March 6, 2006

Here's the CIA World Factbook's

ranked list of babies per woman by country. It's depressing reading. At the top of the list are Niger (7.55 babies per woman), Mali (7.47), Somalia (6.84), Afghanistan (6.75), Uganda (6.75), Yemen (6.67), Burundi (6.63), and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (6.54). Do you notice a pattern here -- like you wouldn't want to live in any of those countries? (For an alternative view from a man who liked what he saw, blurrily, in Africa -- see the article "Soused Africa" in Modern Drunkard Magazine.)

In contrast, the nationalities that have contributed the most per capita to world civilization are mostly toward the bottom of the list, like Japan (1.39) and Italy (1.28).

Does this portend well for the future?

The world average is 2.60, half a baby above the replacement rate.

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