January 13, 2006

Not quite clear on the concept of the Sailer Scheme

During the French riots, I proposed paying legally resident Muslims to leave Europe. Readers have kindly sent me multiple examples showing that many countries already have rudimentary programs in place to do something like that, demonstrating that European democracies have few philosophical objections to the Sailer Scheme. But they are definitely having trouble getting the details right, as tThe Times of London reports:

ASYLUM-SEEKERS and illegal immigrants are to be offered a £3,000 bounty to leave Britain voluntarily as part of the Government’s efforts to increase the number who are returning home. The handouts will be paid to people who agree to leave the country in the next six months and could mean a family of four receiving £8,000 in cash plus a further £4,000 in job training and education.

It is the first time that asylum-seekers and illegal migrants have been offered cash to leave the country and could cost £6.2 million if the predicted 3,000 people take the offer. In addition the Government will pay their travel costs. The move comes after the Home Office admitted that it has failed to meet the Prime Minister’s pledge that by the end of last year the number of asylum-seekers removed would be more than the number arriving each month.

A Home Office spokesman said that those departing would not be given “wads of £20 notes” as they left the country.Cash would be paid in instalments over the next 12 months in a scheme administered by the International Office of Migration, he said.

The spokesman added that most people who left under the scheme tended to be single males. Of the 2,783 who left voluntarily under the scheme in 2004-05, only 244 were under 18.

Last year Sir John Gieve, the outgoing Permanent Secretary at the Home Office, warned MPs that increasing the payment might encourage people to come to Britain. He said: “If the worst thing that is going to happen to you if you come and claim asylum when you are not due asylum in Britain is that someone gives you a few thousand pounds to send you home, that may not look like a very big downside.”

The point of the Sailer Scheme is to buy out legal residents from trouble-making backgrounds, not illegal aliens. If you don't shut down illegal immigration, you're just giving an incentive to more illegals coming in.

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