January 12, 2006

Yglesias's bit of IQ realism tossed down the Memory Hole at Tapped

Glaivester points out that Matt Yglesias's posting on IQ on TAPPED, the bl*g of The American Prospect, has been disappeared. As Kevin Drum quoted Yglesias, in response to the news that due to the Iraq War-caused recruiting difficulties, the share of new recruits inducted by the military who score at or below the 30th percentile in IQ has gone from 1% to 12%

Matt Yglesias comments:

I tend to doubt, however, that this line of criticism will gain any traction, since making the argument requires you to say that IQ tests (which is all the AFQT really is) are an important measurement and most liberals prefer to shy away from the topic.

But, now it's gone! Apparently, most liberals prefer to shy away from the topic so much they don't even want to be reminded that they prefer to shy away from the topic.

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