March 6, 2006

"Crash" wins Best Picture Oscar

"Crash" reminds me of the 1986 comedy "Soul Man," in which rich white jerk C. Thomas Howell paints his skin black to qualify for an affirmative action scholarship to Harvard Law School. The first half of "Soul Man" was a wonderfully irresponsible satire on race, while the boring, preachy second half said, "Just kidding! We take it all back. Race is nothing to joke about. Do you hear me? Nothing! Why can't we all just get along?"

To call "Crash" an unfunny "Soul Man" seems like faint praise indeed, but it was still my favorite of the five Best Picture nominees, which says a lot about what kind of year it was.

Of "Crash," Ross Douthat said it was "like 'Triumph of the Will' for Unitarians."

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