January 25, 2006

Canadian Election

A reader writes:

Not one single riding/district in Vancouver, Toronto, or Montreal went to the Conservative party. Each of these cities has a high immigrant proportion. They all voted for the corrupt party and the socialist party.

If immigrants destabilize a political system by disproportionately voting for one party, rather than voting the spectrum like natives, then why should citizens vote to increase rates of immigration when those very people will simply vote to redistribute wealth from the natives to themselves.

If white-bread Canada, OK multigrain is not exempt from this, where the immigrants come from many nations with possibly China and India being the dominant two, why do Republicans think that hispanics can be wooed to their party?

Native-born Canadians were disgusted with self-dealing corrupt practices exhibited by the Liberals and wanted clean gov't yet disproportionate numbers of immigrants vote for the moneytrain party.

Here's Peter Brimelow and here's Hogtown Front on the election.

The fundamental problem with Canada, as Brimelow explained in his book The Patriot Game almost two decades ago, is that it is not a nation-state: it was two nations under one state. Quebec would make a reasonable nation-state, and British Canada would make an excellent one. But to save this unnatural governmental arrangement from the perfectly rational result of Quebec walking out, Pierre Trudeau invented the current system that is based on the abasement of British Canada. Then the ruling class turned around and covertly stuck it to Quebec by using the multiculturalist rhetoric that justifies Quebec's privileged position to import vast numbers of immigrants, some of whom filter into Quebec, to keep the separatist vote in Quebec just below 50.01%. Of course, most of the immigrants move to British Canada, further abasing that nation, but that is a price the ruling elite is perfectly willing to pay.

I've noticed that lots of American conservatives hold a knee-jerk opposition to Quebec independence on the grounds that French people are evil and must be kept down. (One pundit told me in 2000 that if Quebec wins its independence, it would invite China's People's Liberation Army in to set up bases on our borders.) What they don't understand is the price Anglophone Canada pays to keep Quebec in the country.

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