March 7, 2006

It all ends in tears

In response to the SF Chronicle article "Gays brokenhearted over 'Brokeback' loss; S.F. crowd gets quiet, some cry as 'Crash' wins Oscar," Mean Mr. Mustard adds:

Remember when suggesting that women and men might have divergent biologies giving rise to different mental and behavioral predispositions was liable to cause certain hardy feminist academics to faint in a Victorian stereotype of female fragility?

Well, a number of gays were apparently pulling for "Brokeback Mountain" to win the Best Picture award. That support seemed to stem from the movie's message, implicitly asserting that homosexuality is an otherwise meaningless personal trait equally likely to exist among stoic, hypermasculine, strong-and-silent rustics as it is in emotive devotees of musical theatre.

The fact that the Academy voters seemed to have not bought entirely into the notion that gays aren't any more effeminate or less masculine than the average man immediately caused them to collapse in paroxysms of hysterical grief.

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