January 26, 2006

Allan Wall's back from Iraq

Having survived a tour of duty in Iraq with the Texas National Guard, VDARE's Man in Mexico has a new column on the hilariously berserk anti-George W. Bush attitudes in Mexico.

In a column entitled "El Muro Bush" (“The Bush Wall”), Martha Chapa claims that "…the attempted unilateral construction of a wall by a country cannot be justified, even on its own territory."

What’s mine is mine—and what’s yours is mine as well.

Mexican pundits come down especially hard on President George W. Bush.

That’s ironic. More than any other president in U.S. history, George W. Bush has bent over backwards to please the government of Mexico. George W. Bush has defended, justified and facilitated illegal immigration.

And if he finally does take action to control our border, it will be due to grassroots pressure, not his own desire to fulfill his duty protecting our borders.

Nevertheless, in Mexico, Bush is regularly vilified and pilloried. And he’s being blamed for the border fence.

Just check out the titles of two recent anti-Bush anti-border fence editorials. One was entitled "Un redomado racista" ("An Out and Out Racist"—referring to President Bush). Another editorial, which appeared in El Universal, was entitled "Bush the Rapist" (!). [More]

"Racist," "Rapist," who cares? All these sputtering mad Mexican Establishmentarians know for sure is that President Bush is one of those R words.

It couldn't happen to a nicer guy...

Ben Franklin pointed out that the way to get somebody to like you is to have them do you a favor. Doing them favors just makes them resent your power. I guess the President never got the memo.

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