January 25, 2006

Some new additions to the blogroll

Below in blue are how they refer to themselves, while in bold blue is how I refer to them in my Links listing near the top of the left hand column:

16 Volts Per Minute -- Since Finland is one of those countries that's so boring it's interesting (e.g., because of its location it could have had a catastrophic 20th Century, but through the heroic efforts of its own people, it managed to avoid most of the horrors of the last century), it's interesting to read a bright Finn in Ontario's reflections on the differences between Finland and North America.

Mean Mr. Mustard -- A rapidly improving blog by a college student.

Taki's Top Drawer -- Not a blog, but an archive of the Last Aristocrat's latest published columns.

Dennis Dale's Untethered -- Highly talented writer's reflections, but, please, break it up into more paragraphs!

Mahalanobis -- Economist turned hedge fund guy's quantitative observations

Matt Yglesias -- This is his personal stuff, so my influence on him shows up more here than when he has to share a forum with the likes of Garance Franke-Ruta (who also has a blog, but it's deadly dull -- Garance, you're only interesting when denouncing me or passing on my ideas under your byline, so don't try thinking for yourself.)

Snouck Hurgronje -- Dutch observer of the Muslim immigration issue.

Martin Kelly -- Dyspeptic Glawegian, formerly the G-Gnome

Abode of Amritas -- Hawaiian linguist

Spengler -- The Asian Times columnist

Hard Right -- A. C. Kleinheider's lively and funny blog

Albion's Seedlings -- James C. Bennett's Anglospherist blog

Faceright -- Generalist.

Daily Dose of Optimism -- Investing

Surfeited with Dainties -- Michael Brendan Dougherty has added as co-author John Murphy, who hopefully has a middle name like Seamus or Eoghan

Relapsed Catholic -- From Canada

Leon Hadar -- American Conservative and Cato Institute foreign policy analyst

Udolpho -- Good nasty fun

Dusk in Autumn -- High end human biodiversity and linguistics analysis.

I'm sure I've missed a lot of other good ones I've added in recent months.

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