January 8, 2006

The Melinda French Gates School of Rich Husband Hunting

The Dallas Morning News reports:

It's a lesson all teachers know in theory, but few have learned as strongly as Susan Bauer:

"You teach the future," said Ms. Bauer, who has taught for nearly 30 years at Ursuline Academy of Dallas. How a teacher treats a student can have enormous, unforeseen effects.

Nearly 25 years ago, Ms. Bauer encouraged a student at the all-girls Catholic high school who showed talent in math and computer science.

Now that former student, Melinda French Gates, is giving her alma mater $5 million to enhance science, math and technology education -- fields traditionally underrepresented by women but nurtured at Ursuline.

The gift from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the largest the school has received in its more than 130-year history and is believed to be the biggest awarded to an all-girls school in the Southwest.

Considering that Mrs. Gates' major career "accomplishment" was managing Microsoft Bob, perhaps the most denigrated product in Microsoft's history, the girls of Ursuline Academy draw a less politically correct lesson from the fact that Mrs. Gates now has billions to hand out than does the Dallas Morning News.

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