February 3, 2006

Everybody's favorite month, February

As I asked in VDARE last year:

Who was the genius who chose February for Black History Month? First you have Kwanzaa, then the MLK Day frenzy in mid-January, and then two weeks later, boom, it starts all over again.

I bet that, by February 2nd, even Al Sharpton is sick of Black History Month. I can picture the Rev. Al easing into his Barcalounger and flipping on his plasma screen:

"Let's see if there's anything good on television … Oh boy, another Harriet Tubman documentary [CLICK] … Uh oh, a panel discussion on W.E.B. Dubois [CLICK] … Hey, it's that groundhog, Pungobungy Pete, or whatever they call him … and he can see his shadow! Now, that's great TV!"

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