February 1, 2006

Hey, if you can't trust spammers, who can you trust? He must have got my email address from Michael Ledeen:

Dear American Citizen,

... I am former official of the Iran government who lose his place after revolution. But before this time we have develop many valuable assets which this new government wants to take for its own. We have many billions in oil, strategic position in Persian Gulf, and many millions of dollars in fine carpets for export – and a freedom-loving people who cannot now have any say in this government which oppress us, and try to use it all for making nuclear weapons to threaten U.S. and allies.... Of course as this is business transaction, you and your country would receive 5% plus expenses of all we recover after government authorities are overthrown, and our people liberated, welcoming you with rose-petals in the streets of Teheran...

These assets are ready to be disbursed, and our nation ready to remake in the image of West democracies, but cannot now happen without your help – for which said help we offer you this reward.

I have been delegated as a matter of trust by my associates and fellow dissidents to seek an overseas partner with financial means and military infrastructure to help us release these assets and this country.

... To free up these assets, all we require from yourself is the use of foreign accounts, funds, and seven armored divisions, plus relevant planes for air supports.

Manucher Ghorbanifar

Well, actually, this is by John Zmirak in Antiwar.com.

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