October 7, 2005

More Republican scandals

With Karl Rove scheduled for a fourth round of testimony in the Valerie Plame outing, Larry Franklin pleading guilty to three felony counts, and Tom Delay getting indicted every week, I'm reminded that in September of 2004, I predicted:

"... a second term for the Bush Administration is likely to resemble the second term of the Nixon Administration, with the scandals of the first four years finally bubbling to the surface."

But all the scandals so far are penny ante stuff compared to the Big One -- lying us into the Iraq War.

My guess at this point is that that the central Iraq scandal is too big, too far reaching, too many important people are tied into it, and just too generally awful to contemplate for it to ever come up in court. They might nail you for exposing a CIA agent, but start a war based on lies and fraud ... well, it's just too far beyond comprehension... I imagine the participants have December 24th, 2008 marked on their mental calendars as the day they expect to be pardoned by a lame duck George W. Bush.

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