct this distortion of the historical record, but more than 48 hours later I haven't heard anything back from anyone at Slate.

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