February 1, 2006

Google Ads -- Not really working out, are they?

I've noticed this pattern with my Google Ads (for those of you with old 800x600 pixel screens, they appear off your screen to the right): whenever I criticize anything in my blog, up pop ads to sell you whatever I've just denounced. For example, in answer to Malcolm Gladwell disingenuous defense of pit bull dogs, I quoted a news story that a pit bull in Delaware yesterday bit a 3-year-old girl on the scalp and "swung her side to side like a ragdoll" while neighbors beat the beast with sticks and broom handles until it finally dropped the critically wounded child. So, what ads does Google dispatch?

Gigantic Pit Bulls for those who want huge pits

Blue pitbulls, white pitbulls, red pitbulls. Buy head and bone.

Monster California Pits: Big Butthead size blue pit bull pups. Puppies will be huge in body & head.

Malcolm Gladwell featured speaker on Innovation, World Business Forum

But is the problem with Google or with me? Looking through this website, I don't seem to write much about anything related to spending money (which probably stems less from my St. Francis of Assisi-like principles than my negative cash flow), other than buying books or watching movies.

Do you have any suggestions for what my readers would be interested in buying?

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